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Fortnite Tomato Temple: What Happened to Fortnite Tomato Town?

The Fortnite 5.30 Update has arrived earlier today. It brought many changes and improvements to the battle royale game. One of those major changes includes replacing the Fortnite Tomato Town with the Fortnite Tomato Temple. Players can still find it in the exact same location, but the entire place has completely changed from the quaint Tomato Town from before the arrival of the Fortnite 5.30 Patch.

Fortnite Tomato Temple: What Is The Fortnite Tomato Temple?

What changed in the transition from the Fortnite Tomato Town to the Fortnite Tomato Temple? It looks like the place has turned into somewhat of a jungle, with lush vegetation everywhere and an underground section just like Shifty Shafts. However, the most obvious landmark players will see when they arrive at the Fortnite Tomato Temple for the first time will definitely notice the giant Aztec-like temple in the middle, with fires lit around it. Take a look at the new Fortnite point of interest below, courtesy of @FortniteBR.

The Tomatohead sculpture makes its triumphant return, situated atop the Fortnite Tomato Temple covered with a tribal paint design and a ceremonial crown of sorts. Epic Games is certainly committing to the new theme, whatever it turns out to be. Additionally, the Fortnite Tomatohead challenges also return, with the Tomatohead Outfit up as a reward. Players will just need to play 25 matches, deal 5,000 damage to enemies and gain 20,000 XP. Check out where you can find the exact location of the Fortnite Tomato Temple on the Fortnite map below.

Fortnite Tomato Temple in Fortnite 5.30 Map

The Fortnite Tomato Temple is just one of many new contents arriving in today’s Fortnite 5.30 Update. The main highlight of the new update is the Rift-to-Go, a new tool for players to harness the power of the Fortnite Rifts. They can use it to escape hopeless situations or just accomplish crazy new stunts which would be impossible to pull off before. Check out the other main highlights of the Fortnite 5.30 Update here.