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Fortnite Intensity Emote Change: What’s Changed With the Intensity Emote?

The Fortnite Intensity Emote change has confused a lot of players. The emote previously had different music when it was initially leaked, but with its official release in the Item Shop, the music has changed. So what is the Intensity Emote and how has it changed between the first look we got at it and it’s current state? Let’s dig in.

What is the Fortnite Intensity Emote?

The Fortnite Intensity emote is an Epic rarity emote that was recently released in the Item Shop. It was originally leaked a few days ago and features the player’s Character dancing like the Techno-Viking meme. For more details about the skin itself, check out our guide on it.

What Has Changed With The Fortnite Intensity Emote?

When the Fortnite Intensity Emote was originally leaked, the music attached to the dance was a lot more different than it is now. The original music sounded more metal with various heavy guitar riffs and a darker sound. The new music for the emote on the other hand sounds more techno-focused, though it does sound similarly intense.

However, the new music is more appropriate to the dance’s origins. Considering the fact that the emote is based on the Techno-Viking meme, as covered in our initial guide on it, this more electronic music attached to the dance is far more appropriate for its origins. However, fans are still mad it has changed, as evidenced on this thread on the Fortnite official forums.

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