Box art - Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital Marketing: How To Use Marketing

Two Point Hospital is out now and is the spiritual successor to the 1997 classic Theme Hospital, but while there are many differences between the two games one of the big additions is the Two Point Hospital Marketing Department. This becomes available later on in the game and isn’t really explained that well. What is Marketing? How can you use it effectively? Why would you want to invite more patients with Monobrow to your hospital? All questions we’ll try and answer.

What is the Two Point Hospital Marketing Department?

The Two Point Hospital Marketing Department is a new room that shows up on the game’s level six, Flemington, a wealthy area that supposedly needs advertising in order to attract patrons. That’s not necessarily true, but Marketing certainly helps. It will take you a little while to get it, but it’s useful. Put it down, and you’ll then need two Assistants with the Marketing skill. Yes, it’s another use for the Assistants other than Receptionists! Then you can start your marketing…

How to use Marketing in Two Point Hospital

There are some similarities to training staff in the game, in that you select the Marketing room and choose the bottom option on the room panel, which in this case is “Start Marketing Campaign”. You’ll get a new options menu with three tabs: General Marketing, Illness Marketing, and Recruitment Marketing. Each of these has a specific function. You can only do one at a time, so choose wisely.

“General” is the default and merely raises your reputation, which obviously helps out overall, and you can pump as much time and cash into that as you want. ‘Illness’ markets to patients with a specific illness, and you can choose which one from a list. “Recruitment” markets to potential staff, and allows you to recruit either better staff overall or staff trained in specific skills.

“Illness” is perhaps the least obvious of these. Why would you want to bring more patients of a specific type to your hospital, rather than an overall improvement or better staff? Well, for one, to accomplish goals. Flemington, for example, requires that you cure a certain number of patients with Animal Magnetism in order to progress. Eventually you’ll get it anyway, but with Marketing you can make sure you get plenty of patients with the disease. Also, if you build several cure rooms for the disease and pump more money into the campaign, you’ll find whole queues of patients just with that disease, which you can charge more for if you’re clever. Makes things a lot easier than catering to everyone.

Go on, get marketing. It’s one of the most useful rooms in the game, if you use it right!