Box art - Donut County

Donut County: How to Destroy Trash King’s Monument

Raccoons are mischievous, aren’t they? They are always diving into trash and being little deviants. And in Donut County, a game all about mischievous raccoons, sometimes you’ll be breaking into safes and sometimes you’ll be actually breaking stuff like the Trash King’s monument. The Dethroner trophy in Donut County tasks the player with smashing that statue but it’s useless unless you know how to destroy Trash King’s monument. We can help you take down these evil corporate schemers and get a trophy for doing so. Spoilers ahead!

Donut County: How to Find Trash King’s Monument

While there are a few levels with Trash King monuments like the Raccoon Lagoon and inside Trash King’s HQ, only one specific statue is destructible and needed for the trophy. The one you’ll need to destroy is located outside of Trash King’s HQ during the boss fight with the quadcopter in the appropriately titled Boss Fight stage near the end of the game. The part you will need to focus on for the trophy is after you’ve already beaten the second stage of the flying boss.

Donut County: How to Destroy Trash King’s Monument

Donut County How to Destroy Trash King's Monument

Now that you know where it is, you’ll need to know how to destroy Trash King’s monument. Once you suck the bombs back and destroy the quadcopter for the final time, your hole will have a powerful gust of wind coming out of it. You’ll have to use this powerful gust of wind to destroy Trash King’s monument. Just guide the big, tornado-like burst of wind over the statue and it’ll eventually break apart. Don’t do it too late because you’ll beat the game have to go defeat the boss all over again. I circled it in the above picture because it can blend in the the environment and is quite easy to miss in general.