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New Fortnite Starter Pack Leak: What Is It?

The new Fortnite update gives the chance for Fortnite data miners to delve into fresh files for the game to find out what’s coming soon, and there’s a new Fortnite Starter Pack leak to talk about.

Fortnite Starter Packs allow new players to get quick access to the game’s features and give a boost to help them catch up, for a low cost. They usually contain an exclusive skin and back bling, and a lot of Fortnite V-bucks. Fortnite Starter Pack 2 released in June and featured a ‘Wingman’ skin and corresponding back bling, and it was highly successful. It’s no surprise then that Epic would want to release a Starter Pack 3, but what is this new leak?

What Is In The New Fortnite Starter Pack Leak?

The new Starter Pack leak was found by data miners and put on the Stormleaks Twitter, which you can see below. It contains a new knight-like skin and back bling which appears to be some sort of duffle bag stuffed with cash, suggesting that this character is actually meant to be a thief. It’ll also almost certainly include 600 V-Bucks, which is a huge amount really if the price is cheap, and you can see why these packs are a big deal.

When Can We Get The New Fortnite Starter Pack?

An important question, but the short answer is that we just don’t know. The first Starter Pack featuring the Rogue Agent outfit took just under a month after it was leaked to release officially, but obviously when it comes to leaks there’s no set time. At a guesstimate, the new Starter Pack could drop anytime between 1-3 weeks from now.

It’s down to Epic though of course, as is the price. Judging by past Starter Packs, the price will probably be around $4.99/£3.99, and we can’t imagine this new one being much different because Epic has had so much success with the previous packs. We’ll keep you posted as we find out more.