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Fortnite Score Royale LTM: What is the New Fortnite Limited Time Mode?

Another week, another new Fortnite limited time mode to get stuck into. Next up on the docket is the Fortnite Score Royale LTM, a mode that doesn’t just emphasize kills (though they still play a large role), but tasks you with gaining as many points as possible via different methods around the map. Not only have you got to keep an eye on the opposition, you’ve also got to risk it and dive into more populated areas, in theory, to grab more points. The scoring system including how to get points is down below, too.

Fortnite Score Royale LTM Release Date and End Date:

The Fortnite Score Royale LTM is out… right now! The 5.30 update has just gone live which means, as long as that gets downloaded, you’ll be free to get going on the limited time mode at any time.

As for the end date, that’s very much up in the air. It could be as soon as next week (August 30) if the mode simply doesn’t catch on. However, an extended stay may very well be the case. If that happens, expect a Fortnite Score Royale LTM end date of  September 6 or September 13. Limited Time Modes don’t tend to stay around much longer than that, hence the “Limited” portion of its name.

Fortnite Score Royale LTM Rules:

The rules themselves are very simple: the first player(s) to win a certain amount of points wins. The scoring system is a little trickier, and one we’ll get to in a moment.

  • Solo: First to 2000 points
  • Duos: First to 3000 points
  • Squads: First to 4500 points

Additionally, early-game storms circles are far larger and close in slower than a normal Fortnite battle royale game. That’s so players can spend time scavenging for coins and other loot. Don’t hang around at the endgame, though. The storms are rapid.

Fortnite Score Royale LTM Scoring System

  • Use an Apple or Mushroom (10 points)
  • Open an Ammo Box (25 points)
  • Open a Llama (50 points)
  • Open a Supply Drop (100 points)
  • Eliminate an Enemy (100 points)
  • Open a Treasure Chest (50 points)
  • Find a Bronze Coin (30 points)
  • Find a Silver Coin (50 points)
  • Find a Gold Coin (100 points)

While Epic hasn’t mentioned anything, we can safely presume that, if no one reaches the required points tally, then the players with the most points will win.