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Fortnite 5.30.1 Update Patch Notes: Aim Sensitivity and Sprint Weapon Swap Bug Fixes

The Fortnite 5.30.1 update is already live barely a day after the launch of the big 5.30 update. You wouldn’t really expect such a tiny incremental number increase to add much to the game (especially not after what came yesterday) but the Fortnite 5.30.1 patch is a particularly important one for the whole community thanks to a few small changes that have a profound impact on the game.

Unlike yesterday’s update, though, Fortnite 5.30.1 won’t interrupt your game time much as it goes live. There’s no server downtime at all, but you will need to exit out of the game, download the update, and patch again before you’ll be able to play. Your downtime will depend entirely on your download speeds, but even the download size seems to depend on the user and platform.

Fortnite 5.30.1 Update Patch Notes: What’s in the Fortnite Update Today?

fortnite 5.30.1 update patch notes

So what does today’s tiny update bring? A couple of much-needed fixes for some very important Fortnite Battle Royale actions.

Aiming sensitivity related to controller acceleration has been fixed after players reported things feeling just a little bit off after yesterday’s Fortnite 5.30 update; so expect the aim you’ve perfected over the months to return. Unless you spent a little too much time re-adjusting yesterday – then you may have to work on your aim all over again. The acceleration issues from yesterday’s patch should only have applied to controller-users, though, so people using a mouse and keyboard shouldn’t really notice any changes here.

This next change, however, doesn’t single out players of different platforms and control schemes. If you noticed a few issues with sprint weapon swapping following yesterday’s 5.30 update, there’s a fix for that today, too!

Last, but certainly not least, there’s a fix for miscellaneous game crashes. If there’s one guaranteed killing in Fornite Battle Royale, it’s having your game abruptly end not by getting shot or bashed around by a pick-axe, but by a traditional game crash. Today’s update should patch out a number of issues that are known to cause the game to crash, so the added stability should put your mind at ease.

Download sizes seem to vary, and we’re not entirely sure why. One user had a 1.73GB update, whereas we’ve seen both PC and PS4 updates total up to a mere 355mb. Either way, be prepared to sit through a download before you’re able to play your next round. Grab a drink. Stay hydrated.