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Fortnite Chopper Skin: How to Get The Fortnite Chopper Skin

The Fortnite Chopper Skin is yet another leak from the recent data mine of the battle royale game. There’s quite a number of rare outfits and this will be one of them. Is there any way of getting the Fortnite Chopper Skin right now? Read on below to find out.

Fortnite Chopper Skin: What Is the Fortnite Chopper Skin?

According to FNBR, the Fortnite Chopper Skin is a new Rare outfit coming to the battle royale game. The description for the skin reads, “No one crosses Chopper and rides away.” The outfit will see players in skin-tight leather pants and vest, complete with an awesome pair of goggles to complete the look. It’s also part of the Biker Brigade set, which means that it will join the likes of the already-revealed Fortnite Backbone Skin.

Besides the Fortnite Chopper Skin and Fortnite Backbone Skin, we know that that Biker Brigade set will also contain the Rare Pickaxe Throttle. It comes with the description, “Rev it up!” It definitely looks like Epic Games is throttling it up with the biker theme.

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Fortnite Chopper Skin: How to Get the Fortnite Chopper Skin

Considering this is a leak, we have no confirmed details yet as to how to get the Fortnite Chopper Skin. Since the Fortnite Chopper Skin is part of a biker theme, it could also be related to the Road Trip battle pass challenges. However, the current challenges reward players with the Fortnite Enforcer Skin, so it seems that we might possibly be getting the Fortnite Chopper Skin later in the near future.

It could also be unlockable via the Item Store, where it could be priced at 1,500 V-Bucks. On the other hand, we can only speculate for now but previous trends indicate that the rare outfit would likely be exclusive to the Item Store as well.