Fortnite vs Crazy Justice: Is Fortnite Better Than Crazy Justice?

There’s a new kid on the battle royale block, and its name is Crazy Justice. It brings with it your standard fare of 100-player, last-man-standing gameplay on one big map, and it’s clear that developer Black Riddles Studios is aiming its sights at the current king of the hill, Fortnite, with its cartoonish art style and rudimentary building mechanics. But which is better? Saving the world, or justice… that’s crazy? Let’s take a look at Fortnite vs Crazy Justice, what the two games share and what differs between them, and which might be the better battle royale game for you.

Fortnite vs Crazy Justice: What Are the Differences?

You wouldn’t be mistaken for drawing comparisons between Fortnite and Crazy Justice. Both share a simplistic but animated art style, both have their own building systems, and both are battle royale games in third-person. But there are a few elements that set either game apart from each other. For instance, Fortnite‘s building mechanic is locked to a square grid, with all building tiles neatly interlocking with each other at 90-degree angles. Crazy Justice‘s building mechanic is more organic by contrast, with walls, floors, stairs, and so on not confined by any grids, allowing you to freely place them wherever you wish.

Another point of interest is the way in which Fortnite and Crazy Justice each deal with their player characters. Fortnite gives you one basic character and allows you to aesthetically customize them with different player skins, gliders, back bling and pickaxes, and none of these customization options affect the gameplay. Crazy Justice, on the other hand, gives you a selection of characters to choose from, each with their own skills and abilities. Moreover, you can create decks of different active and passive skills with which you can fine-tune your gameplay experience to fit your style.

Crazy Justice also introduces a couple of features absent in FortniteCrazy Justice features a cover system, allowing you to lock to different pieces of terrain and pop out of cover for attacks, in a similar way to the iconic third-person shooters of old like Gears of War, and the latter two games in the original Mass Effect trilogy. There’s also destructible terrain, with some walls, doors, boxes and other environmental elements being prone to gunfire or explosives. You can also turn into a goat, an element that Epic Games thus far has neglected to include in Fortnite.

Fortnite vs Crazy Justice: Which is Better?

Fortnite vs Crazy Justice

Crazy Justice takes a lot of the basics established by Fortnite and builds upon them, combining a selection of features enjoyed in other third-person shooters with the enjoyable gameplay cycle of the battle royale genre. The complexity added by multiple playable characters, as well as the customizable skill deck, will appeal to people who enjoy the standard formula but want a little bit more depth with their battle royale experience. Destructible terrain is always a big selling point in games as well, and the inclusion of this in Crazy Justice is bound to result in some interesting tactical playstyles.

On the other hand, some would say that if something isn’t broken, you shouldn’t fix it. Fortnite has arguably done as well as it has on account of its simplicity, forgoing many of the bells and whistles in favor of a more streamlined, accessible experience. It doesn’t take a lot to understand how Fortnite works, and there isn’t a lot that you can do to mess up your experience without simply playing poorly. You boot up the game, hop in a match, and play the game, without having to take the time to understand the nuances of how different skills will compliment different ways of playing.

It all really comes down to a simple matter of taste. Do you enjoy the battle royale genre and have experienced all it has to offer so far, and so are looking for a game that attempts to expand upon the foundations and keep it fresh? Then Crazy Justice looks to be a game made for you. But if all you desire is a basic, action-packed experience that aims to deliver a victory royale straight to your doorstep and nothing more, with a little visual personalization here or there? Then you’d be better to stick with Fortnite.