Box art - Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital PS4 and Xbox One Release Date

Two Point Hospital is out now on PC, and while it’s a fun evolution of Theme Hospital, it’s rare for a game these days to only be a PC exclusive. Will we see Two Point Hospital PS4? What about Two Point Hospital Xbox One? Is the game coming out on consoles at all?

Two Point Hospital PS4 and Xbox One | Release date

Two Point Hospital PS4 and Xbox One Release Date

There’s no need to be as sick as a parrot anymore. Two Point Studios has announced that a Two Point Hospital PS4 and Xbox One release date is due in late 2019. The announcement came via a YouTube trailer that was uploaded on Tuesday, July 23, and gives an indication of what you can expect from this humorous title. We’ll know more about an exact release date in the coming weeks.

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The game was a critical hit when it launched on Steam last August, and the game has received a number of free updates over the past year. These patches have added extra content, challenges, and diseases for players to try out, and have allowed the game to remain fresh.

If you are concerned about whether this extra content will be available at launch, you need not be. The console versions will come with the “Bigfoot” and “Pebberly Island” DLC included, as well as the wealth of new customization options that have been patched through.

Two Point Hospital Switch | Is it coming to Nintendo’s console?

The news that there will be a Two Point Hospital PS4 and Xbox One edition might make Nintendo Switch fans feel a bit deflated. After all, it’s been receiving other third-party titles and something like this would be a perfect fit.

Thankfully, Switch owners will also be getting a port as revealed in the YouTube trailer. The Switch port will also be released in late 2019, and come with all of the extra content that PS4 and Xbox One gamers can look forward to.

You’ll be able to buy any of these ports in physical or digital forms too. We’ll have more details on prices and other information once Two Point Studios and Sega reveal them down the line, so check back here for updates as and when they happen.