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Overwatch Animated Short: When is the New Overwatch Movie Release Date (August 2018)

Ready for some more cutesy, cartoonish fun? The new Overwatch animated short is coming very, very soon (as in, this month), so buckle up for the ride as we take a look through what to expect from the ninth (!) Overwatch movie to come out in just over two years. There’s even a 30-second preview from Blizzard for the season 2 short, as well as a guaranteed Overwatch animated short release date, which is nice.

Overwatch Animated Short August 2018 Release Date

As revealed by Blizzard over on Twitter, the new Overwatch animated short release date has been confirmed as August 22. A release time has also been announced, and it’s not good news if you’re on the U.S. side of things.

The Overwatch animated short will launch on August 22 at 3:00 a.m. Pacific/6:00 a.m. Eastern/11:00 a.m. BST, which means an early start for America. Sorry about that.

Who is in the New Overwatch Animated Short?

While other Overwatch animated short movies have all focused on a particular character and their origin stories (such as Hanzo and Bastion), there aren’t any real clues stemming from the Overwatch Twitter account’s announcement. All clips in the 30-second teaser are taken from previous shorts, though we can hope that one of the newer characters, such as Brigitte or Wrecking Ball, get a chance to shine.

What is an Overwatch Animated Short?

Generally lasting around eight minutes, an Overwatch animated short is a full narrative that fleshes out characters from the Overwatch universe, typically with their origin stories at the forefront of the action. For fans of the lore, this is the best way to get an in-depth look at the Overwatch canon universe.

All previous Overwatch animated shorts are available to watch right now on the Overwatch YouTube page. Chances are, that’s also the place you’ll need to go if you’re intent on watching the new Overwatch animated short as soon as it lands on Wednesday, August 22.