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Fortnite Musha Skin: What is the new Fortnite Legendary Skin?

The Fortnite Musha skin has been leaked and it is the second Fortnite Legendary skin we have seen from the recent datamine. Of course, the other Legendary skin revealed recently was the Enforcer skin that will be available to players as part of the Battle Pass challenges. Will the Musha skin also be available as part of the Battle Pass challenges in Fortnite season 6? Let’s dig into the new samurai skin!

What is the Fortnite Musha skin?

The Musha skin is the latest Legendary skin coming to Fortnite. It will deck players out in a blue samurai armor with a traditional men-yoroi Japanese facial armor. The description of the new skin reads “A fearless and noble warrior”. What is also interesting is that it will be part of a set of armor called the “Bushido” set. So could we be seeing another skin related to it coming out in the near future. Also, with a new legendary skin we will also get some new back bling! With the Musha skin you will be a Legendary Back Bling called Shiro. Shiro resembles a sashimoto, which are the banners used by the samurai in feudal Japan. It is described as a “Storied sigil.”

How to unlock the Fortnite Musha skin?

With the Fortnite Musha skin, since it is a Legendary item, there might be multiple ways to obtain it. The first could be through the Battle Pass challenges in Fortnite season 6. We could very well be looking at one of the higher-tier unlocks coming our way in October.

The Fortnite Musha legendary skin could also be released through the Item Shop at some point. Since prior sets of Legendary skins have been released this way, it would make sense that Musha and the other skin in the Bushido set would be unlocked this way. This would mean that the Musha skin will cost players 2,000 V-Bucks to unlock.

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