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Fortnite Flamethrower: When is the Fortnite Flamethrower Release Date?

Fortnite has received its latest patch update. The Fortnite 5.30 update brings a wealth of changes to Epic Games’ battle royale game, and both players and the media have been scrutinizing all that’s new with it. Apparently not everything has been released just yet, with dataminers uncovering a couple of new weapons that could land in Fortnite in the near future. The spiciest has to be the Fortnite flamethrower. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before and, as the leaks are coming thick and fast, it might not be long before we get a bonafide Fortnite flamethrower release date.

Fortnite Flamethrower: What is the Fortnite Flamethrower?

One of the more exciting finds by data miners is the inclusion of a Fortnite flamethrower weapon in the game’s files. According to FortniteBattleRoyaleLeaks, the incendiary device has been discovered in Fortnite‘s code, although there is little information about how it’ll work. What we do know is that the word ‘flamethrower’ is listed in the data files of the patch, and that the Fortnite flamethrower should work in the same fashion as a light machine gun.

Furthermore, the Fortnite flamethrower is thought to consume medium-sized bullets which, for a weapon that relies on fuel to work, is a pretty odd description for its ammo type. It could well be that Fortnite allows players to use medium bullets as ammo for the flamethrower, which the game’s code will convert into flames when the weapon is being fired. If it does work like an LMG, it may also be slower to use. Of course, this is all conjecture at this point and Epic could decide to change how the flamethrower works once the 5.30 update is fully functioning, and has no need for further tweaks. We’ll find out more in due course.

Fortnite Flamethrower: When is the Fortnite Flamethrower Release Date?

There hasn’t been an official Fortnite flamethrower release date, but we might not be far off. Typically, when leaks start pouring out from the game’s files, we’re only a month out (at the very most) from getting our hands on whatever’s been found. Expect the Fortnite flamethrower to arrive around mid-September, especially as Fortnite season 6, which will be a whole ‘nother ball game, is slated to arrive in October.

Fortnite‘s 5.30 update has brought a slew of new weapons, bug fixes, skins and more to the game. We’ve covered all that there is to know about the latest patch in a variety of guides, but you can get the jist of everything on offer here.