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Rocket League 1.52 Update Patch Notes: What’s in the New Rocket League Hotfix?

Psyonix isn’t planning on resting on its laurels when it comes to tweaking the new Rocket League Progression UpdateRocket League 1.52 update is now live and comes with a few very specific changes to the camera for PC players, as well as one visual issue that has been plaguing gamers on all platforms. All in all, a pretty standard new Rocket League hotfix. We’ve covered those changes and left the Rocket League 1.52 update patch notes down below, too.

What’s Changed in the Rocket League 1.52 Update?

There’s only two things covered by the Rocket League 1.52 update: a lens flare boost issue for all consoles, and a PC-only problem that saw the cameras for those using a keyboard and mouse seemingly be not quite up to scratch.

First, the lens flare. Psyonix has patched certain boosts (though it is not known which ones specifically) so they will now no longer start producing a blinding lens flare which could inadvertently give certain players a competitive advantage. The lens flare issue typically only affected players at mid-to-long distances, but that’s now by-the-by: it won’t be an advantage anymore and your eyes are safe from J.J. Abrams-style lens flare.

The Rocket League PC bug, though, proved far more troublesome. Those who use a keyboard and mouse found themselves unable to swivel the camera all the way round, leaving them at a significant disadvantage, particularly when out of “Ball Cam”. This has now been fixed and, upon installing the Rocket League 1.52 update, you should now be able to revolve the camera a full 360 degrees, which is infinitely useful.

Rocket League 1.52 Update Patch Notes

Judging by the seriously minor changes as a result of the Rocket League hotfix, you might think that the patch notes would be just as insignificant. Thankfully, you’re right. Here they are, courtesy of the Rocket League site:

  • Resolved an issue where certain boosts emitted an intense lens flare at certain distances

  • Fixed a bug that prevented keyboard and mouse players from using camera swivel