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Fortnite Ravage Skin: How to Get The Fortnite Ravage Skin

The Fortnite Ravage skin has been leaked through a recent data mine of the battle royale game. It is one of the few Legendary outfits coming to the game soon, but unlike the Fortnite Enforcer skin, it remains to be seen how players will be getting their hands on this particular skin. One thing’s for the certain, though: this Female Raven skin may prove to be one of the most popular items yet.

Fortnite Ravage Skin: What Is The Fortnite Ravage Skin?

The Fortnite Ravage Skin is a new Legendary outfit coming to the battle royale game. The skin is described as “Circling overhead, shrouded by night…” That sounds like how a certain dark knight vigilante would be described. According to @FNBRLeaks, it’s part of the Nevermore set, which probably means that there will be more items arriving alongside the Fortnite Ravage Skin, along with the likes of the Raven skint that’s already part of the game.

In the image leaked by FNBR, we can see that the Fortnite Ravage Skin is wearing the Legendary Back Bling Dark Wings, which is described as “Swoop in and take the spoils.” The Rare Pickaxe Iron Beak, which is not seen in the image below, is also part of the Nevermore set. The Nevermore set could definitely turn out to be popular set when it arrives.

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Fortnite Ravage Skin: How To Get The Fortnite Ravage Skin

Considering this is a leak, we have no confirmed details yet as to how to get the Fortnite Ravage Skin. If past Legendary skins are any indication, it would presumably be exclusive to the in-game Item Store, where they are usually priced at about 2,000 V-bucks, and that could definitely apply to the Fortnite Ravage Skin.

Since no confirmed details have been revealed yet, all we can do is give an educated guess based on previous trends, which means that the Fortnite Ravage Skin would likely be exclusive to the Item Store.