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Fortnite Road Trip Week 8 Challenges: Find the Tomato Temple Banner Location

The Fortnite Week 8 challenges have presented a new reward, with those completing the past seven weeks of challenges being treated to a Fortnite Road Trip reward in the form of a banner.  While the Road Trip skin is still nowhere to be seen, this reward should keep players ticking along. Located near the Tomatohead, Fortnite players are now looking to find the Tomato Temple Banner location, which gives players a brand new secret Tomatohead banner for their Fortnite profiles.

Fortnite Week 8 Challenges: How to Earn the Tomatohead Banner

Tomato Temple recently replaced Tomato Town on the Fortnite map, after Epic Games revamped the location in season 5. Now the Road Trip challenge, which will eventually allow players to unlock the Enforcer skin, has introduced a prize you can find near the Tomato Temple.

This is an exclusive prize reserved for those who have completed the week 8 challenges along with the challenges in week’s 1 – 7, with you then able to make your way to the Tomato Temple and pick up your reward.


Fortnite Road Trip Challenges: Find the Tomato Temple Banner Location

The new Tomato Temple banner isn’t difficult to find. After you deploy from the battle bus, floating down to the Temple and make your way to the entrance with the Tomatohead facing you. Then, just beneath one of the light’s on the lower floor, you’ll see the purple banner twirling above your head. Interact with it in order to unlock it.

You can find the Tomatohead banner right here on the map:

fortnite week 8 challenges road trip temple tower banner location

After you’ve earned the Tomatohead banner, you can then use it for your public profile in order to let everyone know that you’ve completed the week 8 challenges. Unfortunately, players are still going to have to complete another two weeks of challenges before they can get their hands on the Enforcer skin, which is what these Road Trip challenges are all about. Still, it’s nice to have something to represent all of your hard work in the meantime, so this new secret banner will have to do.