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Fortnite Enforcer Skin: Road Trip Skin Revealed

The Fortnite Enforcer skin has been revealed, which is the official name of the Road Trip skin that many players have been hunting down since the beginning of Season 5. Demanding players complete seven full weeks of challenges, the Fortnite Enforcer skin is one of the toughest cosmetic unlocks in the game, with only the most dedicated players achieving it. If you see this skin in-game, you should probably turn and run the other way, for anyone using it is sure to be a master of completing random objectives! Scary stuff, I know!

Fortnite Road Trip Skin Reveal

Fortnite Enforcer Skin

The Fortnite Road Trip skin leak has revealed the Enforcer, a Legendary outfit whose description reads: “Balance and order must be restored.” Clearly this is a character who is not to messed with, echoing a similar philosophy to the balance-obsessed Thanos (who also appeared in the game!).

Though Epic Games likely hoped that the official Fortnite Enforcer reveal would be tomorrow, when the Week 7 challenges go live, dataminers have already dug deep into the 5.30 update files. Once the Road Trip images were discovered, they were immediately posted to social media, as well as the trusty FNBR resource.

Fortnite Enforcer Skin: How to Unlock the Enforcer Skin

To unlock the Fortnite Enforcer skin, you just have to go ahead and finish all seven Road Trip challenges. Unfortunately, “just” doing this requires a lot of work, as each challenge demands a separate week’s worth of objectives be completed. That amounts to 49 challenges in total, which takes some time!

If you want to unlock the cool-looking black ninja Enforcer skin, you’re going to have to get grinding, as you only have until the end of Season 5 to claim it for your own. Once the season ends, the skin will also disappear. Get it while it’s available!