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Rocket League 1.50 Update Patch Notes: What’s Changed in the Rocket League Progression Update?

While it’s not the party cross-play update some were pining for (that’s still to come in September), the Rocket League 1.50 update, otherwise known as the Rocket League Progression Update has changed the way you level up on the game forever. Not only has there been widespread changes to how you earn XP, developers Psyonix has also revealed a Rocket Pass release date, as well as introducing a brand-new feature in the form of Clubs. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Rocket League 1.50 Update Patch Notes: Main Changes

It’s not called the Rocket League Progression Update for no reason. You can now only earn XP through online matches and, even then, everything is predominantly based on match length and not your score. Where, previously, your score would be added onto your match complete and (hopefully) win bonus to get your XP total for the game, you now get XP thanks to how long you spend in a certain game, though getting MVPs and the like will still give you a XP bonus. But here’s the crux: leave early and you’ll be taking a big XP hit.

Rocket League 1.50 Update Patch Notes: Rocket Pass Release Date

Psyonix has also announced the Rocket League Rocket Pass release date. Much like the Fortnite Battle Pass, you can get more and better items for levelling up. The new feature is coming your way on August 5, though won’t include any Rocket League challenges in its first iteration.

Rocket League 1.50 Update Patch Notes: Clubs

Rocket League Clubs is yet another new feature, and it’s essentially the game’s new clan system. Join or set up a Club, invite your friends and you’ll even have your Club tag listed in the scoreboard, Halo-style. However, you cannot, as of yet, invite players through cross-platform to your Clubs.

Rocket League 1.50 Update: Full Patch Notes

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