Rocket League 1.51 Update Patch Notes: Hotfix Address Dribbling, Flicking, and Air Stalling

The Rocket League 1.51 update patch notes are now available for eager players to read. The 1.51 hotfix only makes a couple of changes, but both have a significant impact on gameplay. Those high-level players amongst you, who want to take full advantage of all gameplay mechanics, will be cheering with joy! The new Rocket League update specifically targets dribbing, flicking, and air stalling moves. If you’ve been trying to master those techniques, but have become frustrated, simply read on to see what’s been fixed!

Rocket League 1.51 Update Patch Notes

The Rocket League 1.51 update patch notes are short, yet very sweet for those who hate the unintended changes to ball physics.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented dodging left/right, air ‘stalling,’ and other movements when holding the air roll left/right buttons

  • Fixed unintended changes to the ball physics that affected ‘dribbling,’ ‘flicking,’ and other similar mechanics

Yup, it’s just two bullet points that deliver sweet, sweet relief to those players who had previously been experiencing frustration.

Now all players can enjoy the game as intended by the developers, with no silly ball physics getting in the way of epic goals and equally epic saves. May your aim be true!

If you were hoping for more big changes to the game, then I’m a little surprised, what with the 1.50 update having only dropped a couple of days ago. This update targeted Rocket League progression and how players earn XP. Those leaving a match early will suffer a big XP loss, while those remaining and performing well will get big XP rewards. It’s pretty great!

Expect more support from Psyonix as the year goes on. Rocket League continues to be a highly competitive game that rewards player skill. The 1.51 hotfix provided further polish that will keep gameplay tight and the pitch a level playing field.

[via Rocket League]