Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon FAQ/Walkthrough

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                              Table of Contents

You can search for the section you can by putting the code in the []. 
To search for a chapter in the game, type in 

CHP(insert chapter number here).

For example, CHP7 will forward you to Chapter 7. 

Note: Gaiden Chapters have their own section [2C]. Prologue is [CHP0].
ENDGAME (final chapter) is [ENDGAME]

1. Beginning
   A. Introduction [1A]
   B. Game Controls [1B]
   C. Game Modes [1C]                 
   D. Basics [1D]
   E. Hard Mode [1E]
   F. Houses/Dialogue Format [1F]
   G. The Forge [1G]
   H. Highly Recommended Party [1H]
2. Beginning-to-end Walkthrough
   A. Prologue [CHP0]
   B. Main Chapters (To search for the main chapters, see above).
   C. Gaiden Chapters [CHPGAID]
Foreword [CHPA]
        Recommended Party [CHPB]
        Before Chapter 6X [CHPC]
            Chapter 6X [CHPC1]
        Before Chapter 12X [CHPD]
            Chapter 12X [CHPD1]
3. Lists
   A. Weapon [3A]
   B. Items [3B]
   C. Characters [3C]
4. FAQ [4A]
5. Conclusion
   A. Contact [5A]
   B. Special Thanks (contributor long list) [5B]
   C. Legal information [5C]
   D. Version Histoy [5D]

Introduction [1A]

Welcome all to my guide. This is OboeDude's fifth written guide and his first
complete walkthroughs! (Rest were Mini-FAQs). 


I hope you endured the attempted ASCII art above, I am relatively new to making

As you [might] have read above, this game will cover pretty much every corner
of this game. There is a few excepts (Nintendo WFC details)

The Force tells me you are impatient, let us begin!

Game Controls [1B]

This game has relatively easy controls, there are two scenarios. In battle and
in preparation/start menu. 

In preparation/start menu:

A - Select Choice
B - Go back
X,Y - Nothing
Directional pad - Move around menu
R - Used in certain spots, like in the save screen.

OPTIONAL: You can use the stylus for all these commands. 

In battle:

A - Select unit, select action (Fight, Trade, etc)
B - Undo Action
X - Activates and deactivates DANGER zone (explained later)
Y - Nothing
R - Toggles upper DS screen.
Directional Pad - Choose Action, move character

OPTIONAL: Stylus is possible, though I recommend staying with the buttons.


In dialogue, pressing the R-button shows a nice list that you can read what was
said just before in the conversation.

Game Modes [1C]

Game Modes are split into two sections: main game and extras.

Main Game: The main storyline. Basically, the bulk of the game. The main thing
to note here is that you choose between Normal and Hard Mode.

Extras: There are some extra features here:

1) You can erase data here
2) Online Nintendo WFC (and wireless too) - there are two real features of
this. First, you can loan and recieve characters. I would think that you can't
use them in the main game, only online.

You can also fight with friends and others. Note: I don't do WFC online for DS.
I will need help from others to explain. For now...

According to the description, you have an army that runs around and tries to
capture various castles. Your opponent has an army too and there are two ways
to win this game:

1) Kill everyone else
2) Capture the most castles in the time limit.

Game Basics [1D]

You are given an army of (insert amount of characters here) to defeat the enemy
To finish a map, you have to usually defeat the boss and "seize" (with Marth)
the spot he was on. 

There are various terrains that offer their own bonuses. Forests are pretty 
common and give a bonus in avoiding attacks. Other terrains include hills and
mountains, some of which are special in that they hinder troop movement.

There is gold in this game also, you get it from selling items and chests. 
Enemies DO NOT drop gold. There are also a set amount of enemies for a map, it
isn't randomly generate battles. 

There is a weapon triangle, between the three: swords, lance, axe. They offer
small bonuses, yet unlike other games, this game doesn't really make swords
superior to axes by a vast amount.

It goes:

Sword >>> Axes
Axes >>> Lances
Lances >>> Swords

Each character (and enemy) have a class, such as Mercenary or Fighter. They
have their own weapon skill, a mercenary for example can only use swords. He
can't use axes to fight, only swords. Only a few unpromoted units can use two
different weapon types (Cavaliers)

A unit can "promote" to the next class by using an item called the Master Seal.
An archer will be promoted to a powerful sniper. A mercenary becomes a Hero.

These promoted classes are stronger than the unpromoted and often can use two
weapon types (ie, lances and bow).

Each character has it's own stats (short for statistics). They grow each time
you level up. To level up, you need to gain 100 exp. Exp (short for experience)
is gained by killing enemies. Harder enemies give more experience and bosses 
tend to give a full level. Note that promoted classes level up slower.

Characters will die if they reach 0 health. Once they die, they are gone
forever. You can't get them back. (Well, you technically can get ONE unit back
in chapter 24, but nevertheless, it isn't worth it since the unit will be
seriously underleveled)

Going back to stats, they increase pretty randomly. Sometimes, you won't even
gain any stats and sometimes you'll gain in all but two stats. Some characters
have better "stat growths" then others. However, stat growth is still mostly
determined by a game function called RNG (Random Number Generator).

Sometimes you get good stat growths from the RNG, other times not so much.

There are different stats. Strength, Magic, Skill, Spd, Lck, Def, Res

Most of them are self-explanatory:

Strength, Magic: Depends on what class you are. Depends how high you hit.

Skill: How often criticals are.

Spd: How well you avoid enemies.

(The following was found on serenesforest's great combat equations)

Lck: Affects critical avoid rate and a little bit on accuracy and avoid.

(Thanks to serenesforest, it's a useful website BTW)

Def: Reduces physical damage

Res: Reduces magic damage.

In battle, there are five different unique structures:

1) Village: Gives you items such as gold or units. Must visit with main 
character. Sometimes gives weapons
2) House: Gives tips. Nothing else. Can be visited by any unit
3) Armory: Sells weapons. Can be visited by any unit.
4) Shop: Sells magic such as Blizzard and Heal. Also has potions like pure
5) Fort: Heals your character at the beginning of the Player Phase. 

There are also some more unique objects:

1) Door - Obstructs path. Must use thief or Door key to get by.
2) Chest - Contains useful item. Must use their of use a key.

One last thing: I mentioned DANGER zone once. Might as well explain here.

DANGER zones can be accessed by hitting X in battle. They show where all the
enemies can move, the boundaries. It is useful in planning how far to move a 
unit to lure in the enemy.

That should be good enough for the basics of basics, read the game's tutorial
if you REALLY can't figure it out.

Hard Mode [1E]

As many of you might have noticed, this guide does not cover the hard mode
part of this game.

The Hard Mode is the same game as the Normal mode, same story. The only 
difference is the insane difficulty added onto the characters. There are five
different difficulties in Hard Mode, ranging from * to ***** (with ***** being
the most difficult).

Many of the readers of this guide will have to figure out the strategies to
beat the enemies. I simply cannot write a seperate section for every single

The basic strategy should remain the same, recruiting characters requires
similar strategies to that of normal mode. 

The thing that makes Hard Mode "hard" is the difficulty curve in the enemies.
The first enemy you can possibly fight in *****, takes about 3 units to kill 
and deals more damage to your units then vice-versa. 

I am sure most readers of this guide will attempt to play hard mode, just know
that this guide does NOT include anything other than this section about it.

NOTE: If any reader has tips for hard mode on certain maps, I WILL add a hard
mode section and put some vague, yet hopefully effective tips. Contact me if
you want to submit/add a tip. Also contact me if you find a flaw in any 
contributor's submittion.

Houses/Dialogue Format [1F]

I find it prudent for this guide to relate the various dialogue that occurs in
this story. The format is as follows:

(for Dialogue)


[insert dialogue from Character1 here]
[insert dialogue from Character2 here]
[insert dialogue from Character1 here]

(insert action such as Character 1 leaving)

[insert dialogue from Character2 here]


These sections are seperated by two spaces before and after to make reading

For houses, I will summarize what happens tips the people give you at the 
beginning of the chapter. It will look as follows:


1) [insert useful tip]
2) [insert not-so-useful tip]
3) [insert obvious tip]
4) [insert not-so-obvious tip]


As you can see, it should be easy to read and distinct between the regular text

The Forge [1G]

Starting when you are able to prepare before battles, you can access a forge
feature via "Armory" >>> "Forge".

Basically, you pay gold to upgrade a certain weapon. This is useful in helping
weaker characters out at the beginning.

There are different stats you can upgrade:

Mt (Short for amount): Upgrades how much you can damage.

Hit: Upgrades how often you hit.

Crit (short for critical): Upgrades how often you land a critical.

Wt (Short for weight): Changes how hefty a weapon is, a less heavy weapon lets
the user hit x2 instead of the regular one hit.

The gold needed to make these upgrades is high in value, don't forge a weapon
unless you really need to. 

Highly Recommended Party [1H]

The following is a list of units that I will recommend using/looking into.

1) Wolf - This character is amazing. Just simply, his stats growth outplays 
the fact that he even comes later. He starts out pre-promoted, but seriously,
his stats still beat most characters.

2) Abel - This Cavalier is one of the most reliable. I know that at the higher
levels, I can send him to lure in a unit without getting killed.

3) Frey - Just below Abel, he matches well and can be described like Abel. High
strength gain rate, making him a powerhouse.

4) Marth - Necessary obviously. But he is strong on his own and can fight 

5) Shiida - Once she gets to those higher levels and is promoted, she will be
a monster with lances. Good movement rate too. 

6) Merric - His proficiency with magic is astounding. Rips knights to shreds.
Only problem is his defence.

7) Gordin - I explain this in the section you get him. He isn't weak. Give him
a chance to prove himself as a sniper and you won't regret. Of course, charac-
ters like Wolf outclass him if you unlucky with stat gains. Still, he makes
for a good pre-Wolf game character and a great sniper if you are lucky.

8) Lena - Healers are always necessary in your party and she is like one of the
earliest, yet best healers you will get. Enough said I believe.

9) Nabarl - His low defence makes him questionable in making this list.
However, the myrmidon lovers won't find a better one to use than him. Critical
hits are often and once he becomes a swordmaster, he will tear through almost
any unit, generals included.

10) Sedgar - I personally never used this character. I chose between Wolf and
Sedgar and stuck with Wolf. Though I heard that Sedgar is just as good as Wolf
so I decided to add him to this list.

11) Beck - Strong ballista. Due to the nature of this game, ballistas have many 
weapons that let it kill various units. First, Beck can destroy other ballistas
Then, Beck can also kill all fliers with Arrowspatte. To top this off, Beck can
even shoot through walls, and his range is incredible. Solid unit that is 
topped off with a good stat increase.

NOTE: As a general rule, units that come pre-promoted are usually inferior to
those that do not. I do not recommend using any pre-promoted units other than
Wolf and Sedgar (note that units like Beck and Marth cannot be promoted so they
aren't considered "pre-promoted") and that Wolf and Sedgar are overpowered, so
they make an exception.

Also NOTE that I do not encourage the early use of a Manakete. The first one
you can possibly use in the game is limited to 30 attacks/counterattacks due
to the 30/30 USE of the Firestone. This means that basically he is useless 
after he runs out of attacks, making him an unreliable character.

Prologue [CHP0]

"Long ago, Medeus, king of the dragonkin, conquered the continent of Akaneia
beginning an age of fear and despair for all it's people. That tyranny was
broken, however, thanks to a miracle. A young man hailing from the Altea 
region appeared with a divine blade in hand. He stood against the Shadow Dragon
,and struck him down. For some time after, the land enjoyed an age of peace.

However, after a century's passing, the Shadow Dragon returned. He forged an
alliance with a fiendish sorcerer who sought to rule the world, and their
combines might toppled kingdom upon unsuspecting kingdom. Again, darkness 
threatened to engulf the continent. It fell upon the king of Altea, sole 
descendant of the dragon-slayer hero, to sally forth with the divine blade and
fulfill his blood destiny.

His son, Prince Marth, remained at home with the boy's mother, his elder sister
,and a garrison manned by Altea's neightbor and ally, Gra. Thus the boy applied
himself to the ways of both pen and sword, until one day..."

The game opens in a musty castle corridor, Marth is walking to an exit when
he is greeted by...


(Note: anything written in [] are comments by me.)

Soldier: Prince Marth... Are you awake? Beggin' your pardon, sire, but the
princess has asked to see you. [Get used to the weird way they talk]

Marth: Elice? Is she all right?

Soldier: She seemed to be, sire, but her words implied a certain urgency. She
bade you dress quickly and wait by the throne.

Marth: ...Has something happened?

Soldier: It's our forces off in Gra, sire. There seems to 'ave been some sort
of incident, but... Well, I'm not privy to the specifics.

Marth: I see... Thank you. I'll be there shortly.

(Soldier leaves conversation)

Marth: My sister said she would meet me by the throne.

Marth: An incident in Gra... If Elice had news of our father, I pray it's good


Welcome to the first battle of the game. If you are following this guide the
whole way through (which is pretty much recommended),  you should turn the
tutorial off. You can always go back and read it by pressing A on any empty
square and selecting guide.

Anyway, you are left in a seemingly empty hall. It's not going to be that way
soon, but don't worry, just move as far as you can toward the throne. 

Soon after, the enemies appear...


Enemy soldier: O'er there, that's him! Prince Marth!

(Marth enters conversation)

Marth: Wha- Who are you?!

Enemy soldier: We're soldiers of Gra, li'l prince. And if you know what's good
for you, you'll surrender to us without makin' any trouble.

Marth: Surrender? But that's ridiculous... Why would I surrender to the army
of an allied kingdom?

Enemy soldier: Meh heh heh... They don't tell you much do they? No matter. 
You'll 'ave the full story soon enough. Now...lay down your sword.

Marth: I will not. I am the prince of Altea. I will not yield to you or any
other nation, here on my own land, under my own castle roof!

Enemy soldier: Heh, you talk big, brat. Have it your way. If you won't lay
down your sword, then we'll just have to take your life instead!


The hapless idiots move toward you. Don't worry about anything in this fight,
the enemies are pathetically weak. Just attack the closest one with any weapon
of choice (might want to save your Rapier for later). 

On the enemy phase, you will be attacked by one guy. You should automatically
kill him on your counter-attack.

Back to your turn, move close to the throne (as far as possible).

The next guy that attacks you is harder, it will take three strikes to kill him
(that would mean two strikes of any weapon then another).

Anyhow, they won't do too much damage to you so don't worry. The next enemy
is programmed to wait for you to cross through the small gap.


Enemy soldier: What? He is fighting back? I'll show him!

Marth: No! The throne... I have to get rid of him before my sister arrives!


After that short scene, just go up to the throne and attack him with your
weapon of choice. He should be dead soonafter his counterattack. Seize the 
throne after. Choose "Yes" to proceed. 


Elice: Marth, are you all right?

(Marth enters conversation)

Marth: Sister, what is happening?

Elice: Steady yourself, Marth. I have grave news. Our father was defeated by
the Doluna-Grust allied forces.

Marth: What? No...

Elice: It was Gra. Our own ally betrayed us and struck Father's army from the
rear. I am... I am not sure if he is safe. The scouts who returned gave confl-
icting reports...

Marth: Father...It can't be...

Elice: As we speak, soldiers sent by Gra are trying to take the castle. Mother
and I were sepearted during the escape. I do not know where she is.

Marth: .....

Elice: Marth, I need you to listen to me. You must flee the castle. Go on
without me.

Marth: What?

Elice: We've not many soldiers left...This is hard to bear, I know, but the
castle is lost. We must face that. I will look for Mother and join you as soon
as I can. You find Jagen and get away from here- far away. Understand?

Marth: ...All right. But promise you won't be long.

(Marth leaves conversation)

Elice: Goodbye, Marth. May you live long...


You are presented the opportunity to save here. Do so in any slot, then go on.

Two horsemen will approach you (allies)


Frey: Sire!

Marth: ...Frey! Abel! You're alive!

Abel: Yes, sire. Princess Elice bade us protect you. Sir Malledus stayed behind
to accompany her.

Frey: Sire, we must be quick. Sir Jagen awaits us at the gates.

(Brief exit of dialogue, shows enemies appearing)

Abel: Blast! This will not do. How did Gra's soldiers ever make it this far?

Marth: Jagen and the otehrs will be caught like mice...We need to seize the
gates and secure the area, immediately.


Notice: From now on, you have the choice of WHO you want to level. I will tell
you who I WOULD level, but you don't have to listen.

If you, for example, favored Frey over Abel, just give Abel's weapons to Frey
and put him in a corner. It is important that you make these sort of choices
at times, you will fail if you try and level everyone evenly.

For now, I would keep both Cavaliers sorta balanced and Marth getting exp
when the Cavaliers are tied up. 

Right off the beginning, take one Cavalier and destroy the first soldier.

I would take Abel to do it, so Frey can deal with the far-left enemy. Remember
the weapon triangle and use a sword instead of the lance.

Marth should just advance normally. Without warning, the enemy decides to talk


Enemy soldier: Now who's that who thinks they can sneak up on us? Ho ho...
What's this? I spy the Altean prince. Oi, listen up, you lot! Bag the prince!
Dead or alive, he'll fetch us as sweet a reward as the mind can conjure.


The far-left enemy should counter-attack Frey and die because of it. One enemy
troop should move forward and Marth will comment about the archers...


Marth: Hmm, they have archers... We need to take care they don't pick us
off from afar.


The next soldier should be taken by Abel. Steel sword should kill him in two

Note: Even though it goes against the weapon triangle, sometimes it is worth
checking it out to see if it works anyway.

After this, just advance Marth further. One archer should attack Marth, use
Marth to take care of him (might take two turns) As for the other archer, use
Abel. Use the Javelin and watch the enemy counter-attack and die.

After this turn, use Marth to finish off the archer, and use Abel to Javelin
the boss to death (should only take one turn, he's that weak).

Seize the gate after.

A friendly Paladin by the name of Jagen will appear to talk...


Jagen: Sire, it gladdens me to see you in one piece. It's not safe for you
here; we must be away at once!

(Cain enters conversation)

Cain (from a distance): Prince Marth! Where are you? Answer me, sire!

Marth (from a distance): Cain? ...That's Cain!

(Cain moves in closer)

Marth: Cain, you're supposed to be in Gra! Why have you returned without-
Yow! Those wounds...!

Cain: Sire, it's really you...I feared the worst. That his messsage would
go undeliv...Agh...

Marth: In that state, I don't know how you even stayed ahorse. Those gashes
must be treated at once-

Jagen: No, sire. Not until we've escaped.

...Cain, I trust you can put off bleeding to death for just a while longer?

Cain: Of course, sir... I aim to please...

(screen flashes to a different conversation between Malledus and Elice)

Malledus: Princess Elice! The enemy is nearly upon us! Gather your things, 

Elice: No, Malledus. I am staying here.

Malledus: S-staying here?! What madness is this?

Elice: Too many people have died to keep Altea and it's castle safe. 

I cannot abandon what so many lives have brought. With Father and Mother
unaccounted for, I am the natural choice to remain with Altea's people.

And besides, by staying, I can buy time for the rest of you to escape.

Malledus: Nonsense. Just gather your things, and-

Elice: Malledus. I am not suggesting. I am commanding. If something befalls
Father, Marth will become the last person in the entire world worthy of
wielding the Falchion. I want you to guide him, Malledus- even when the rest
of us no longer can.

Malledus: Princess...I will try my best.

Elice: There's not much time. Go, Malledus. ...Go!


Chance to save again. Do so can either read the stuff written or you
can skip. Either way I AM writing...

"Thus Prince Marth escaped Altea Castle with Sir Jagen and comapny at his side.
However, this success would mean little to him once he learned the cost. The 
boy's woes were just beginning."


Marth: Cain, how are your wounds? You should rest.

Cain: These scratches? It's my pride you're wounding sire. ...Anyway, we must
talk. There's a reason I've returned. ...Sire, I am...I am to deliver to you 
His Majesty's last words.

Marth: Last words? You don't mean...Father...

Cain: My condolences, sire. The king died valiantly on the fields of Gra.
The traitors took from him the divine blade Falchion and gave no quarter to
those of our soldiers who remained...

Marth: I...I see...So they're all dead. Father, too...

Cain: His last words were as follows:

"Tell my son that I leave the future of Altea and our continent in his hands.
He must rise now where I have fallen. As Falchion's rightful heir, he has been
born into greatness...Now...he must be great"

Marth: ...Father. I will try...

Cain: ...Sire, I...I cannot bear this! Failing to protect His Majesty...then
leaving my brothers to die, slinking away like some coward...This indignity is
too much to bear! One day I will repay them in kind. I will avenge the 
fallen...I swear it!

Marth: Cain, you speak for us both. When that day comes, we will punish them 
together: Gra, Doluna...all of them!

(Jagen enters conversation)

Jagen: Sire! We ought to pay a visit to these homes outside the castle. 

(home flashes)

Jagen: Your countrymen love you; perhaps they have knowledge that may serve us.


Alright, here comes a decision part. I would only keep two cavaliers in a party
at any time. Choose between Abel, Cain, and Frey. Personally, I chose Abel and
Frey since they already had exp. 

Note: You will understand the importance of choosing two out of three in the
second battle after this. Trust me for now.

Oh and automatically sit Jagen at the corner of the map. He is what they call
a pre-promoted character, he comes to you as strong. For now he is extremely 
powerful compared to other characters (especially with his silver lance), but 
if you don't want to mess up your other characters, leave him doing nothing.

For the cavalier you decided you don't want, trade his equipment to other char-
acters and then leave him sitting there. 

There are four houses in this map. There is no penalty for not visiting a house
but they do have valuable information sometimes.

Since this is a COMPLETE guide, yet I don't think it's necessary to write 
everything out, I will summarize the main points of the houses in each level.
Note that this information was in section [1F].


1) Don't rush hastily when attacking enemies. Sometimes it's better to lure in
one enemy at a time.

2) Don't let Jagen get all the kills (even this NPC agrees with me) or you
might be in  trouble later

3) Forts (a terrain structure) will heal you.

4) Javelins and other long range weapons can...fight long range.

5) Weapons break when the number next to them reach 0.


So anyway, starting next battle that has houses, the houses part will go to 
the top of a section. 

Advance with our three characters (two Cavaliers and Marth). Use one cavalier
to attack the soldier at the bottom of the screen.

After the first move, Jagen decides to interrupt:


Jagen: Look sire. Not all of Gra's might harries the castle. They've left 
soldiers here outside.

Marth: Elice will have no plans to escape...

Let's seize that fort across the water. Perhaps we can quash enemy reinforcment
at the source.


One of your cavaliers that you sent will defeat another enemy. Two other
enemies will move toward your position.

Use that same cavalier to attack the archer. Experiemnt with the different
weapons to find one that will kill the archer in two strikes. That same
cavalier will destroy the ajacent enemy when he attacks. Now, move that
cavalier out of the way and let the other two characters get some exp.

Your other two characters, should easily defeat the enemies. Just focus on
specific enemies (archers), retreat if you mess up, and remember that counter 
attacks are your friend.

Once you approach the bridge leading to the last two enemy (mages), Marth will
make a simple observation


Marth: Mages...That will complicate things. They don't need to get as close to
do us harm.

We'll need to approach carefully.


Okay, so you're probably all confident from beating those easy enemies, right?

Well pay attention, mages in this game hit abnormally high. Lure the first 
mage in, then kill him. Watch out for you HP, they deal a hefty 8 damage.

Now, one of your characters is probably seriously hurt, take the other one
and defeat the boss. Seize and...more dialogue...


Marth: There. That ought to do for the enemy soldiers around here. Malledus! 
Why aren't you with my sister? Did you leave her someplace safe?

Malledus: ...Princess Elice will not be joining us. She has elected to stay
at the castle. 

(Marth runs the way you guys came from and Malledus blocks him)

Malledus: Hold, sire! Where are you going?

Marth: Where do you think! [Should be a ?]

Malledus: Stop! Sire, consider for a moment why the princess would go as far
as to lie to you to ensure your escape. Your sister knows that you are the 
future of Altea- nay, the whole land!

Marth: .....!

(flashes to Cain + Marth conversation earlier)

Cain: His last words were as follows:

"Tell my son that I leave the future of Altea and our continent in his hands.
He must rise now where I have fallen. As Falchion's rightful heir, he has been
born into greatness...Now...he must be great"

(out of flashback)

Marth: I'm...our future...

Malledus: Sire... You must live. Drink deeply now of these injustices; sip on 
these slights they serve. Remember them! One day you will lead us back here to 
avenge the fallen and reclaim Altea in their names [plural incident]!

Marth: ...Then it seems my life is no longer mine to hazard.

Malledus: In your veins flows the blood of a hero- the blood of Anri. You are a
son of House Akaneia, and sole heir to Falchion- our only hope of defeating 
Medeus, emperor of Doluna. Sire, were't in my power, I would have you choose 
you own path...but I'm afraid your path has chosen you.

Marth: ......


Save the game.

"Marth and his knights took refuge in a forest near Altea's borders, lying
low while they waiting for the right chance to escape the kingdom. Before long,
the enemy grew less watchful: the time to slip away had come.

Still, the prince could not quell the sadness in his heart for his sister


Malledus: Prince Marth. ...Sire? Sire! Are you listening?!

Marth: Huh? ...Oh. Malledus.

Malledus: Get ahold of yourself, Sire! I know how you grieve, but the Gra host
that pursues us will not be interested. We must keep moving, and with all haste
at that. 

Marth: I...I'm sorry. These thoughts are hard to put aside.

Malledus: From here, we will cross out of Altea and begin our escape to Talys.
I trust you are prepared?

Marth: Talys... I've heard the name. An island kingdom to the easy, isn't it?

Malledus: That is correct. The king there was a good friend to your father-
and perhaps more importantly, a true friend. It was Princess Elice's wish that
you seek refuge in Talys should things ever go awry.

Marth: Me, but no her...

Malledus: I've arranged for a boat to take us from the northeast shore. But to
get there, we'll first need to cut through a prison to the north. I managed to
come by a key to the premises. Let me hand it over.

(Obtain Door Key)

Malledus: Now, on the road, you may notice people who seem to be fighting for
Gra against their own wishes. Before you resort to your blade, you should try 
talking to them first.


So the battle begins, but first...


1) The enemy army is gonna own you bad. They're coming fast.
2) It is necessary to part with a person if it means getting a different char


Alright, this is the map where you will have to use your character in...ways.

Defeat the first three troops.

After you end your first phase, the enemy in the back will talk...


Captain: Enemies south of the prison?

Enemy soldier: Yes, sir. Not many of 'em, but the scouts say they're a tough
bunch all the same. And guess who's with 'em...

Captain: ...You're saying the prince is coming this way?

Soldier: Yes, sir. How ought we proceed? The main force 'as yet to arrive, 
and- to be honest, sir- we need 'em.

Captain: Bah! You're cowed too easily. We can win...if we set a trap [lol he
calls what he about to do a TRAP? More like a mistake]

Soldier: Er...a trap, sir?

Captain: The prince of Altea will be ours.

Just do as I tell you, and we'll pluck this royal plum long before the main
force can show up to steal all the glory. Heh...


The enemies will finish their turn then the "trap" is set.


Ruffian: You! Inside!

Gordin: Grrrmph...

Ruffian: Heh. I thought Altea was the great 'ero Anri's kingdom! Didn't take 
more'n a couple of days to break you, now did it, Gaggles?

Gordin: Mmph! Arrumph!

Ruffian: What's the matter, Gaggles? Can't talk cause you're gagged, Gaggles?
Ba ha ha! [horrible pun] I'll letcha in on a little secret. Altea's little 
princeling is on 'is way 'ere right this moment.

Gordin: .....!

Ruffian: Ooh, but sad for you, you look awful dangerous in the uniform...
MISTER GRA SOLDIER! Ha! Soon as the prince sees you, 'e'll say, "Yow! It's an 
enemy ambush!" -and that'll be the end of you.

Gordin: Gugrrrmph!

Ruffian: Once the prince sticks you like a pig, we get to call him Marth the
Tyrant, coz 'e kills 'is own countrymen [lemme tell you, this IS the trap that
the captain lame]

Ruffian: Won't that be an 'oot! [No idea what 'oot is. A hoot? Is this like the
80s or something?]

Gordin: Rrrmph.

Ruffian: So long, Gaggles! Better start praying to your 'ighter deity of choice


Alright, that was a long distraction. Basically, just finish whatever is left
of the two enemies then unlock the door and recruit "Gaggles" (jk, Gordin)
with Marth. Note that you should get an iron bow from one of the enemies.


Marth: Yow! It's an enemy ambush! [Wow...just wow]

Gordin: Rrrgmph mrph!

Marth: Huh? You've been gagged? Here, I'll get that...

Wait, I know you! You're one of our archers, er...

Gordin: Gordin, sire! My name is Gordin. The enemy captured me and left me in
this mortifying state.

Marth: I see. Well, I'm glad you're unharmed. But I'm afraid we cannot stay
here a moment longer. Stay behimd me and-

Gordin: I can fight, sire! If you have a bow I could use, I would be honored
to fight at your side.


Okay let me tell you, Gordin is considered to be weak. However, I do not
consider him to be all that bad. For people who enjoy abusing stuff in the
game, he can easily become a fantastic sniper (if you get lucky with his stat
level ups). I recommend him to be in your party and to promote him at level 20
(which isn't hard to get if you abuse this game with like arena abusing)

Notes about Gordin


Some readers are wondering why I choose Gordin over, say Wolf? 
I prefer Gordin for his defence. He can lure in units without risking too much.
For example, say that a recruitable unit is just one square away from being
able to be recruited by Marth.

Instead of worrying about the recruitable unit killing my unit or my unit 
killing them, I can put Gordin there. He will take the light damage, and won't
retaliate since he is an archer. 

This isn't the only use for Gordin. Yes, he might be outclassed by a few units,
but overall, he makes for a good character. Great boss owner if I might add. 

Note: Readers might see Wolf's defence and compare them with Gordin's. They 
will probably conclude that Wolf isn't too far behind. However, this is easily
flawed. Wolf comes as a pre-promoted unit. Of course a lvl 20 Horseman has just
about or more defence than a lvl 20 Archer!

End note.

Give Gordin the iron bow you got.

Ouch, seems like the next turn the main army is back and really strong. Bunch
of dialogue...


Jiol: Listen, men. Your target is the prince. Find the prince of Altea and
bring me his head served on a shield!

(he leaves and conversation goes to Marth + Malledus)

Marth: Look there!

Malledus: No...Anri save us...Of all the places to be beset! Sire, that is Gra'
s main force- and they are accompanied by the knights of Grust's Sable Order.

Our chances of routing them are slim, I'm afraid, and those of slipping away
undetected aftward, all but nil...

Marth: Then we've no hope?

Malledus: I...I can think of one strategy. We could leave a decoy behind for 
when the enemy catches up.

Marth: A decoy?

Malledus: It's you they're after, sire. Were one of your men to stay behind 
disguised as you...Well, the enemy ought to take the b ait. That would give you
and the others time to escape.

(points at fort)

Malledus: One of your men must make for that fortress on the south highroad.
He will act as a decoy by dressing as you and luring the enemy force away.

Marth: But Malledus, how will he find his way back to us?

Malledus: Sire...He may not. You must part with one of your comrades. There is
no other way.

Marth: ...Well, I will find a way! You cannot expect me to agree 
abandoning one of our own to a death at the hands of the enemy. Surely there 
must be another way...

(Marth leaves)

Malledus: Forgive me, sire...But this is our only chance. You know as well as I
do that you must not die here today.


Alright, you have it here in a nutshell:

The enemy is closing in and you need to get one of your characters as a decoy.
It is unavoidable, there is no other way to finish this chapter since the door
to the boss is locked. The knights will just keep advancing.

They are like invincible for your level. Even Jagen-the-overpowered paladin 
with a silver lance can't kill one.

Now, you must realize that YOU WILL LOSE your character that you put as a decoy
You have one of two choice: the cavalier that you decided not to train OR Jagen
since he is useless anyway.

Whoever you choose, take whatever weapons they might have and put them as decoy
One line of dialogue will follow saying something like, "I won't fail you"

Note that the following is Jagen's dialogue (if he is chosen to be the decoy)

"Heh, these old bones are still good for something."

A cutscene will follow.


Enemy soldier 1: Look! It''s Prince Marth!

Enemy soldier 2: Oh yeah? Who's that, then? That bloke over there is dressed
in the same clothese. Could be either of 'em.

(Jiol enters)

Jiol: Simpletons! Use your heads! [What kind of word...nevermind]
One of them ran; the other didn't. What does that tell you? Easy! The one who 
stayed behind is trying to buy time for the one who fled.

Enemy soldier: So, er...the one who took off it-

Jiol: The real prince, you idiot, yes! Hie, troops, after him! [Should read
Hi or Hey instead of Hie] Put that craven whip to the sword!

(Whole army leaves)

Marth: (insert name of gone character)? Wait! (insert name of gone character)!
Quickly, Malledus, we must head south and rescue him!

Malledus: No, sire. We have to press on.

Marth: Press on? (insert name) might be dying back there!

Malledus: If he is, then why would you be so selfish as to let him die in vain?
Honor him, by allowing his life and his choice to mean something!

Marth: ...(insert name).

Marth: ......

Marth: ...All right. [that was a lot of pausing]

Marth: I will honor him. ...I will go. 

(conversation moves to enemy)

Captain: The prince fled south? Bah! Seems the plum's fallen too far from
our tree...

No matter. Open the north door! We can still crush the Altean rabble he left


The rest of the map is too easy to even mention, just defeat the enemies and
the boss. Pegasus Knights will spawn to the left, use Gordin's arrows to win.

Anyway, visit the village with Marth...but wait! Malledus interrupts...


Malledus: Sire, there is a village over yonder. It's residents may be willing
to help. Why don't you try paying them a visit!?


Finally, go to the village get the steel bow.

Give the steel bow to Gordin when you get a chance. Then, just kill the boss
with Marth's rapier and seize.


Draug: Prince Marth! Make haste, sir!

Marth: Draug, is that you? What are you doing here?

Draug: I recieved word from Sir Malledus to ready a vessel, that we might
slip away discreetly by sea.

The enemy has crossed the border and closes in on us from the west; we cannot
stay here. Hurry, sire!

(conversation goes to the main army with (insert name)) 

Jiol: This is...the wrong prince? No! You dare make a fool of me? Kill him!
Make this faux prince SUFFER!

(insert name): Glory to Altea, land of my birth! Farewell, sire! Fortune 
protect you...


"And so Marth and his knights left Altea, havey of heart and bleary of age..."

If Jagen was the decoy, the following conversation will have Draug instead of


Jagen: Look, sire. See how Altea shrinks on the horizon...

Marth: ..aven...

Jagen: I beg your pardon?

Marth: I am a craven. Powerless to save my sister, to staunch my kingdom's 
wounds; to ease my people's fears...

Jagen: This...was your only recourse, sire. But surely, one day, you will be
able to set things right...

Marth: "Surely"? Why do words of such conviction smack so much of uncertainty
when spoken? Note surely, Jagen. Assuredly. Gra will pay for their acts.

Today, though, all me to wallow in this pain, to feel every awful twist of it.
I never want to forget.

Jagen: Sire...

Marth: I will return, Altea! Your prince will return to you one day!


Save the game and get ready to begin the real chapters...

Marth Embarks [CHP1] 

"Marth, prince of Altea, was lucky. Though Doluna took from him his kingdom and
all but a handful of knights, they could not take his life. Marth lived, and
made it to the eastern isle of Talys. Talys was a small border kingdom, with no
grand order of knights to boast of, but its king selflessly gave Marth use of
the isle's eastern fortress. And as he saw the boy shake with anger and grief,
he also gave wise counsel: 

"Prince Marth," he said, "I do not doubt you love your sister something great.
But you must be patient...time is on your side. If you stay here, and grow 
stronger, a time will come when you can help her." 

So Marth stayed in Talys, protected by its kind people, and the years went 


Jagen: Sire! You've a visitor from the castle. It's Princess Shiida!

Marth: Shiida, what is it? You look white as a sheet!

Shiida: Marth, come quickly! It's the castle... Galder's pirates attacked from
out of nowhere. They stormed the gates and cut down everyone in their path! I 
fear for my father's life...

Marth: Steady, Shiida. You did well to come find us. Altea's breavest knights
aren't about to hand Talys to that flock of seafowl. Come, we'll make for the 
castle now!



1) Enemy thiefs will destroy any villages they see.
2) Some weapons require a high weapon level.
3) Keep fliers away from archers.
4) Keep high def units in the front to absorb blows.
5) There's a town that is runned by a tyrant. (West of Talys)
6) There's a mage in the village right south of the castle.


The battle starts thereafter. First, surround the thief to the south. Then,
use Marth to go into the village and get 10000 gold. 

Proceed cautiously when moving to the west, there are a healthy number of 
pirates ready to attack you. 

The healer you get in the house south of the castle is really not a good unit.
You get a much better healer soon, so save his Heal for now.

NOTE: If you don't like the following method, then you may just proceed like 
normal and get some exp for your cavaliers. There's nothing wrong with that, I
just recommend getting a better unit early to help for people who are having

Now, comes the OPTIONAL part. You can opt to abuse Gordin (or any ranged unit)
to make him 300% better than he currently is, or you can just continue. 

In order to realize Gordin's true potential, abuse is necessary so go ahead
and have a flier like Shiida buy 2 other iron bows from the armory. 

Give them to Gordin then have Gordin sit two squares away from the boss.

Attack, you should hit 4 or 6 damage. He will heal back that amount just by
sitting at his position. 

You can keep attacking until your Gordin gets so good that he lands a 
critical and killa the boss in one shot. Easy way to make this process faster
is to go into Options >>> Skip Enemy Act >>> All

Every time you end your turn, it won't show you any enemy attacks/movements.
Normally this isn't good, since you want to see enemy movements. However, for 
this, you can spam A and Start to speed through battles. 

So anyway, enjoy the free levels. I got my guy to lvl 10 before I landed a 
critical and killed him in one shot.

Another problem that might happen is that your speed, luck, etc will get so 
good start to do two attacks instead of only one. This will outdamage his heal
rate. To fix this you might need to only attack every other turn just to let 
him heal.

NOTE: If you don't like this method, then you may just proceed like normal and
get some exp for your cavaliers. There's nothing wrong with that.

BOSS: Gazzak

HP: 24
Weapon: Steel Ax
Drop: Vulnerary

Beginning Quote: "The might of Altea, ye say, now? Har! Ye sprongs look t'be
a mite short o'mighty t'me."

Death Quote: "Rrgh...
Ye'll pay, dog..."


Talys King: Ah, Prince Marth! You have saved us in our hour of need. Please
accept my thanks. Lad, I believe you are ready. If you wish to seek out allies
in Aurelis, I will give you what soldiers I can to see your arrive there safely

Captain Ogma is a fine swordsman, brave and true. I know he and his fighters
will serve you well.

Another thing...During your travels, you are certain to meet many who despise
Doluna. Some may be hiding in villages; other may have been captured or forced
to fight against their will or better judgment.

It falls upon you to find these individuals and win them over your cause. 
Understood, lad? Then go! The time has come! Be patient, steady, strong: I know
you will do great things.


Finally, save your game and let's continue.

The Princes of Galder [CHP2]

"One thing could always be said about Galder Harbor, the mainland port nearest
Talys: it never had much in the way of riches, but neither did it have much

All that changed when a pirate crew fell upon the town and made it their hide-
out. Here, in Galder, history records Marth's first steps toward freeing his


Ogma: Prince Marth, I am Ogma, a mercenary of Talys. The king has bid me and my
three men join your army. Calvary has arrived from the west, flying Grust's 
standard. They mean to take your life, sire. Be careful.



1) A pirate named Darros wants to join you.
2) Healing mages get exp every time they heal
3) Hammers beat heavy units (like Knights).


Ogma and three fighters join you automatically. Choose between one of the three
and give all the other two fighter's weapons to him (I chose the higher level
3 fighter) 

Then, move Marth to the front of the bridge to the north. Darros, a recruitable
pirate is there and he will automatically talk to Marth. He is a OK character,
I just never found a place for him. 


Darros: Ahoy, Prince Marth, I be Darros, a simple man o' the sea. I've had me
fill o' the piratin' life, and now I be lookin' t'start anew.

what say ye? Make me yer matey, and I swear t'pull me load.


Next, use Ogma to clear the two soldiers to the west (use his Steel Sword) 
The second one will attack you on the enemy turn and die in the process.

Then, move your characters via the lower-half of the map forward. 

All the above can be accomplished in a time span of one turn (including enemy's

Don't worry about giving exp to Gordin, only use him on tough enemies or if you
are in a risky position.

Starting in this battle, you will see a glowing greenish circle in the ground.
It is merely a save point in the middle of the game. You can save, then reload
it if you mess up later. Move a character onto the circle and select Save to do

Also, do note that killing Thieves tend to give more experience than regular 
enemies. It is about 60 experience instead of the normal 30 at the beginning
of the game.

Before, rushing, please watch and see Castor. He is an archer (if you refused
to abuse Gordin last chapter use him or wait until later and get a unit like 
Wolf). You must use Shiida to recruit this character.


Shiida: Castor?! It is you, isn't it? Must even good men like you betray Talys

Castor: Princess Shiida? Oh...I'm sorry, but me mother's sick, and the medicine
don't buy itself, see...

Shiida: So you agreed to fight for the pirates in exchange for coin...All right
then. If it's gold you need, take mine. Here, this is all I have. Take it, and
go to your mother's side.

Castor: But Princess...I betrayed you!...Ach, I've been a fool! Forgive me, 
Princess. Let me fight for you now. Me life is yours.


A good Cavalier should be able to take out a majority of the pirates. Archers
should be taken out first though, so as to protect Shiida.

The boss isn't anything special, you can just team him. 

Boss: Gomer

HP: 27
weapon: Hand Axe
Drop: Steel Sword

Beginning Quote: "The gall of ye, defyin' me crew! I'll put an axe square betw-
een yer eyes! Ye ain't leaving here alive. I swear it on the rickety peg leg o'
Shanty Pete!

Death Quote: "Augh...Fiends, ye be..."

Beat him, seize gate...


Villager: You have our gratitude, sire, for finally chasin' those pirates away.
Now, as I hear it, you plan to march on to Aurelis...That'll take you right up
through the Ghoul's Teeth.

With all due respect, sire, you're taking a great risk crossin' those mountains
That's Soothsire territory. The Soothsires are fearsome bandits, always raidin'
the villages and harryin' what travelers dare pass by.

And the swordsman with 'em- goes by the name o' Nabarl- he's a terror with a 
blade, so they say. If you go up there, keep your wits about you- or you won't
come back down.


Save the game, and it automatically continues...

A Brush in the Teeth [CHP3]

"When journeying in from the borderlands, one particular peril would spring to
mind: the Samsooth Mountains, whose gashing peaks rose up and divided the peni-
nsula. Since before anyone could remember, the mountains had belonged to band-
its, blights on the land whose acts of plunder, kidnapping, and arson knew no

Out of fear, their victims gave these peaks another name: the Ghoul's Teeth;
while the bandits who ruled atop the Teeth's craggy crowns took a name as well:
the Samsooth Sires, or Soothsires..."


Julian: Hey, c'mon, Lena, shake a leg! We need to get out of the Teeth, and we
need to do it yesterday! Rumor has it the knights of Altea are at the foot of
the mountain. We won't get a better chance. It's just a little bit farther.
Stick with me.

Lena: Julian, I'm sorry...but I left my Mend staff back there. It's very
precious to me...You go on ahead...Save yourself!

Here, I could use this Warp staff to send you someplace safe-

Julian: Uh-uh, honey. No can do. I didn't betray my boys back there so you 
could zap me on out of here alone. Forget the staff; I'll come back later and
get it for you myself. All right?

Right now though, I need you to RUN. Tick-tack, now move that frock!

(screen zooms to Nabarl who has just spawned in the map)

Nabarl: .....



1) Mercenaries have a good critical rate.
2) Skill affects critical. Spd affects hit rate.
3) Hunters are stronger than archers [not Gordin now!]. However, they lack def

You finally resumed control of your characters. First thing you want to do is
move Julian and Lena south. Have a few ready units to defend the area at the

Marth needs to head to the village. You will get a Devil Axe there. Rest of the
units left should head left and confront the enemy there. Shiida is needed to 
recruit Nabarl, so she must be part of the group defending the area at the 



Shiida: Nabarl! Since when does a swordsman of your caliber fall in with thiev-
es and outthroats?

Nabarl: What? Who are you? Fly away, girl, before someone decides to swat you.

Shiida: Please, Nabarl. Why fight for nothing when you can fight for something?
Leave this rabble. Lend your sword to our cause. Or, if you will not, then turn
it on me now instead.

Nabarl: ...Nay, I'll turn no blade of mine on a women. If you're willing to pay
for my services with your life, then consider yourself the high bidder. My 
sword is yours.


After a few turns worth, you should have cleared both areas of danger with your
respective units. The myridom, Nabarl, is reliable and you should keep him
unless you plan on going to the gaiden chapters.

Don't worry about his Killing Edge breaking, he will get another one shortly.

The boss is just another generic boss, nothing special or dangerous...

BOSS: Reynard
HP: 27

Weapon: Hand Axe
Drop: Mend

Beginning Quote: "Har. You must really want to die, comin' into the Soothsires'
palace unbidden!"

Death Quote: "Arrgh...One day it'll be you!"

Seize the gate and...dialogue


Malledus: Sire! Would you look at this! Those rogues left 15,000 gold here when
they fled! This money will buy plenty of new equipment for your army. Tommorow
is the day, sire, when we finally arive in Aurelis. Be sure to rest up tonight.


Just save and let's continue!

Battle in the Lea [CHP4]

"After a hard battle, Marth's Altean Army- for it had grown to be called such-
set foot at least in the kingdom of Aurelis. However, joining his might to
that of the Aurelians would have to wait. 

As Marth descended into the vast green lea seperating his troops from theirs,
he heard a terrible sound: the galloping of enemy destriers, far away...then
closer...Then far too close."


Malledus: Aurelis, at last...The enemy will have sent their forces to meet us. 

Marth: Grust, Doluna, Gra..We're up against their standing armies, and we must
brace ourselves for it.

Malledus: Sire, I believe it prudent that we start taking time to prepare our
troops before each battle.

We should select the warriors best suited for the situation and outfit them
with the right weapons and items accordingly.

Marth: All right, that's sound advice- I believe I'll take it.


You will start out in a menu. First, go to Pick Units then choose all the units
that you have decided that you don't like. Keep their name in grey. It is a 
bad idea to meet their unit limit in a battle, unless it is necessary. You do
not want to have a team with balanced exp, all struggling later.

Then, exit this part of the menu and go to Inventory. Trade all the items 
between units and then you might want to check out the map. You can change the
beginning spots of your troops by simply clicking on the two.

When you are ready, saving is a good idea. Then, hit Fight.

This battle looks intimidating at first. However, the enemies are easily killed
Just watch your HP of your characters and don't leave a low def unit like 
Nabarl alone. 

Before the battle starts, we have some dialogue from the boss:


Bentheon: An unknown army to the south? That must be the Altean princeling and
his band of lickspittles. If they think we'll sit by and let them join forces
with the Aurelians, then they have another think coming.

With this ridersbane, I'll litter the lea with their cavalry!



1) Different weapons are made of different materials. Some are stronger than
others, and thus need a higher weapon level to use.
2) Special weapons like armorslayer, rapier, and ridersbane give you a huge
3) Don't fight this boss with a mounted unit (cavalier ie)
4) Keys can unlock doors and even bridges!
5) Dracoknights are dangerously strong.


First action you want to do is secure the thieves so as to ensure safety to the
two villages. Then, you want to eliminate the small group of enemies to the 
right side.  

Next, take some strong units and defeat the large group of enemies in your way.

Watch out for Matthis, a recruitable character, he is in the middle of the pack
Recruit him with Lena. Dialogue is as follows:


Lena: Matthis? Is that you?

Matthis: Lena?! What are you doing on a battlefield?

Lena: I was attacked by bandits in the Teeth while tending to the sick there,
and these people saved me. The real question is, what are YOU doing on a battle
field- least of all this one!

Matthis: I'm not here by choice, sister of mine. Since you left, Medon has only
gotten worse and worse.

They forced me to enlist- you know I hate warfare, but it was into the army or
onto the chopping block.

Lena: Shame on you, Matthis. If you're going to fight, then at least fight for
something you believe in. Medon has done terrible things: marrying their might
to Doluna, helping them torment people...Brother, it's not too late. You could
join Altea's forces. They're good people you know. Prince Marth would welcome 
you. They all would.

Matthis: ...All right, then. If I'm gonna to die, I'd rather die as one of the
dashing than one of the dastardly. You know, Lena, you always were the reliable
one and now you're all grown up...I thought for sure you'd have already settled
down with your one true love.

Lena: T-true love? [lol]

I've...I've met no such man, Matthis [oh the implications...]

Matthis: Hmm, is that so? I'll bet you haven't... Well, you just be careful.
There are plenty of thieves out there who would steal a girl's heart.


Ouch, long dialogue. Anyway, just keep going and then enter the village to the
far left to get Merric, the powerful mage. He has a special tome called Exca-
lilbur. It deals some hefty damage and can only be used by him. Merric is an
overall good character, just watch his HP since his defence is low.

There is a village to the right that has 5000 gold for the taking. Kill the
healing mage with whatever character needs the most exp.

For the boss, just long range him to death. Speaking of boss...

BOSS: Bentheon
HP: 22

Weapon: Ridersbane
Drop: Ridersbane

Beginning Quote: "You can defy us, yes... But you will never defeat us."

Death Quote: "W...what...?"

After this, you have a choice. If you want, you can arena abuse characters or
you can just continue.

Note: Using this method can get you a level 20 Gordin going into next chapter.

Basically, what you do is: position a healer and your character next to the 

Go into the arena and pay for the bid. Then, silently watch the battle. If you
look to be against the odds, quickly press B before you die. You should bail
out safely. Most of the time however, you will have a marginal win over the 
enemies. Just keep doing this and you can not only make gold but you can get
much exp (for your healer too!).

Such a technique is called "arena abusing", a method used to make a FE game 
easier. Some people hold a grudge against it, but then again, it might be 
necessary to have your currently weak unit become a powerhouse. 

Anyway, whether you decided to arena abuse or not, just seize the gate.


Elder: Prince Marth, you have our thanks for liberating the south castle. 
You'll find Captain Hardin protecting the king and the lady Nyna at the Northe-
rn Fortress, located in Aurelis.

When you find him, please be sure to give him this silver sword.



Save the game, and let us continue!

Champions of Aurelis [CHP5]

"Trace a line around the continent's north-eastern plains, and you have Aurelis
This kingdom alone had somehow resisted Doluna's attempts to conquer it, but
only by some miracle. By the time Marth arrived in Aurelis, much of its terri-
tory had already been carved up by Doluna's ally Medon.

Still, the king's younger brother, Hardin, refused to give up without a fight.
The people called him Coyote, and he intended to live up to the name. Since its
founding, Aurelis and the holy kingdom of Akaneia shared close ties and months
ago Princess Nyna of Akeneia had come to Hardin's aid. By his side, she had
called on the people to fight- but few remained to answer.

Medon's finest soldiers were closing in. Nyna knew they were out of time..."


Hardin: Princess Nyna, I've spotted them! The Altean army is on the far side
of the river. 

Nyna: They're here? At last! Prince Marth has come for us!

Hardin: So it seems. Now, what say you we turn this battle around?
I'm going to take my men east to join our might with Marth's. Together we will
retake the castle. Stay here, my lady, and wait for the good news.



1) The castle has lots of treasures :) Steal them with Thief [the ethical 
lessons for our youth...]

2) Save gold for the port map, it has good stuff in stores.

3) Reinforcments are gonna start pouring out of the forts.


Once you finally gain control of your troops, you must notice that your army
is split into two groups: Hardin's group and Marth's group.

Hardin's group is going to be hard pressed at the beginning. Even on normal 
mode, the enemies pose a challenge to some of the weak, relatively useless

Marth's groups is relatively free, Wendell, a recruitable sage, is in the 
corner of the map. On the first turn, set us defensive positions for Hardin's
squad (use the fort and forests) and advance with Marth's squad.


Wendell: Prince Marth, I am Wendell, a pontifex of Khadein, city of magic.
Our pleas for peace have failed, and Khadein has been taken over by one of
the other pontifices. His name is Gharnef, and he and the many mages who
swear allegiance to him have allied themselves with Doluna. 

Prince Marth, I ask you now: please lend me your help in thwarting his vile


The village in the north nets you a Firestone. Keep it, it's important.

Once you cleared all the enemies (which is an easy task), prepare for the 
harder one. Multiple reinforcments are going to spawn and attack. 

I recommend using an archer like Gordin (or Wolf if you refused to use the
arena and grind at Chapter 1) and two cavaliers for the other.

Shiida's Wing Spear makes quick work of the boss...

BOSS: Merach
HP: 22

Weapon: Silver Lance
Drop: Silver Lance

Beginning Quote: "Princess Minerva bade me guard this castle in her absence. 
You shall noto take it so long as I stand! 

Death Quote: "Heh... You think you've won, wretch? Far from it...


Seize the gate after, and let's continue! But first...


Aurelis King: Prince Marth, your arrival could not have been better timed.
Please accept our gratitude. Princes Nyna of Akaneia is en route from the
fortress. I am sure she will wish to meet you. The battle is not won yet, 
though: many of the enemy continue to hold out within the castle's halls. Stay


Save the game.

Fire Emblem [CHP6]

"After shattering Medon's main force outside Aurelis Castle, Marth next led
his army into the castle's halls to liberate the kingdom. A number of treasures
slept in Aurelis Castle's nooks and crannies but how to extract them before
they could fall into enemy hands?

"Only a thief could open chests locked that tight," grumbled one of Marth's

"But we don't have any thieves with us. ...Do we?""


Emereus: What?! The rebels are inside the castle? Grrr...Very well!
Armored units: intercept the intruders!
Archeres: defend the throne!
Thieves, you go gather up the treasure while I make preprations to withdraw.
You have your orders! Don't let those rebels anywhere near this chamber!


This battle is going to be a fast paced battle. No time for idling. Take your
best units, get your best weapons. For the first half of the map, let your
strong units rush and kill the various thieves before they run off with the 

Keep some units for the latter part, you can afford to take your time after.
Remember to take a thief also.

There are no houses in this map, hence no houses section.

Start the battle when you are done. First, do note that there is a thief locked
in the jail at the beginning of the map. Don't waste time on him now. He can
be recruited with Marth later (don't worry, he isn't going anywhere).

Rush the halls with your fastest units, ie. Cavaliers. Back them up with
Marth, Nabarl, Wolf/Gordin, and Merric. Make sure that no thieves even get
close to getting away, the treasure is really good, especially the seraph robe.

At the bottom, near the throne, it is pretty packed and you will lose a char-
acter if you aren't careful. Easy way to beat it is first, lure the units one
by one. Eliminate them then lure another. Once you can't do that anymore while
not risking losing a character, amass a small army. Figure out who is going
to attack what.

For example, if I see two archers and a knight, I would think:

1) My mage, Merric, can easily take out the knight, let's position him to do 
2) Archers can't fight back in close range, so let's get two cavaliers to kill

The boss is a pushover since he doesn't have any long range weapons. Use magic
to beat him fast.

Boss: Emereus
HP: 28

Weapon: Silver Lance
Drop: Master Key

Beginning Quote: "Blast! They're upon me! Why didn't those idiot soldiers stop

End Quote: "Rrgh...Why...?"


After this, make sure you recruited Rickard in the jail. Dialogue is as follows


Rickard: ...Wow! Really?! A prince, you say? Thanks for sprinin' me!
I'm Rickard. Just a small-time thief, mind you, but I've got big aspirations.

I broke in here to clean the place out, and instead it was me that got my cloak
cleaned. Since you saved my hide, I guess the least I can do is lend you my
services in return.


Seize the throne.


Nyna: Prince Marth... At long last. I am Nyna ofo House Akaneia. 'Tis Akaneia's
burden to protect the world of crisis- a duty I have striven to fufill

But Doluna has laid waste to my kingdom, and now I find myself powerless to
stop the world from falling into ruin. Marth... Please, pick up hte banner
where i have let it fall. Lead your might against Doluna, and free us all.

Marth: Of course, Princess Nyna. Altea swore fealty to Akaneia long ago,
a vow we have always kept. And, as you know, it is in my blood- House Altea's
blood- to destroy Medeus just as Anri did before me.

Nyna: thank you, Marth. Then let me give you this. This crest is called the
Fire Emblem. House Akaneia bestows it only upon a true champion, one we believe
has the power to save the world.

With it, you gain the right to open treasure chests across the land and wield
the precious items within.

I know you will use them well. Never give up, Marth. Fight, until the day you
restore light to our world.



Save the game. Note that if you have less than 15 units, you will go to 
Chapter 6X - see [CHPC1]

Lefcandith Gauntlet [CHP7]

"Aurelis was free, but Marth and his army- now known as the Akaneian League-
still had much work ahead of them. They followed the Middleroad south, bound
for Akaneia Palace- a perilous route, for it took them right into Lefcandith
Valley and the jaws of trouble. 

The countless fortresses lining the valley made it a veritable gauntlet and 
compounding the danger was the presence of the Whitewings, a knightly order led
by Princess Minerva of Medon. It would be a fierce battle."

This battle will be relatively hard, but it is imperative as always not to take
all your units. After all the items from last game, you might need to sort them

When you are ready, enter the battle as normal.


Minerva: General Harmein, I cannot abide by these tactics of yours. Let me 
attack the rebels head-on, and keep my pride as a knight of Medon.

Harmein: Ah, you mean the same pride that cost us all those soldiers back in
Aurelis? I think not, Princess. If we're to regroup, we need to buy time. My
tactics are necessary. The emperor himself has named me commander of this post.

Either obey, or accept the consequences. Your little sister Maria is still
under our word, is she not? What a shame it would be, if we decided we could 
no longer care for her...

Minerva: Enough! ...I will obey. But the Altean knights are smarter than you
give them credit for. They will prevail here, and you will regret having
acting so rashly, General.



1) Minerva has a really strong weapon and it is decisively strong. 


Minerva will charge but WILL NOT attack. You can kill the archers around the
gate, I would wait until she leaves before you continue to the village though.

Defeat the Pegasus Knights with your archers then wait. When you see a thief 
about to unlock the gate, get Ogma or an able unit ready. Kill him and like 
one or two turns later Minerva says...


Minerva: Fie, enough! I have no stomach for such cat-and-mouse games.
come, Whitewing! We fly! Hyah!


Now, go and rescue the village to get a special unit. He needs a firestone to
attack, luckily we got one earlier. Note that the character, name is Bantu, 
cannot attack without a firestone. I don't like him for this reason, since
you don't even get a firestone until Chapter 17.

Rush downard, and you are promptly met with a solid 4 enemy reinforcment each
turn. To cover them, do as follows:

1) Shiida use Wing Spear to kill one.
2) Magic + Nabarl + Wolf/Gordin for another
3) One cavalier
4) A different cavalier.

Once they die, this map has nothing left of a challenge...except the boss which
can be beaten easily be a long ranged attacker.

He also can be abused if one of your archers can hit 1 damage with steel bow.


BOSS: Harmein
HP: 31/31

Weapon: Silver Lance
Drop: Silver Axe

Beginning Quote: "Curse Minerva and her pride! Grr, no matter. If I am to die
here, then I won't be dying alone!"

Death Quote: "Aaargh... Traitors...every...where"


Seize the gate after.


Malledus: Prince Marth, I was wondering if we might talk about the Manaketes.

Marth: Manaketes? You mean the dragonkin?

Malledus: Yes, sire. I was not sure how much knowledge you had of the,.
The Manaketes inhabited our continent long before the dawn of humanity.

However, ordinarily their raconic disposition stayed suppressed; their power
sealed within special stones. Thus rather than terrorizing humankind, they
chose to live simple, peaceful lives in the quieter reachers of the world.

However, a century ago, something changed. Medeus, the Shadow Dragon, surfaced
in the Doluna region and created that would be a great empire there.
His forces invaded the human realm, and in the blink of an eye, he had subject-
ed all of the land.

Malledus: It was then, in that darkest hour, that a young man named Anri appe-
ared, and rose against the Shadow Dragon. In his head was a shining blade of
light- Falchion- which he plunged into Medeus- and the tyrant was no more.

Anri went on to found Altea- and the rest, I believe, you know.

Marth: Yes, Malledus...
Is that what this was about? I do know my own kingdom's history. And I know
what I must do, now that Medeus has revived and restored Doluna to its former

Malledus: You are Anri's last male descendant, the only one who can wield
Falchion.  You must find the blade that was taken, and put an end to Doluna
and its misguided Manaketer rulesr.

Marth: I will finish what my father started. I will avenge him, and bring light
back into our world.


Save and continue.

Coastal Skirmish [CHP8]

"The League had reached Akaneian soil, so Marth gave him leave to recuperate
in Port Warren, a harbor town known for commerce. Coin alone kept the town free
they paid Doluna dearly in taxes to preserve their autonomy. Naturally, then,
theirs was a warm welcome when the Akaneian League arrived. 

Marth's soldiers were glad to rest there, nestled between mountain and sea
but their joy was spoiled by news that the enemy was fast approaching- as harsh
an awakening as a rock beneath the pillow."

This battle will be easy if you keep your low defence characters away. The 
enemy is bunched up in masses and their reinforcments are hard to quell all at
once. Good archers like Gordin and Wolf are invaluable here, along with sturdy
cavaliers. Using a knight like Draug as a blockade isn't a bad idea neither.

Note that you will get another knight on this map. You will also start with
two more units from the start, a myridom and a mercenary. 


Caesar: Prince Marth, I am Caesar, and this is Radd. We are hired swords in the
service of Port Warren. Grust has gathered its knights by the fortresses to the
north. It's dangerous for you to stay here. Thankfully, the eastern castle has
been left almost entirely unguarded; that's the place to strike. Please be
careful, sire. We'll be fighting with you all the way.



1) Doluna is holding a princess of an allied nation hostage. 

2) Lots of reinforcements coming out of the fortresses. Watch out.


First of all, the two new units you get (Caesar and Radd) are pretty useless
for this late in the game.

Their only use in this battle is to browse the shops/armory and bring the 
valuable items to trade to the units.

This battle has many valuable weapons that you WILL want to buy. Just for this
section, I will list out the items sold...


Fire (25) - 300G
Thunder (21) - 420G
Blizard (23) - 690G

Heal (20) - 800G
Door Key (1) - 500G
Vulnerary (3) - 360G

Iron Sword (40) - 400G
Steel Sword (35) - 875G
Silver Sword (20) - 2000G
Rapier (28) - 1120G
Iron Bow (40) - 440G

Iron Lance (40) - 380G
Steel Lance (35) - 980G
Silver Lance (20) - 2200G
Javelin (30) - 750G
Wing Spear (28) - 1120G

Iron Axe (40) - 320G
Steel Axe (35) - 700G
Hand Axe (30) - 540G
Iron Bow (40) - 440G
Steel Bow (35) - 770G

The Rapier and Wing Spear are a one-time deal, you can only buy one from these
shops. They are good to get along with a decent amount of steel weapons. Silver
weapons are costly and you should avoid them since you will get many in drops
from enemies. 


On the first turn, advance your units carefully. Make sure Shiida is relatively
in the front, she is needed to recruit the knight, Roger.

On the second turn, only move your units forward a bit. Let the enemies come
and fight you. Next turn, you will be just the right distance to recruit Roger.

You have a choice now. You can either clear the right side first or the left
side first.

The right side has more enemies. The left side is a good way to do something
while getting your troops over. 

Eventually, you will want to invade the right side (good exp). A good way to do
this is to place a knight at the right house. The archers will crowd around 
trying to do damage, but your defence should make it do none. The horsemen will
then proceed to rush forward. 

Eliminate ALL the horsemen in one turn. Don't give them the chance to work with
the archers to pose any unforseen danger. 

If you have chose to do the left path before the right path, there are three
things to note:

1) Two cavaliers and one horsemen appear at the fort at Turn 10. This happens
for three turns. Be prepared, or you risk a SERIOUS danger to your troops.
2) A few more rounds of reinforcements appear at a much later time.
3) You can use an archer like Gordin to sit at the mountain dividing the two
sides. This will lure the two archers to their death. 

If you chose to do the right side first, then the reinforcements will come 
shortly after you trigger enemy movement on the left side. There are also 
two sets of knights that spawn at roughly Turn 17 (assuming you took the right
path first then the left path). 

They make for good exp for Shiida and Merric. They are only triggered if you
step in the proximity of the forts.

Now, for the relatively easy part. Boss time. Note that if you had tried to
rush the boss first, reinforcements spawn automatically. Also note that
reinforcements pop up when you attack him. They are limited, but to stop them
the easy way, defeat the boss fast. Speaking of boss...

Boss: Kannival
HP: 28

Weapon: Silver Lance
Drop: Levin's Sword

Beginning Quote: "W-what are you doing all the way out here? Blast, I'm finish-

Death Quote: "! Nngff..."


Seize the gate and let's continue. As always, dialogue...


Malledus: Sire, it's too dangerous to stay here. We must flee to Pyrathi. There
are risks there, too- the Pyrathi king Mannu is said to be a descendant of the
dragonkin, a Manakete. Still, we've no other recourse. We'll just have to take
our chances... Keep your wits about you, sire.


Save the game and let's go.

A Wyrmking's Wrath [CHP9]

"Grust had caught the League unawares, forcing them to flee to Pyrathi. But the
kingdom of Pyrathi seldom made contact with the outside world, and their king,
Mannu, was wroth when he heard of the League's unexpected visit. 

There were whispers Mannu was a dragonkin- rumors soon to be proved true."

For this battle, get a thief and your best cavalier ready for a fast-paced 

Anyhow, just take normal troops and let us continue.


Mannu: Interlopers! Barbarous filth! They dare dig their heels and hooves into
this hallowed ground? I will kill them for this- one by one- then turn the
crimson grass beneath them into their pyre!



1) A chest holding a Wyrmslayer is in the eastern fortress. It is powerful in
destroying a Manakete.


The south side near the boss is infested with enemies. There are reinf-
orcements spawning in the lower forts frequently. A thief threatens the village
in the north and must be dealt with ASAP. 

First thing you need to do is move Shiida and Marth as far right/north as poss-
ible! It will take some extremely fast movements to save the village/another 

If you find that Shiida is just too far away to kill the first thief, then
plant her at the village entrance. She will make sure the village is safe.

At the village, you get...a sniper, Jeorge. Hehe, both Gordin and Wolf should
easily top his stats right now.

The boss is a pushover as normal, my Wolf could destroy him in one attack. Of
course, my other units could have beat him in roughly two attacks. I mean, 
c'mon, 23 HP only?

Boss: Mannu
HP: 23

Weapon: Firestone
Drop: Door Key

Beginning Quote: "Foolhardy humans, defying a Manakete king! Tremble now, and 
feel the last quickening of your heart!"

End Quote: "What...? Slain, by this fangless coward and his minions?"


You probably defeated the boss before the rest of the enemies, well at least I
did. To finish up the map, just kill all the thieves with Shiida and watch the
hunters. Then, route them with your cavaliers. Easy map. Seize the gate when
you're ready.



Catria: Prince Marth. I am Catria, of the Whitewinged Order of Medon. I have
come with a request from out mistress, the princess Minerva. She is planning
to lead us against Doluna in rebellion; however, hero hands are tied so long as
the enemy holds her younger sister, the princess Maria, captive. Will you resc-
ue Princess Maria from their clutches, that my Whitewing sisters and I might 
join in your fight?


Save the game and continue.

Princess Minerva [CHP10]

"Not all of the League's soldiers took Catria of the Whitewings at her word.
Some insisted her plea was a ruse, a trap concocted by Princess Minerva herself
Marth doubted that, though; he had seen the woman in Lefcandith Valley, and she
did not strike him as a sort of conniving menace his followers feared. As the
brunt of Grust's might drew closer, Marth led the League to Castle Deil, deter-
mined to attack the citadel and rescue the young Medonian princess, Maria."


Zharov: Princess Minerva, what brings you here? You've left your post: not very
wise. Might I remind you, poor conduct on your part could have repercussions on
how...comfortable...your sister remains.

Minerva: I am aware of my sister, thank you.
...I did not come to make trouble. Just let me see Maria, for a little while. 
She's only a child, General. Think of what she must be going through0

Zharov: Impossible, I'm afraid. She is a hostage. If your sister's well-being
concerns you, then start following orders.

(Enemy soldier enters)

Enemy soldier: General! Grave news! The rebel army has been sighted east of 
Castle Deil!

Zharov: What?! Why in creation would the rebels come here? Blast...Order the
Dragoons to sortie! And don't forget to send word to the main army. We need

Minerva: Rebels...? Then Marth has arrived...



1) Three great people that once lived: Miloah (master of Aura), Gharnef (master
of Dark Pontifex), and Gotoh (nickname of White Sage)

2) Minerva is a good person, pressured by her sister being threatened.


First things first, you will want to make for the fortress. Not only does it
contain Maria, the prisoner, it is a good place to hold a positon against the
reinforcements. The enemy thief will take an item from the chest. Make sure to
kill him as fast as possible to regain it.

you until you save her. Really, just go save her then move Marth back to recru-
it Minerva.

Here is Maria's dialogue:


Maria: Oh! You must be Prince Marth! (My, he's so dashing!) ...Thank you for
rescuing me. Please be sure to tell my sister I am free. She'll be grateful for
the news. Now then. Shall we be off? I'm coming with you, of course. 

...No protesting! I wish to help!


Wolf or some strong units (maybe Shiida if she is high level enough) can take
the left side around and kill the enemy fliers.

The main army will spawn in around the time you rescue Maria (if you rushed as
fast as possible to her jail cell that is). Minerva will follow them. You don't
have to worry about Minerva attacking your troops, just position your troops
in this way to defeat the horde of enemies:


o = Wall
R = Your ranged units
P = Your physical units
H = Your healer
M = Marth
E = Enemies
       H    o
      M PP  o
      RoE ooo

I would suggest Gordin and Merric to be the ranged units. High defence units
like a knight or a cavalier should be the physical. Lena is the healer.

Anyway, just wait until it's like only one unit before Minerva, then move in
Marth. Kill the unit in front of you and Minerva will automatically talk to
Marth...though you must have rescued Maria first (that is partially the reason
why you should hold a position like this, you need to move Marth all the way
from the jail to the south entrance)


Minerva: Greetins, Prince Marth. I am Minerva of Medon. Thank you for saving
my sister. Maria's plight forced me to treat you as an enemy when I knew you
were not; suffice to say, I am deeply sorry for that.

...The whole world has gone mad. Most of Medon fights for Doluna now. My own
brother Michalis leads them. And on their hands is the blood of their king, my
father. They must be stopped; I must stop them.

Still, I fear for my soldiers whom I can no longer protect, especially the thr-
ee Whitewing sisters: Palla, Catria, and Est. Doluna worried we would rebel, 
and forced us to seperate. If they knew I was safe, they would join your ranks
in a heartbeat. We are yours to command, sire. Let us help you defeat Doluna,
and repay them for sullying Medon's honor.


Use a thief to unlock the door to the north and kill the hero to get a Master
Seal, yay! Don't use it yet, let's wait okay?

Clear the few guards left near the boss and then, boss time!

Boss: Zharov
HP: 31

Weapon: Javelin
Drop: Speedwing 

Beginning Quote: "Grrr...Must I do everything myself? Bah! You'll not get past 
me, rebel!"

Death Quote: "They're a be reckoned...with...Rrgh....


Nothing more to do here, seize the gate.


Nyna: Marth, have you ever heard of Pontifex Miloah?

Marth: The one who defended Akaneia with the power of Aura? Of course; he and 
his magic are famous! But...I read Miloah died in a battle with Gharnef, soon
after the fiend sold is soul to Doluna...

Nyna: Alas, Miloah did die... But his daughter, Linde, yet lives. I am told she
inherited her father's skill with Aura magic- but since the battle with Gharnef
none have seen her. 

Wherever she is, it cannot be pleaseant. ...Marth, please. Find Linde. With her
father gone, we are the only family the girl has left.


Knorda Market [CHP11]

"Tired from so many long battles, Marth and the League arrive at last in Akan-
eia, Princess Nyna's mother kingdom. Past the mountains lay the royal palace,
known to some as Millennium Court; and within its walls awaited many treasures
and captives the enemy had taken.

With each step, Marth draw nearer to one of the great waypoints on his journey"

Do the normal, pick your units and trade the unnecessary items. 


Marth: Nyna, soon the palace will be in sight. I...know this can't be easy for

Nyna: ...When the palace fell, many, many good Akaneians were killed. The royal
family...My family were...Their bodies were hung before the gates as an example
I cannot unpaint that vivid picture, of my parents grotesquely changed...I feel
as though I should cry, Marth; or scream. But no tears come, and I cannot chase
away the sadness and rage...

...I cannot change the past. I can only shape the future. Lead the way, Marth.
I am ready. Take me home.


First thing to do is press X. The huge range from the enemy ballistas covers 
a few of your units. The ballistas are stationary, but they will attack your 
units nevertheless. They pack quite a punch and they should be avoided when 

There are a few things you should take care of:

A) Send a flier past the mountains to the right and attack. All the enemies 
should attack him/her and die. 
B) Leave an archer to take care of the immedietely Pegasus Knight threat from
the north. 
C) Move the rest of your units forward between the mountains, keep in mind the
X button enemy attack range.

The southeast region is filled with houses and a few shops. That calls for...

NOTICE!!! IT IS IMPORTANT TO VISIT THE HOUSE #6 (it's the one to the west 
bordering the lake) (Credit goes to LordRasler and DemonicDratini)


1) The shops/armory has rare goods.

2) Some citizens are being held hostage

3) There are three legendary weapons that have been passed down.

4) War sickens her.

5) Ballistas are far-ranged units that can destroy fliers fast.

6) Jake is a good person :). Try to recruit her with a "beautiful" woman.


IT IS IMPORTANT TO VISIT THE HOUSE #6 (it's the one to the west bordering the
lake) (Credit goes to LordRasler and DemonicDratini)

Visit the village on the corner of the map to get...Linde.

Charge the first ballista (in the north). You shouldn't take too much damage if
you used units like cavaliers. Quickly wipe out the ballistian, keep a wary
eye on the sniper that has a killer bow.

After, make sure you eliminate Khozen. HE CANNOT BE RECRUITED. For this sake, 
he is like a mini-boss, so I have chosen to add him as one...

Boss: Khozen
HP: 23

Weapon: Firestone
Drop: Energy Drop

Beginning Quote: "Burn...! Burn, till your blood boils and your flesh cooks!

Death Quote: "Emperor Medeus...I have failed you..."


Keep moving along and note that the boss IS recruitable IF and ONLY IF you 
have visited the house with Anna in it. You need Shiida to recruit him so be

Boss: Jake
HP: 20

Weapon: Arrowspatte
Drop: None

Beginning Quote: "I knew I wasn't cut out for the military. Well, too late 
now. I just hope Anna's OK."

Death Quote: Instead of a death quote, you can recruit this unit. In it's place
I present the conversation...

Shiida: Hail, ballistican of Grust! Are you the one they call Jake?

Jake: Hail yourself, sugar! What's a fetching lass like you doing out here on
the battlefield? And how do you know my name?

Shiida: I am Shiida of Talys. An Akaneian woman by the name of Anna told me 
about you.

Jake: Really? Anna mentioned me? ...In a good way, right?

Shiida: She's very worried about you. She wants to know why such a good man
is fighting for the wrong side. 

Jake: Wrong side? Hmm... Well, I have to admit, I'm not too keen on kicking
Akaneia while they're down...

Shiida: They why not fight for Akaneia instead? Help us defeat Grust and Doluna
, and set the world right.

Jake: Well...I don't know. I don't think it's that simple... Hmm...

Shiida: Anna would love you for it, I'm sure. 

Jake: She would? Hmmm... All right, you win. But I'm doin' it for Anna- just
to be clear!


I WOULD NOT use Jake. You get a better similar-class unit later, so keep his 
weapon until then.

Before you seize the gate, you might want to consider buying stuff in the shops
and in using the arena to train a bit.

Anyway, seize the gate whenever you feel like it.


Marth: Good news, Nyna! We've wrested control of the gates from the enemy.

Nyna: Then...we've won!

Marth: Not quite yet. We can enter the palace, but Doluna still holds strong
inside her walls. Also, a number of knights are being held captive inside.

Nyna: Loyal soldiers who foguth for their kingdom and their people...Marth, I
wish to free them as soon as possible.

Marth: I understand. We should strike now, then, before enemy reinforcements 
can arrive. I believe we have a good chance.

Nyna: Thank you, Marth. As always, I am counting on you. Worry no more.


Save the game and get ready for a truly rushed fast-paced fighting map next.

The Ageless Palace [CHP12]

"The holy kindom of Akaneia had come into being six centuries earlier, when the
region's numberous city-states were unified under one monarch. The first king,
Adrah, had foguth favliantly to accomplish this, wielding the three weapons he
came to call his regalia- gifts from the gods, some said.

The kingdom Adrah forged was pronounced  holy; its kings were esteemed. With
Akaneia's aid, six more independent kingdoms sprang up in their own time. But
Akaneia was always the greatest- and now, Marth was about to take his first 
walk through its historic palace's halls."


Midia: Bishop, what do you make of this? I hear shouting in the corridors.
Hmm...Princess Nyna musth ave returned with an army in tow. An army?! Really?
Then we are saved!

Bishop: Saved, perhaps...or doomed. Surely the enemy realizes we are more 
trouble alive than dead now.

Midia: You do not take my meaning, Bishop.  By "we" I mean Akaneia. Akaneia is
saved. If Princess Nyna has truly come to chase the enemy from our halls, to
free us...Then my death will have meaning.

Bishop: Ho ho...I admire your spirit, child. I always have. But think how Ast-
ram would grieve if you were to die.

Midia: I...I had hoped to see him one last time- to say goodbye. That alone I

Bishop: Ah, but you have not died yet. Midia. Hang on to hope.


First things first, you will need to rush the prison if you hope to save all
the hostages alive. Rush forward, don't leave any regrets behind. Send some
weaker units to dispatch the two thieves on the side, and overall, don't leave
your units in a discoordinated position, reinforcements will attack your rear.

In fact, they appear at the beginning of Turn 3, so make sure your back is

This map is easy after you save the prisoners, the rest of the enemies can be
defeated with one or two good units, like a cavalier.

There is free experience to the enemies that spawn outside. Good for leveling
up lower level units.

Grab all the treasures, be sure to not miss the one outside to the right of
the throne.

Speaking of the throne, let's go to the boss...

Boss: Volzhin
HP: 22

Weapon: Bolganone
Drop: Bolganone

Beginning Quote "Rebel pup! You dare defy Doluna? The writhe in the fires of

Death Quote: "Do not have undying... Nngh!"


This battle was a pushover, just seize the gate.


Nyna: Marth, thank you. Were it not for you, I may never have seen the halls of
my house again. 

Marth: I could not have done it alone, Nyna. The whole Akaneian League fought
tooth and nail this day.

Nyna: True, and yet all the same... I have little doubt your exploits are the
ones that will live on in song.

I have a gift for you, to celebrate your achievements here. This bow is called
Parthia. It is one of the three regalia that have been passed down through
House Akaneia. The other two regalia- the sword Mercurius and the lance Gradiv-
us are not here. The enemy took them when they fled. I am sorry. I had hoped to
give you all three, and thus aid you in the battles to come....

Marth: Your concern for me is more than enough, Nyna. One day, I will get your
family's treasures back and use them to crush Doluna. I swear it on this emblem
of fire!

(GOT Parthia)


Save the game and let's go!

The Wooden Cavalary [CHP13]

"The Akaneian heroes hurried in Altea, but they would not go unchallenged. 
Waiting for them at Fort Menedy were Grust's artillery regiment, the dreaded
"Wooden Cavalary." Missiles crashed down, rocking the earth as the enemy 
ballistae rumbled foward. Had Marth and the League any hope of triumphing over
such firepower?"

First of all, MAKE SURE YOU SELECT MIDIA (Paladin) as one of your characters. 
She is necessary to recruit a character in this chapter. 


Nyna: Grust's artillery...Our opponent is mighty.

Marth: Nonetheless we must face them head-on; they stand between us and Altea.

Nyna: That hunger for danger worries me, Marth. Humanity's hopes rest on your
shoulders. I would sooner not see them crushed.

Marth: Which? Humanity's hopes, or my shoulders? ...Have a little faith, Nyna.
The enemy ballisticans can strike from afar, but they're powerless up close.

All we need to do is move in and silence them before they do too much damage.



1) Thunderbolt is super effective [in PokeMon terms :P] against ballistas.
Other than that, just go close range to win. 
2) Everyone wants you to win this battle...[of course?]


These are main things to do here (in no particular order and some are described
more in detail later).

A) Recruit Astram with Midia (Make sure to cover all the flanks and keep her
healed. Personally, I forgot to kill the lower three ballistas on my first run) 

NOTE: Astram is weird in that he WON'T talk to Midia if you sit her in his
attack range, he goes aheads and attacks/kills her. You must use an archer or
a safe unit to lure him in then talk to him. Don't make the same mistake as I 
did :).

B) Visit the village to recruit Beck.
C) Defeat the two upper units with regular attack units like Ogma and Wolf.
D) Use Beck to destroy most of the ballistas in the middle. Then, move in and
defeat the remaining units.
E) Kill the boss, Beck can do this alone. 
F) Visit the houses (see above) for exact details)

Backtracking so I can get the dialogue:

When you enter the village...


Beck: Prince Marth, I presume? The name's Beck. I foguth in the battle at
Castle Deil. After my shameful defeat there, see, I took refuge in this villag-
e. And when I heard your army was marchin' this way, I readied my ballista,
hopin' for another taste of battle.

So how 'bout it, princey? Take me along! I'm packin' thunderbolts, see? The
enemy ballisticans'll never know what hit 'em!


Beck moves one forest square at a time, but his incredible range let's him 
destroy. He is sorta stuck moving horizontally along the small strip.

Leave your other units to wait and let him take out most of the ballistas. 
Watch out for the boss, but even he too can be destroyed by Beck.

By now, the main path should be clear enough to go ahead and recruit Astram.
You need Midia to recruit him.

NOTE: Astram is weird in that he WON'T talk to Midia if you sit her in his
attack range, he goes aheads and attacks/kills her. You must use an archer or
a safe unit to lure him in then talk to him. Don't make the same mistake as I 
did :).

NOTENOTE: Ballistas are truly hapless when in close range. Just sink in like
two squares away and they are powerless.

Here is the conversation...


Midia: Hello, my lover.

Astram: Midia...? Midia, my sweet! Can it really be you? I feared you were dead

Midia: Oh, Astram! How could you not have heard? Akaneia is free! The Altean
army came, and liberated the palace along with all the hostages within! Now we
fight as one.

Come with us, Astram! You needn't dance to Doluna's fiddle any longer.

Astra: I've a mind to break their fiddle, for all the evils they have wrought..

Midia: Now you can. We can take them together.

Astram: That we can. ...Midia. I am sorry I left you alone. I will not make
that mistake again.

Midia: No, you certainly won't. Now that I have you'll find me 
exceedingly reluctant to let you go.

Astram: Ooh... Yes, I can see that! Just take care you don't crush me instead
of Doluna!


For the boss...

Boss: Grigas
HP: 26

Weapon: Pachydermn
Drop: None

Beginning Quote: "Hmph! Care to see what steel the Wooden Cavalry is really
made of? [Steel in a...wooden cavalary?!]"

Death Quote: "Nngh...So, the prince can fight... But...your victories are
numbered...General Camus and his Sable Order will be upon you rabble very...
soon...and you will die...on the lance... of the greatest warrior...alive..."


Beat the last few units, and seize the gate.


Nyna: Spectacularly done, Marth. ...Does something ail you? I thought you would
be happier.

Marth: Today, there was this commoner... She mentioned Grust was divided about
the war. Some of its people wanted to fight with Altea, she said...Ever since
I lost my father and kingdom, I've held nothing but hate in my heart for Gra
and Grust...but not once did I give any thought to what must have been going
on in their heads.

Nyna: And now you find your hate for them has been lessened?

Marth: No... the hate remains. I will never forget the pain they inflicted upon
me, the rage I felt. Yet now, at least, I can tell you it's not just hate...Not

Nyna: Not all evils are wrought of evil purposes. Perhaps this sounds naive,
but...A true leader needs to look at his opponent and see more than just an 

Marth: ....



Land of Sorrow [CHP14]

"Gra's betrayal of Altea years earlier had come as a shock, of course, until
that day they attack Marth's kindom in the name of Doluna, Gra had been a trus-
tworthy neightbor and ally. While the Altean army was out on an expedition, Gra
struck from the rearm annihilating the Altean soldiers, killing Marth's father,
King Cornelius and stealing Falchion, the blade of light. It was a crushing 

Much time had passed since that sad day, and much had changed. Now it was
Marth's turn to descend on Gra Bastion, and face King Jiol, the man who had
robbed him of his father."

Before starting, you may want to consider using a Master Seal on your stronger
units. Note that the ideal level to class upgrade is 20, but this isn't 
practical nor is it that useful. Class upgrading at the level of 15-18 is good
enough. Having said this, if you can level up to 20 before this, then by all 
means do so.

You should have three promoted units. Most promoted units, with the exception
of maybe the Paladin and the Bishop, can cross the water, which is an extremely
useful ability to have in this battle. Note also that Marth can cross the river

I would advise against using Astram, whom you got last battle. Stick to your
old party and then start the battle. I WOULD advise taking Beck just to kill
the first enemy and maybe pick some other units off.

Give Beck the Arrowspatte from Jake. Also be sure to give a master key to one
of your units that can cross the river (like Shiida).


Enemy Soldier: King Jiol, they're 'ere! The League is outside the Bastion!

Jiol: League? How dare you call them that! I see naught but a prince of ghosts
and his pack of rebels.

Enemy Soldier: B-beggin' your pardon, sire, but everybody calls 'em the League
now. Altea and Aurelis and Akaneia...The League of A's, you might say!

Jiol: Shut up, you idiot! Hmmm...So the princeling has returned. And he leads
all the might of Akakneia, with the Fire Emblem in hand...Did you send to 
Doluna for reinforcements like I asked?

Enemy Soldier: Of course, sire. Medon's pegasus knights are on their way.

Jiol: Pegasus knights?! How am I supposed to stop the Lea- those REBELS with
a handful of...of winged ponies! Send another messenger! Tell them we need 
Camus's Sable Order, or...or Michalis's Dragoons!

Blast...I deserve the same protection as the rest of the Empire! Betraying 
Altean was Ghardnef's idea! Let...let him fight the brat! Don't just stand
there, DO something! I don't want to die! [Too bad]



1) After level 10, a unit can be promoted.
2) With a silver card (which you get in this chapter), you can buy stuff at
half price.


At the start of the battle, use Beck to use Thunderbolt to kill the first 
ballista. You should get another useful ballista weapon. Next, use your promot-
ed units to cross the river. 2-3 of them suffice. 

The left fortress is held very tightly by a group of archers. They are a tough
group to kill, some of the archers carry longbows allowing them to pile on your
units. The house on the island is relatively safe, the thieves are more worried
about getting the treasure at the southeast corner.

Of course, using a strong unit like Wolf, you can eliminate all the archers.
You could do that, or you can let your units get exp off them (go around them
via the river and kill them). Also note that Beck can attack the archers.

Before turn 5 starts, two recruitable pegasus knights will appear. They can be
recruited by using Marth. Both pegasus knight will automatically talk to Marth. 


Catria: Hail, Prince Marth! 'Tis me, Catria. We meet again. My elder sister and
I heard our mistress, Princess Minerva, had joined your ranks so we absconded
from Medon to come and look for you here. I will fight my hardest for you, sire
You need only give the command.



Palla: Greetings, Prince Marth. I am Palla, of the Whitewinged Order of Medon.
My younger sister and I parted ways with Medon the moment we heard Princess 
Maria was free. Until now, we had fought for Doluna against our will- but no

You have freed us to do what our hearts tell us is right. I wish to fight with
my mistress, Princess Minerva. My lance is hers, and yours. Still, sire, I fear
for my youngest sister, Est. She flew to Grust some time ago and has yet to 

If the three of us- Catrai, Est, and I- are reunited, we can serve you all the
better. I hope Est is safe.


If you, the reader, didn't like using Shiida for some reason, these two are a
good alternative. For now, just leave the two alone and give the rest of your
units the experience.

About turn 8, about right after you recruit the two pegasus knights, more enem-
ies appear. They are relatively easy and I like using Beck's arrowspatte to 
get rid of them. This is also good experience for low level units, you can use
Beck (arrowspatte) and Lena (physic) to backup the unit.

Use the master key to open the door and two chests at the southeast corner.
One chest contains the ever important Silver Card (halves prices at shop) and
a Bullion (S).

At turn 16, the reinforcements of seemingly endless pegasus knights end. 

Boss: Jiol
HP: 33

Weapon: Silver Lance + Killer Bow
Drop: Killer Bow

Beginning Quote: "Grr... Altean rabble! I should have killed you stragglers
back when I had a chance!"

Death Quote: "Thus falls...the mighty kingdom...of Gra..."


Before taking the gate, be sure to visit the house...


????: You must be Prince Marth of Altea. I have a favor to ask of you. This
magic tome belongs to Bishop Boah of Akaneia. General Volzhin of Doluna has
been keeping it stashed away, but it...found its way into my hands, you might

I would appreciate greatly if you could return it to the good bishop in my
stead. One other thing... Please take care of Princess Nyna. I am counting on
you to keep her safe. 

...I must go now. But our paths will cross again; you can be certain of that.



Now, move Marth alllllll they way to the throne and seize.


Nyna: Well done, Marth. Altea is just a step away. Now you can take back your

Marth: Yes, and take it back I shall, but...

Nyna: Something is wrong. What troubles you?

Marth: Falchion isn't here.

Nyna: The divine blade? Was it supposed to be?

Marth: Yes. When one of my knights returned from the battle where my father,
Cornelius, fell....he said Gra had stolen Falchion. And if we are to defeat
Doluna and the Shadow Dragon, Medeus...we need that blade.

(Enter Malledus)

Malledus: Prince Marth!

Marth: Did you find it, Malledus?

Malledus: seems Gharnef made off with it.

Nyna: Gharnef? Then, to find Falchion-

Marth: That's right. We'll need to go to Khadein, the kingdom of magic, where
he resides. It pains me to turn astray when Altea is so close, but it must be


Save the game and we can continue.

An Oasis of Magic [CHP15]

"Khadein, city of magic. Ever since Gharnef named himsefl ruler of this mecca
for the magically inclined, the sands surrounding it had run red. Many knights
had tried to oust Gharnef, but what defense did they have against the mages the
fiend had bent to his purpose? One by one the heroes fell to blades unseen and
fires within their armor; and it was not long at all before Khadein's wickedn-
ess outstripped its wisdom."

Not too many comments to write about this battle's preparations, just remember
that faster units are key in this map. A thief is necessary also.

When the battle starts, we zoom to Gharnef's reflections.


Gharnef: What? The dregs of Akaneia have come to challenge my kingdom? Ha ha
ha... Really, do they think people have not tried before? So long as I possess
this Imhullu magic, they cannot snuff my life out. No one can. As for the White
Sage... He will trouble me no longer. With the dragon-goddess right where I 
want her, in the Fane of Raman, there is no way for Gotoh's Starlight to disp-
erse the shadows that guard me.



1) Gharnef is invincible and can only be defeated by the White Sage's powers.

2) You need a barrier staff to protect you from magic. Also, Gharnef might be
leaving soon, so if he attacks you, just "ride it out".


DO NOTE THAT GHARNEF IS INVINCIBLE. Not even the strongests of units can kill
him. You must wait until the end of turn 6 and he will decide to leave.

HE WILL ATTACK YOU if he gets a chance. When he does so, he will go into
dialogue first...


Gharnef: You dare oppose me, fool? You must not value your life. Cower before
the might of the magic Imhullu: once forbidden, now unleashed!


Before he reaches the middle island, charge with a mass of units forward. The 
mages have low defence and can give good experience. Just watch for the damage,
it accumulates fast. Also use an archer to destroy the dracoknights that attack
they are relatively strong.

Anyhow, don't let Gharnef be able to attack any units. All units that can move
fast, go north and fight there.

Any unit that cannot, move them to the southwest corner of the map.

At turn 6, Gharnef will say...


Gharnef: Altean prince! I fear you are not quite imposing enough to warrant my
staying here. But if it's Falchion you want, come and take it. I shall be wait-
ing at the Temple of Thabes.


With that, he teleports off. Yay for us. There are really no more bosses left,
the guy guarding the castle is just normal. However, his attack is a far ranged
one and can do some hefty damage. Keep a healer using Physic, or Mend depending
if she/he is strong enough to withstand some attacks.

The rest of the map is an experience spree. Bring your thief to the lower right
corner to take some treasures.

The boss should be dead and the reinforcements should be running thin at turn
15 or so. Then, comes the interesting part.

In a few Fire Emblem games, there is a sand level like this one. They tend to 
have items HIDDEN underneath the level. HOWEVER, I have checked this level for
the most part and haven't found anything interesting.

If you find anything hidden in the sand, please contact me and you will be 
added to this list.

Treasures from the southeast corner include:

1) Energy Drop
2) Tailsman

Seize the gate when done...easy chapter except for Gharnef, eh?


Marth: No Falchion...The battle was for naught.

Gotoh: ...Marth...Prince Marth.

Marth: Huh? Who are you?!

Gotoh: My name is Gotoh...I am speaking to you from Medon through magic.

Marth: Gotoh...the White Sage?

Gotoh: Some have used that name, yes. You must listen to me. As you suspect,
Gharnef has made off with Falchion. With Imhullu and Falchion in the sorcerer's
grasp, Doluna now must think twice before challenging him. Gharnef knows this.
And one day, he plans to conquer Doluna and rule the entire world.

Marth: Is Imhullu so powerful a magic, then?

Gotoh: Yes. The mage who wields it cannot be killed; cannot be so much as
scratched. I was the magic's guardian once. Knowing its forbidden power could
work terrible evils, I kept it close. But Gharnef, one of my two pupils- Miloah
being the other- took the forbidden tome and vanished. Now you are paying for
my carelessness. Forgive me. I wish to make amends by teaching you the only
way to undo Imhullu's power.

Marth: Which is...?

Gotoh: It is called Starlight. One blast is enough to break through Imhullu's
shadowy protection. But to cast the magic, you need two orbs: the Lightsphere
and the Starsphere. Heed me, Marth. When you find the Lightsphere and Star-
sphere, bring them to me. Then I will give you the magic you seek. Then you
will have Starlight, and with it, Gharnef's reign will end.


The Battle for Altea [CHP16]

"Still smarting from their bitter experience with Gharnef and the dark magic
Imhullu, Prince Marth and the League regrouped and march south- home to Altea.
Once Marth's kingdom had been beautiful, blessed with rich soil and clear 
waters; now the eyes tended to notice instead the barren farms; the ruins; 
forlorn stares. Marth vowed to free Altea from its torment without any further

Pick your best units as normal, trade around units and get ready for some

Start the battle and start moving...but wait! First...


Nyna: You've done it, Marth. We're here. That's Altea beneath our feet- your

Marth: Countless days have passed since Doluna took my kingdom from me- days
I would never have lived had it not been for my sister Elice's sacrifice, and
the sacrifices of so many others... 

Nyna: What became of your sister? And the rest of your family, what of them
as well?

Marth: My father, as you know, died in Gra. I last saw my mother and sister the
day the castle fell. I do not know if they still live...but I hope that they do

And if the enemy has them, I will rescue them. You can be sure of that.

(Enter Malledus) 

Malledus: Sire, our preparations are complete. We are ready to march. 

Marth: Thank you.

(Marth moves to address your group)

Marth: Alteans and friends of the League! Join me now! Help me set Altea 
free, and ensure today's is the last battle my people must endure!


There are many houses in the area...and naturally...


1) You can only choose between one of the two characters from the village, the
paladin or the hero.

2) VIP card grants you access to secret shops, whose location is...secret.

3) Xane, a recruitable character, is locked up and has some power, he's not 
sure [oh, the gossip of today!]

4) The orbs are enshrined at this place...the orbs are mysteriously powerful.

5) House citizen says, "YAY!" to Altean army.

6) Devil sword might kill you instead of your enemy...

7) Elisa, the princess, was teleported somewhere instead of killed.


Now that is out of the way, we can finally get to the real part of the guide.
Leave a group of units to deal with the few immediete threats, then move Marth
and about three other strong units to the left.

When you get to the villages, PAY ATTENTION! You can only get one of the two
units here. There is a choice between a paladin (to the left) and the hero 
(to the right). I personally like Heroes better so I chose that.

Then again, I don't recommend using these pre-promoted units, just pick one.

Here is Samson's (the hero) dialogue:


Samson: My name is Samson. Once, I was a swordfighter of some renown...but that
was then, and this is now. I'm happy enough with my life here in the village,
but if you need another man, I will fight. Unfortunately, there has always
been bad blood between our village and the next one over. They'll have closed
the gates to you the moment they saw you come here. Guess that means the
paladin Arran won't be fightin' with you. Them's the breaks.


Here is Arran's (the Paladin) dialogue: (CREDIT GOES TO SuperArc)


Arran: Sire, my name is Arran. Once I was a captain to many knights... but, 
things change, and I came to live here in this village. If you need warriors 
for the coming struggle, I would be honored to fight. Unfortunately, there has
always been bad blood between this village and our neigbors. No doubt they 
closed their gates to you as soon as they saw you come here. You won't be able
to recruit the hero Samson now, I'm afraid.


Anyhow, keep moving your units to the left. You can consider using Beck the
ballista to attack the units in the middle island.

At the end of turn 10, leave no unit alone in the area of the villages. Enemy
reinforcements appear in the four forts above. I would recommend having split
your party in two:

1) The mass of your army is still sitting at your base.
2) Marth and 3-4 others are near the castle (but I wouldn't attack just yet, 
let the reinforcements run out)

Let the four reinforcements charge toward the main part of your army. They 
should die relatively fast.

Two reinforcements should attack your small army. They also should die fast.
I would recommend staying put and waiting until the enemies stop coming in
(a little less than Turn 20 - note that they come every 2-3 turns)

Barge into the jail on the east and talk to Xane with Marth...


Xane: Hey there, princey. Thanks for settin' me free! The name's Xane. I hail
from a land few have heard of an even fewer have seen. I won't trouble you
with the details. Me and my folk have the power to transform into other people.
We can shape-shift, you see. When Doluna caught on, they started threatenin'
me. Told me to join their army or "face my doom." Hah!

Well, I wasn't about to waste my considerable talent on those evil coots! You,
on the other hand...You've got character. Say, why don't we team up? I do owe
you for savin' my hide. And I think you'll find my consider talens are...quite


Let me explain what Xane does: he can transform into an ally unit and have
their abilities, stats, levels, class, everything! After a few turns he will
go back to his old self, but he is useful if you have a favorite character that
you want to "duplicate". 

Note: Only thing he doesn't duplicate are the weapons and current experience.

Now, all units but the boss should be out. Let us go, proceed with caution as
the boss is dangerous.

Boss: Hollstadt
HP: 37

Weapon: Killer Lance + Killer Bow
Drop: Dracoshield

Beginning Quote: "Well done, rabble. Anyone else would be dead by now. A shame
you must end your campaign right here, before your own gates!"

Death Quote: "Rrgh! General Camus... The in your...hands..."


After this, feel free to use the arena to level up a bit. Also note that you
have should put the master seal you got this level to good use.

When done, seize the gate.


Malledus: Well done, sire! The enemy has ceased their resistance. Victory is

(Nyna enters)

Nyna: Bravo, Marth. On behalf of House Akaneia, I wish to extend my heartfelt

Marth: Thank you, Nyna. But it's still too soon to celebrate. We haven't freed
the castle yet. 

Malledus: Sire, your soldiers have assembled for the castle raid. Perhaps you
could say a few words first... 

(Malledus backs off and let's Marth address the soldiers)

Marth: Altean warriors... Brave comrades. The road has been long, but at last
we have driven Doluna from my homeland. There are not words to express my
gratitude to you all. You gave Altea back to me. Thank you...Thank you.

...An army of foes still haunt my castle. I mean to kick them out. Ready, my
friends? Let's send these varlets scurrying!


Star and Savior [CHP17]

"The League had routed Hollstadt's knights and recaptuerd most of the kingdom,
but there was still the castle to deal with before Altea would be free; the
mage-dragon Morzas remained entrenched within its walls. Unlike General Camus
who preceded him, Morzas had been a cruel warden, slaughtering many innocent
Alteans at the slightest provocation. Marth roiled to think such a monster 
still sat upon his noble father's throne."

Pick your favorite units, Beck might be a good choice also. Nothing much to do,
promote some units if possible. Use some items. Trade some stuff. When ready,
start. A thief also helps good.


Morzas: Kee hee hee...Wretched Altean whelp, stumbling home to the slaughter...
What fool throws away a life already so preciously bought? Your mother, Liza,
is dead; I killed her myself. Your sister Elice likes only because Gharnef
wanted her. So what will become of you, little prince? Will you run for your
life a second time? Or will you stay this time to die? Emperor Medues would
not put me on this throne if he thought you could remove me from it, kee hee


The beginning part of this stage should look's from the Prolouge!

Anyhow, your first target are the treasure chests to the left. Let's use some
strong units to get there. Leave some units around. Beck is also useful here
because he can attack the thieves from the start.

Use your strongest units to defeat the Manaketes and use your others to defeat
the others. By the time you reach the treasure room, Beck should have cleared
the place. Note that you should NOT have started fighting in the eastern part
of the map.

However, the ENTIRE left side should be cleared. Your thief should be rushing
in and getting the treasures. Here are all the treasures in a list:

1) Warp
2) Killer Bow
3) Dracoshield
4) Master Seal
5) Devil Sword
6) Silver Axe
7) Secret Book

After this, take the time to mobilize all your troops to the right. Then,
use an archer to take out the ranged bishops/archer on the extreme right.

When ready, bust the door open the reinforcements. Starting the turn
you open the door and lasting for about 5 turns, a knight and a cavalier will
spawn. I personally sat my mage right next to the statue, my healer next to 
him, and a paladin (aka strong physical unit) to the north where he killed them

At the end, get ready to destroy the boss. He is hapless against long-ranged
attacks, so you can easily kill him using this trick.


BOSS: Morzas
HP: 29

Weapon: Magestone 
Drop: Speedwing

Beginning Quote: "Kee hee...Witless human! None defy a mage-dragon and live
to speak of it!"

Death Quote: "Grrf...I stand...corrected...But you still lack the
defeat Medeus..."


When ready, seize the gate.


Nyna: Marth! Any word? Have you found your family? Your sister?

Marth: ...My sister was taken by Gharnef. She is no longer here... And
mother is... She is dead. that Dolunian dragon...

Nyna: ....! Marth, I am truly sorry...

Marth: I thought there would be something...some part of my old life I would be
coming back to. I fought so hard...

Nyna: You fought wonderfully,

(Enter Malledus)

Malledus: ...Sire, might I have a moment?

Marth: All the moments you want, Malledus. What is it? 

Malledus: Your people have gathered outside the castle. They are overjoyed to
be free again, sire, and would like very much to see their prince.

Marth: All right, then. I'll go at once.

Nyna: Marth...perhaps you should let that wait, just until you are able to
share their joy with them. We could send someone in your stead-

Marth: No, that would not do. Today is a momentous day for my kingdom and my 
people. I must celebrate with them now, not later. Anything else would be a 
disservice to those who died to save Altea. I am a prince before I am a son or
a brother. 

Come, Malledus. Let us go greet my people.

(Flashes to a scene with him waving to crowd. Dialogue runs from a narrator on
the top)
"Thus Altea was liberated. Its people, ragged from years of Dolunian tyranny,
scrambled to the castle and flocked beneath its walls, eager to celebrate what,
for many, would be remembered as the happiest days of their lives. They clapped
each other on the back, laughed; and when Marth, their prince, appeared up
above, they saluted their hero with a thunderous cheer: 

"Glory to Marth, our prince of light! Glory to our star and savior!"

Marth smiled down at his people and waved. The great commander's last victory
of the day was commanding his tears not to flow."


Save the game and continue.

The Sable Order [CHP18]

"For Gotoh to create the magic that could defeat Gharnef, he needed two orbs:
the Lightsphere and the Starsphere. Marth and company set off to Chiasmir and
the Fane of Raman to find them, but in their path stood a cohort of Grustian
knights known as the Sable Order. The bridges across the strait would soon be
choked with the brave and the dead..."

Faster moving units do well on this map. Also, Marth's rapier and Shiida's 
Wing Spear can do hefty damage. Only drawback is that there are enemy archers.
Ridersbane is also good. 

Use the Master Seal from last map and then start the game.


Malledus: Prince Marth, I see them: a cohort of Grustian knights, out on the
far side of the bridge. That must be the Sable Order...

(Nyna enters conversation)

Nyna: Marth, I heard the enemy forces have been spotted. 

Marth: Yes, that's right. The Sable Order, it seems.

Nyna: Really? Tell me, who leads them?

Marth: Why does it matter?

Nyna:, it's just- they say the Sable Order is led by a brillaint 
general. I was...wondering if he was riding with them today. 

Marth: You must mean General Camus. I am told Doluna is not very happy with him
at the moment, brilliant or not. Something about acting outside orders...
They'll be keeping him on a short leash; I don't expect we'll see him here.

Nyna: That...that is good news...


Here are the information on the houses:


1) Rumor has it that the person defending the Fane or Raman is not a strong 
warrior, but instead a weak person. And it's a she...

To begin this map, just move your units forward. Keep your units that have the
special weapons (ie. Ridersbane) in the front. There are 4-5 cavaliers that
immedietely rush from the south, defeat them first. 

By the time this happens, the group in the middle should have been provoked.
Kill them with units like Marth and Shiida. 

At the end of turn 5, a pegasus knight, Est, will appear to the way left. Marth
is needed to recruit Est. 

Note about Est: Est is not a good character, her stat growth is weak and 
compared to other pegasus knights at the chapter you get here, Est is extremely

I DO NOT recommend using Est.

Anyhow, she still has dialogue to be spoken...


Est: Ah, you're Prince Marth! I am Est, of the Medonian Whitewings- Palla and
Catria's younger sister. I've been looking for you. Initially I intended to
join up with you along with my sisters, but then I heard Grust had made off
with one of Akaneia's three regalia- the sword Mercurius-  so I flew there to
get it back.

This is Mercurius right here. It's lovely, isn't it? And powerful! In the right
hands, I think you'll find it a formidable weapon indeed.


Since we aren't going to use Est (well at least I am not!), give her Ridersbane
to a cavalier or maybe Shiida. 

On the middle island, there is an armory, shops, and an arena. Unless you
really need the weapons/items, don't bother for now. You can always go back
before seizing the gate to buy items.

Reinforcements from the southwest fort should be heading toward you. Lure
them into the middle section and then fight. You don't want to risk losing a 
unit to the other enemies in the southeast. 

On turn 14, a paladin will spawn in the fort in the middle. Use one of your
rear units to get rid of him. The reinforcements in the lower southwest
corner will stop spawning at the end of turn 15. The paladin will keep spawning
though, every other turn until 18.

Charge the lower part of the map and let the few units come and attack you.
The reason for this is that one of the units near the castle has a ridersbane 
and can pose a threat to one of your units. 

If you triggered the two horsemen to attack you, hope that all your cavaliers
that can be attacked are at full or close to full HP. 

If you didn't, you can choose the luxury of picking them off with Beck. Or you
could use Shiida to go around and kill them.

Whatever it is, just get to the boss...

BOSS: Sternlin
HP: 28

Weapon: Silver Lance
Drop: Master Seal

Beginning Quote: "You shall not pass! Not today! Not ever!"

Death Quote: "Nngh! You...shall...not...unnh..."


Seize the gate and we continue...


Nyna: We've made it across the strait.

Marth: Yes. But the real battle may yet be ahead of us. 

(Enter Malledus)

Marth: Malledus... Can we be certain the Lightsphere and the Starsphere are
in the Fane of Raman?

Malledus: Yes, sire; but unfortunately, they may not be all we find. The fane
is said to be guarded by a goddess, one with fearsome powers. Those who defile
her sanctuary are punished by fire; none are spared from the blaze.

Nyna: Perhaps we should reconsider, Marth...

Marth: Perhaps...But if none are spared from the blaze, where do the rumors 
come from? Besides, we need those two orbs.

Malledus: Well, might I suggest you take in just a few able companions, and let
the sleeping dragons lie?

Marth: Sage advice. I've no desire to tear apart a holy place, whether the 
goddess is home or not...I'll choose a handful of elite to search for the orbs
with me.


Manakete Princess [CHP19]

"The Sable Order fought valiantly to keep Marth's army from reaching Chiasmir,
but in the end Grust's knights buckled: the world's mightiest only in song. The
League marched on to the Fane of Raman, a holy sanctuary builty by the divine
dragoons to house their most priceless treasures. Here another story was set to

Before the battle, I would use the Master Seal obtained last battle on a unit
that is level 15-20 (the normal recommended level to promote). Be sure to also
bring a thief along. When ready, just start the battle.

Also, set aside one spot for Bantu, he is needed to recruit, interestingly, the
boss of this chapter.


Gharnef: Tiki... Tiki... Princesss-that-was of the great divine dragons...
Can you hear my voice?

Tiki: ....Mm-hmm.

Gharnef: Defilers have set foot inside the fane- despoilers! Punish them. Let
your fire consume them!

Tiki: the fane...Punish them...

Gharnef: Remember, Tiki. Your divine dragon kin perished long ago, and Bantu
has abandoned you...I alone am protecting you from Medeus. Remember...

Tiki: You alone...are protecting me...Punish...the defilers...

(Gharnef teleports off)


You might have noticed right off the bat that this map consists of a whole
bunched of locked rooms...and seemingly few enemies around them. That is
partially because most units are at the top AND that some enemies are inside
the rooms. 

There are 10 doors. I will tell what is in each of them...but first I need
to assign a number to each door!
 9  10 
1     2
3     4
5     6
7     8

With 1 being the room in the upper-left corner and 8 being in the lower-right
corner. 9 and 10 are the rooms to the extreme north.

Here are what they contain:

1) Two treasure chest containing a Master Seal and a Speedwing 
2) Enemy sniper, quite dangerous if you don't have sufficient back-up the
moment you open the door. Ranged units killing this sniper through the upper
wall sounds like a good idea.
3) Enemy archer
4) Two treasure chests containing a Geosphere and a Seraph Robe.
5) Two treasure chests containing a Bolganone and a Bullion (XL)
6) Enemy Archer
7) Enemy Archer
8) Two treasures chests containing a Spirit Dust and a Pure Water
9/10) Connected rooms. Contain the orbs. One is taken from the start, so only
one chest remains.

Notice that the rooms alternate from left to right, anytime you are stuck this
is a sure way to know which room has treasure and what room has enemies.

Along with the Master Seal you get in one chest, you get another from the enemy
sniper behind Door 2. By now, you should be sticking with a team of 15 or so
strong units. As normal, no need to rush using the Master Seals. Wait until
next battle's preparation.

Anyhow, lure/kill the mages and healers. 

THEN, talk to the boss with Bantu. The conversation is as follows:


Bantu: Tiki! Tiki, my child! At last, I have found you!

Tiki: No... Stop... Come no closer...

Bantu: Hm? ...Gharnef has put you in some sort of trance, poor thing. Peace,
child. Peace. Awaken.

Tiki: ...Mmm? ....Ban-Ban? Is that you? Where am I? What happened?

Bantu: Yes, child. 'tis I, 'tis I. How I worried! Are you hurt?

Tiki: No, Ban-ban, just...just scared...I feel as though I just woke from an
awfl nightmare...

Bantu: I am truly sorry, child. Truly, I am. I will not let us be seperated
again. From now on, I will be there to protect you.

Tiki: Promise? You have to promise, Ban-ban. I hate being alone...


Seize the gate. 


Nyna: Marth! Tell me, was it a success? Did you locate the Lightsphere and 

Marth: Never fear; I have them. We need to take these to Gotah so he can undo
Imhullu's magic...But first, Nyna, we've a more pressing task ahead of us.

Nyna: Oh? And what is that?

Marth: We must Grust once and for all. If we march south without finishing them
off, we have our rear exposed. 

Nyna: Then you mean to invade.

Marth: Yes. And this time, General Camus will be there to meet us. I am sure of
it. "Camus the Sable", they call him. Many extol him as the most able warrior
alive. It will be a fierce battle...but one we cannot avoid.

Nyna: You are certain we must face him? We have crippled Grust, but they will
regeroup and stand in our way again. No, we need to stamp this fire out before
the wind catches it and starts spreading it anew.

Nyna: Very well. But before you attack, there is something I must tell you.
Later, though...Not yet. I must sort my feelings out first...


Camus the Sable [CHP20]

"It was General Ordwin, one of the Three Heroes of the War of Liberation,
who put Grust on the map. His peerless knights tamed their neighbors the 
barbarians in the kingdom's infancy, securing its place as one of the greatest
of the Seven Kingdoms. However, the current king, Ludwik, was weak-willed and
easily cowed: Doluna had little trouble forcing him into an alliance. Now he 
had taken ill, even as Grust suffered its string of defeats at the hand of the
League. The once mighty kingdom was poised to fall..."

I highly recommend Beck, to counter the enemy ballistas. Other than that, just
take your other generic team (I used Beck anyway, so that worked out).

Other than that, you may wish to use your master seal to promote units. Also,
use the various stat boosts from last battle's chests. My team at this point 
in the game looked like:

Abel - Paladin (Level 3) - A good tank, reliable to destroy enemies 

Frey - Paladin (Level 6) - Has better stats than Frey, but I keep Abel with
the stronger weapons. Both of them can overpower about three units before
me having to worry about them dieing.  

Gordin - Sniper (Level 7) - A real tank. Last time a few units attacked him
and he only took about 10 (out of 45) damage. Funny thing is that his defence
is only 5 away from the arguably "broken" Level 20 promoted Wolf. His only
problem is his movement and his attack, but that isn't the purpose of a tank

Shiida - Dracoknight (Level 1) - Just leveled with Master Seal before fight.
Good to reach units that are relatively far away. Destroys generals, knights,
cavaliers, paladins, etc.

Marth - Lord (Level 17) - A little low compared to what most readers might
have, but he suffices for me since he has 14 attack.

Lena - Bishop (Level 7) - My healer. She also can deal anime magic damage.

Ogma - Hero (Level 1) - Also just leveled with Master Seal before fight.

Beck - Ballistican (Level 16) - Strong since I put him to use. 

Nabarl - Swordmaster (Level 7) - Ouch. With 26 speed, 24 skill, 16 strength,
and 21 luck, he beats all the enemies as easy as Wolf does.

Wolf - Horseman (Level 20) - A real description isn't necessary. He is my 
back-up just in case an enemy puts one of my units in danger. 

Merric - Sage (Level 1) - A weak link in my army, but he is strong when on the
offensive. His defence is still only seven though, so I rarely risk him on the

Note that I NEVER changed classes, I kept them the way they are. That is
because there is no real need to. Now, provided that the units above are a tad
bit stronger than they SHOULD be. This is because I arena abused a few of them.
However, I am at a point in the game where I literally rip the enemies to
shreds due to me having used this "all-star" team the whole game.

What I mean by the above is that you don't need to be as strong as I was. Now,
if you abused more than I have (as some readers might), then you may disregard
this... :P

Anyway, when ready, start the map.


Marth: Nyna, we'll soon be launched the attack. If you have something to tell is the time to do it.

Nyna: All right, Marth. As you wish. When the Doluna-Grust allied forces 
seized control of Akaneia, the entire royal family was killed, save me. I was
given into Grust's custody- the custody of the Sable Order, to be more specific
I am told Doluna wished for my execution- and with it the end of the holy 
lineage of House Akaneia- and Grust was willing to comply.

Marth: But you are not dead. 

Nyna: That is right. I was not put to the sword. The Sable Order's captain came
to my defence. His name...was Camus.

Marth: ....!

Nyna: Camus protected me, knowing he risked incurring the wrath of the Shadow
Dragon. He was the one who eventually arranged for my escape to Aurelis.

Marth: ...I had no idea. That certainly explains Doluna's displeasure with him.

Nyna: I hated him, too, at first. But in the time, I found my hatred tempered
by the compassion he showed me, my feelings...changed. And no, all I wish is
to see him again...But not if it means you and he must fight. 

Marth: Nyna... Do you... I cannot make any promises. But I will do what I can.
I hope you can accept that.

Nyna: Thank you, Marth. I could not ask for more.


First turn, use Beck to get rid of the ballista. If you don't have him, move
Shiida and any other flier away until you kill it. This is because the ballista
has arrowspatte and most likely will critically damage your flier.

Use Shiida's Wing Spear to defeat the generals in the vincinity. 

Now, I RECOMMEND using an overpowered unit like Wolf to solo the west side.
Equip him an Iron Sword and all four paladins will attack...and promptly all
die. There are two ballistas randomly placed out there, killing them will
solve a whole bunch of immediete problems.

Another immediate problem is the paladins to the north. They deal about 15
damage to some of my units and thus put some at risk of dieing since there are
four of them. When done, move Marth up north. Use the danger zone to position
them out of range of the ballistas. Then, DO NOT move Marth or anyone that is
with him.

By the time you find a way to defeat them, Wolf should have destroyed the
ballistas. Now, randomly assorted reinforcements will appear along with a thief
trying to destroy the village in the center. 

I swung in my paladins for support. The reinforcements are relatively small.

Now, use Beck to destroy the ballista next to the castle. Hopefully you have
one thunderbolt left (I had exactly one left). 

Automatically, Marth will decide to talk to Camus (note that this is implied 
and all we see is the dialogue below)


Marth: General Camus! Can you hear me? It is I, Marth of Altea! I must speak 
with you! Please, show yourself!

Camus: Prince Marth. I am Camus of Grust.

Marth: General, I have no wish to fight you. You know this battle is pointless;
surely you must!

Camus: So long as Grust continues to support Doluna's ambitions, it does not
matter what I know or think. I am a knight; I have a duty to fight for my
motherland's glory till the very end.

Marth: But surely-

Camus: Prince Marth, there is nothing you can do or say. I am party to your
father's murder. Are you a man or not? Draw your sword.

(Enter Nyna)

Nyna: Stop! Camus!

Camus: Princess Nyna...

Marth: Nyna, what are you doing here?! This is the middle of the battlefield!

Nyna: I know, I know... But please, Camus, listen to me...Camus, you gave me
back my life. And Marth, he gave me back my kingdom. I do not wish to see that
the two of you fight. It is unbearable. Please, Camus, fight with us.
We need your strength. 

...I need it [oh snap!]

Camus: I am sorry, Princess. 

Nyna: What? But, Camus!

Camus: Were my heart my master, I would do exactly as you say. But what sort
of knight abandons his kingdom- his king!- now, when they need him  the most?
Would you have me toss away the life I have built as if it meant nothing at

Nyna: No, Camus, I.... I don't know...

Camus: I have lived as a knight, and I intend to die as one. There are no other
roads left for me to walk. Farewell, my princess. I shall never forget our
days together at the palace, few though they were. I pray you meet someone who
can bring joy back into your life.


Oh well, that conversation almost looked like we could recruit Camus. It isn't
possible to recruit Camus, attacking him yields the following conversation.


Camus: With this lance, Gradivus, I am all but invincible. A pity you had to
waste your life.


NOTES ABOUT CAMUS (inspired by Amano_kun's contribution - quite a bit here is
from him)

It is not mandatory to kill Camus. You may ignore him and decide to just seize
the gate. However, there are three things to keep in mind:

1) You will get an alternate scene. The details are not entirely sure, I don't
think he joins you though. Confirmation needed here.
2) You run the risk of losing a unit if you aren't careful enough.
3) You won't get his drop, Gravidus, which is a powerful weapon 

To finish the map without killing him, you must swing Marth over to the left
along with Shiida. Put Marth in range of seizing the gate, then on the next
turn, swing Shiida to recruit Lorenz. Move Lorenz aside and seize the gate.

(Thanks to Amano_kun again)

Camus uses the legendary lance and packs a punch. Eliminate him with a 
Ridersbane + Beck combo. When you kill him, he says:


Camus: Nyna...Farewell...


You might not be able to get Camus, but you can recruit Lorenz, the general
guarding the gate. You need either Marth or Shiida. The following is the 


Shiida: General Lorenz! My name is Shiida. I hail from Talys. My father has
told me quite a bit about you.

Lorenz: Princess Shiida! My, look what a lovely young women you've grown into.
Your father was a good friend to me, many years ago. 

Shiida: General, I heard you opposed Grust forming an alliance with Doluna. 
Why didn't you try to stop it?

Lorenz: You think I did not try, Princess? Our king is meek; in the end, Doluna
proved better at cowing him than I did.

Shiida: But sir, surely you know that Doluna intends to use Manaketes to 
conquer humankind! You must act now- for Grust's sake, if not the world's! 
Join us, General Lorenz. We can put an end to this battle right now.

Lorenz: Hmm...What you say makes sense enough, but I serve Grust. I cannot 
simply betray my country.

Shiida: Ah, but what makes a country?

Lorenz: Pardon?

Shiida: Is it one man- your king? Or is it the countless innocent people who
make their home here?

Lorenz: Well, that's- Hmm...

Shiida: My father has a saying: "A kingless country is a country still; but
a king without subjects rules naught but hills." If you disobey your king to
ensure his subjects' safety, how is that a betrayal? You are protecting his

Lorenz: Protecting his reign? ...Aha ha ha, ha ha! Ahh, that mad logic! I feel
as though I've shed twenty years and I'm talking to your father again. You
win, Princess. I yield! I will join you, in the intrests of king and country.


If you talked to Lorenz with Marth, the conversation is as follows:



Marth: General Lorenz, hold!

Lorenz: What? You are Marth, the Altean prince...

Marth: Yes, sir. The king of Talys told me much about you. He said you opposed
Grust forming an alliance with Doluna, right from the very start.

Lorenz: That's right.

Marth: Then fight with us! With your help, we can defeat Doluna!

Lorenz: Forgive me, Prince Marth, but am I to just abandon my country, then?

Marth: ...

Lorenz: I know yours is the just cause. Still, I wish to remain a Grustian 
general, right to the end. I am fighting here because that is the way for me 
to honor my kingdom.

Marth: Forgive me, General, it, really?

Lorenz: Pardon?

Marth: Since you are a Grustian General, then surely you fight for Grust's 
future first and foremost. But tell me...from where you are standing now, do 
you see any future for your country?

Lorenz: ...I shall have to learn to mask my misgivings better, if you can pluck
them from my heart so easily. You are quite correct. If I care what becomes 
of Grust, then I cannot continue to stand by Doluna. So, I will stand by you 
instead, Prince- and hope the future is a bit easier to spot from there.



Note that Lorenz is a promoted general and thus, I naturally dislike him. 
Also note that I didn't realize Camus could deal 36 total damage to a unit 
with 17 defence, and since I probably won't use him anyway, I decided to not
restart the chapter.

Note that I did not kill him first because I still believed there was a way to
recruit him. To avoid what happened to me, it is imperative to kill Camus first

Seize the gate.


Marth: Forgive me, Nyna. I was unable to reunite you with your general.

Nyna: No, Marth, I...I should not have made such a selfish request. I am sorry,
so terribly sorry...

Marth: ....

Nyna: The worst part, Marth...the worst part is, I knew it would come to this.
Ever since I gave you the emblem, I just knew...Have you heard the story of
Artemis's Curse?

Marth: No...

Nyna: The last time the Fire Emblem changed hands to save House Akaneia, it was
not without cost. There was a princess named Artemis who loved your ancestory,
Anri, with all her heart. He loved her as well- but when Medeus appeared, the
two were parted forever. SHe cursed the Fire Emblem- called it the end of war,
but also the end of love. 

Now the emblem has changed hands again, and I am the one who is cursed...

Marth: Nyna...

Nyna: Look at me, so quick to fall apart... You lost loved ones in Altea and
took it so bravely; but I cannot be so brave... Please...leave me for a moment.
This is too much to bear. I need confront my feelings...

Marth: ...Say no more, Nyna... Princess. I will step out. Send for me if you 
need anything.

Nyna: Thank you, Marth...

(Marth leaves and the bottom screen of our DS goes black for some odd reason)

Nyna: Ahh...! Camus, Camus... Oh, why...


Clash in Medon [CHP21]

"Grust would harry the League no more. Marth led his forces on to Medon. 
However, Medon's Dragoons were ready to waylay them at the border; countless
reinforcements hovered within the fortresses, waiting to strike...Would Marth
be able to lead the League safely through the gauntlet?"

There isn't much to do on this map, just that picking fewer units will make it 
easier to defend them. Start the map when ready.


Malledus: Sire, we are nearing the Medonian border.

Marth: Did you send a messenger?

Malledus: Yes...but...

Marth: They will not yield.

Malledus: No reply came, sire...

Marth: I knew they might not switch and join us, but I had at least hoped to
avoid bloodshed...So be it. Medon stands between us and Doluna. And Gotoh is
here somewhere as well. If the battle must be fought, I mean to fight it well.


Basically if you don't have any weak units and all your units can fight for
themselves, you are good to go on this map. The reinforcements appear in sheer
numbers, make it impossible for your good units to kill them all in one turn.

This makes it hard to defend a weak healer or a mage. Which is why I recommend
taking less units into this battle. 

You can defeat the Generals at the beginning without provoking the mages near
the castle. At about turn 6, about 6 enemy dracoknights/pegasus knights will
appear. It takes about two turns to catch and defeat all of them. Of course,
have a healer run around with Mend ready to heal.

There isn't more to write in here, just that the reinforcements will spawn in
about every three turns. They only come in three times total the whole battle.
If you have a REALLY hard time, move all your units to the right side behind
and in the forest.

When the reinforcements come in, eliminate them with Beck and archers. Then,
you can turn around and defeat the reinforcements that spawned in the left side

Of course, after the reinforcements end for the third time, just go attack the 
generals and finish the map like normal.

After this, kill the healers and then move onto the boss.

BOSS: Orridyon
HP: 34

Weapon: Javelin
Drop: Master Seal

Beginning Quote: "Rebels! You have strutted into the wrong kingdom this time!"

Death Quote: "Nngh! I am but a Medon's unshakeable foundation..."


Seize the gate after this.


Gotoh: ...Prince Marth...

Marth: That voice! Lord Gotoh, is that you?

Gotoh: I see you have made it to Medon. You will find me in a village north 
of the Medon aerie, their castle. If you possess the Lightsphere and Starsphere
have them in hand when you visit me here.

...Ah, yes. I also have good news. Your sister Elice is unharmed.

Marth: What?! You are certain? Where is she now?

Gotoh: Thabes, city of illusion. Gharnef took her with him when he fled. I pray
you rescue her soon.

Marth: I will!

Gotoh: But first, bring me the two orbs. Without Starlight's mighty blast,
Gharnef will only add you life to the list of things he has taken from you.


Save the game.

A Knight-Filled Sky [CHP22]

"The Medon that Minerva and Maria remembered best was one of peace: a quiet,
prosperous kingdom famed for the flying beasts favored by dracoknights. But
then their brother, Prince Michalis, succumbed to his lust for power. Despite
his sisters' adamant opposition, he sword allegiance to Doluna; and when 
Medon's Dragoons took flight, the world suffered. Even now that the tides had
turned, Michalis took position for one last stand. Dracoknights filled the
sky end to end, eager to pluck Marth from the Earth."

This battle is about speed and endurance, as you will need to fight multiple 
enemies while rushing to Gotoh's village. Whoever has the two orbs, trade them
to Marth now.

Start the battle when ready. 


Michalis: Lord Gotoh, the League has begun its attack. I wish for you to move
someplace safe until the fighting has ended.

Gotoh: Why not just end this folly now, Michalis?

Michalis: Folly? What folly?

Gotoh: You loved your younger sister so much. It pains me to see you quarrel.
If you and Minerva had worked as one, Medon might have become a great kingdom-
greater even than Akaneia, perhaps.

But instead, you let Gharnef trick you into destroying your family, and your
kingdom with it.

Michalis: ...I cannot undo what is done. My father's blood will always be on my
hands, just as Minerva's betrayal of her brother and country will be on hers. 
And Medon has not been destroyed, not yet. So long as I carry Iote's Shield,
the League's arrows cannot fell me.

Gotoh: Very well. And if you win? What then?

Michalis: If I win, I will tell you. Right now, my only goal is to gut that
Altean prince who leads the League. My pride as Medonian king rests upon it.

Gotoh: I see... Then we've nothing more to discuss, have we?

(Michalis leaves)

Gotoh: The weight of his father's murder threatens to crush him...Poor boy. 
...Poor fool.


On turn 1, use Beck to kill the thief. Move the other units forward through
the right side.

Keep rushing, use Beck to kill some of the dragoons up there. By the time
you reach the village, all but a few units should be killed. Beck can keep
being used to kill the remaining few units left. 

Then, go to the village with Marth WHO HAS BOTH ORBS IN HIS INVENTORY.


Gotoh: You have the Lightsphere and Starsphere with you? Well done! Now I can
create Starlight for you.

...There. It is finished. Take this with you; it is the only magic capable of
breaking through Imhullu. Use it to stop that fiend Gharnef once and for all.



Move your units up the steps in front of the forts. For a few turns, two
reinforcements will spawn in. They make for good experience for any lower level
units you might have.

However, make sure that you bring up your higher level units as a whole wave
of enemies will appear. I recommend attacking with your units, then using a 
healer, like Lena, to use Fortify. It heals all your units for a vast amount
of HP.

The reinforcements end at about turn 15. Note that the boss should be the only
enemy left. He carries an Iote Shield, which negates an archer's advantage over
fliers. You still can damage him with arrows, it just won't be super effective.

The boss himself doesn't pose a major threat. 

BOSS: Michalis
HP: 37 

Weapon: Silver Lance
Drop: Iote Shield

Beginning Quote: "Made it this far, have you? Don't gloat yet. My Dragoons and
I still rule these skies!"

Death Quote: "Aaagh...I am finished...Forgive people..."

Personally, me Beck did a critical hit with a Pachyderm, but it wouldn't matter
anyway since the boss could be killed fast with a combo of Nabarl + Abel.

Seize the gate after.


Marth: First General Camus of Grust....Now Prince Michalis of Medon. Men of
such promise...Had the times been different, the two might have led illustrious

Malledus: Yes, Prince Michalis was a brilliant man with great things ahead of
him. But in the end, the rashness of youth did him in. 

Marth: Only because Gharnef found his weakness and exploited it. Until we stop
that fiend, this spiral of misery will never cease.

Malledus: Then shall we go to Thabes? Lord Gotoh said the city lies someplace
far to the north of Khadein.

Marth: Yes, in the heart of the desert...

Malledus: Thabes is an old city... None in recent memory have gone there and
returned alive. Within its walls remain many powerful apparatus crafted of
long-forgotten magic. Lord Gotoh believes Gharnef is harnessing their power,
and that is why he wields such influence over the continent. 

Marth: And he has Imhullu as well...This will be a struggle.

(Malledus leaves)

Marth: Still, Gharnef's reign must end. The world was so much more beautiful
beefore he painted it red...


Save the game.

Dark Pontifex [CHP23]

"With the aid of the White Sage Gotoh's powerful Warp magic, Marth and company
were transported to the faraway city of Thabes. Once, Thabes was an advanced
civilization; but only its decay advanced now. The League traced the lifeless
streets to the temple at the city's heart, somewhere within its walls Gharnef
was waiting, and now, Marth must wrest Falchion and his sister, Elice, from the
fiend's grip."

Before the battle, give the Iota Shield to one of your fliers (ie. Shiida).
Then, give Starlight to one of your mages (ie. Merric).

Start the battle as normal.


Marth: The Temple of Thabes... He's here...somewhere...

????: Heh heh heh... Come to play, little Marth?

(????, aka Gharnef, teleports right in front of Marth)

Gharnef: 'Tis I, Gharnef. I have been waiting for you.

Marth: Waiting?

Gharnef: Oh yes. For you to dance around the continent, collecting powerful
weapons and killing off my competition. Thanks to you, Camus and Michalis will
trouble me no more. You have my gratitude, diligent prince.


Gharnef: Tsk, tsk, don't spoil the moment, now. You're about to do me one
last favor... Die, Prince. Heh heh heh!

Marth: That's what you think. I have something else in mind.

Gharnef: Heh, is that a threat? If you mean to harm me, first you'll have to
find me, boy. 

Marth: And what is that supposed to mean?

(Malledus pops in)

Malledus: My prince! Several sorcerers have been sighted throughout the temple!
They're...They all seem to be Gharnef, sire!

Gharnef: Heh heh! Fight, boy, fight! Wear yourself thin fighting puppets and
shadows! But the only way you'll claim Falchion is by defeating the real me.
Heh heh, ha ha ha ha!

(Gharnef teleports off)


Just move forward the first round, and dialogue will appear.


Malledus: Sire, we've pinpointed where  Gharnef is keeping the magical
apparatus that gives him his power.

Marth: Where?

Malledus: The Tower of Thabes atop this very temple. 

Marth: Then we don't need to fight Gharnef...If we find those apparatus.

Malledus: Gharnef's power- a great deal of power- will be sealed forever.

Marth: Then let's hurry and seize the entrance to the tower!

Malledus: A word of caution, sir. Stopping the apparatus will not undo Imhullu
power- only Gharnef's. He still has Falchion in his keeping; if you want the
blade back, you must defeat him now, before seizing the tower.


You probably got attacked by an archer and a mage (with Swarm) last round. 
Just eliminate the archer and heal whoever got attacked. 

The goal on this map is to kill the three Gharnef first, then to take care of
the boss. The first boss to kill is the idiot to the bottom. Of course he is
a fake, it wouldn't make sense otherwise. It might take a few turns because of
the healers using physic and fortify, but Starlight will kill him.

Note that the fake Gharnef will attack other allies and they cannot harm him.

He also drops a Steel Sword instead of Falchion.

On turn 7, Gharnef will summon in some more enemies. 

Now, the best way to approach the nest above is to use Beck to eliminate the
mages and healers first. Some of them will charge you, and use Swarm to do
damage. Others are just normal mages, but nevertheless, don't risk sending
units forward to attack since there is at least one mage at the top who can
pick you off with Swarm. Once they reach the staircase, it is OKAY to send 
other units to clear the mages.

By the time you clear the first wave of mages, Gharnef will cower out again
and decide to send yet another wave of reinforcements in. Do the same to them
as you did the first wave.

After the second wave, Gharnef stops sending more mage reinforcements.

Now is the time to move your units in. Lure in the Swarm mage to attack Beck,
then destroy him. Move the rest of your units in and kill the healers and other

Before you attack the second Gharnef, make sure to destroy all other 
distractions. Then, send in whoever has Starlight to kill the Gharnef.

Note that a good combo to kill the units on the top is Stonehoist then a 
Pachyderm to finish the enemy off. Strength needed to pull this off is 15.

The Gharnef to the right (our right) of the throne is the real Gharnef.
When attacked...


Gharnef: Heh heh heh...You dare challenge me, fool? You must not valiue your
life. Cower before the might of the dark magic Imhullu!


Gharnef should be no problem if you have a decent mage using Starlight. The
healer to the left is annoying, and he will prolong the life of Gharnef. But
no matter, Gharnef will fall after a few turns (use your own mage to support
your mage)

When he dies, the dialogue is as follows:


Gharnef: Agh! What... Where did you get...Starlight...? Still, you are a fool
...Your power is not enough to defeat Medeus...I shall be waiting in the pits
of the inferno...for when he sends you to join me... Heh heh, ha ha ha!



There is still one fake Gharnef left. However, feel free to put in a chapter
save since the most part of this chapter is over.

Send in your mage again to defeat Gharnef, but first use Beck to kill the
healer there. The fake Gharnef is like the first one, just easier since there
are no annoying healers. He also drops a Steel Sword when defeated.

The boss isn't anything special. Kill him with a weaker unit for great exp.
He also drops a Master Seal.

Seize the gate.


Marth: At last...Gharnef is finished.

(Ally soldier enters)

Allied Soldier: Sire! We found Princess Elice up in the Tower of Thabes! She's
on her way to see you right- Ah, here she is!

(Elice runs in)

Marth: Elice!!!

Elice: Marth! Oh look at you. A man grown! [oh the cliche...]

Marth: Sister, I was so worried. None had seen you since the castle fell. 
I...I feared the worst.

Elice: I was prepared for the worst, if that was what it took to ensure your
safety. But they did not kill me. Gharnef spared my life.

Marth: Why would he spare you?

Elice: Marth, have you heard of the staff of Aum?

Marth: The staff that brings back the dead? It was lost to the world long ago,
or so the legend goes.

Elice: Yes, but Gharnef found the Resurrectory.

Marth: The Resurrectory? What was it doing in a temple in the middle of Doluna?

Elice: I could not say. But that was why Gharnef kept me alive: he wished me
to wield it. The staff of Aum's power can only be channeled by woman of royal
blood. Marth, you are going to Doluna, are you not? 

Marth: Yes. I must settle things with Medeus.

Elice: Then take me to the Resurrectory along the way to claim the staff. Aum
works but once, but I will use it to revive a lost comrade.


The Dragonkin Realm [CHP24]

"Doluna...Land of the Manaketes. Before Medeus, the dragonkin had few dealings
with the human realm, but when the Shadow Dragon came, everything changed. He
sunk all Akaneia into a cycle of war, in which heroes rose and heroes fell-
always claiming his cause was just and the human deaths deserved. But now 
Medeus's empire was crumbling...He was nearing the end of his reign...even as
Marth was nearing then end of his long quest."

For this map, take Bantu along to recruit. Other than that, do the normal.
Start map and Malledus will come to talk to Marth before.


Malledus: There, sire. Up on the mountains to the south, you can see Doluna

(Camera zooms briefly)

Marth: And inside is Medeus, king of the earth dragons- the one they call the
Shadow Dragon.

...Why doesn't he leave the keep and face us?

Malledus: I recall Lord Gotoh saying his return is not yet complete; only
within the keep's walls can he maintain dragon form.

Marth: Really...? Then we have the advantage...

(Malledus leaves conversation)

Marth: To Doluna Keep, then! Let us put a stop to this war!


First turn, kill the thief with Beck. Then, move the rest of your units forward

To our amazement, there is a lone house. It's been a while...


1) The fortress to the southeast is where you can get the Aum staff.


There are two types of Manaketes here, the ones with Firestones and the ones
with Magestones. The latter is by far more powerful and I only advise using
the strongest of units to kill them.

Your units should be able to conquer the east side with ease, the hard part is
holding it. I would send a unit like Wolf through the gap in the mountains to
the left. 

This map is hard because there is endless reinforcements if you let it happen,
or if it is limited, then it definitely is a very prolonged reinforcement 
turn amount.

Quickly, and I mean as soon as possible, put a unit on the forts to the south
and east. These are really annoying and unless you need experience, stay away.

After blocking the forts, reinforcements are...

1 Hero (Armed with Silver Axe)
1 Bishop (Armed with Bolganone)
1 Manakete (Armed with a Firestone)

These units are enough to cause trouble, make sure to keep good units to 
beat them. 

The goal to stop these reinforcements is to simply not let them spawn in, put
a unit on the fort to quell resistance. Thankfully, the boss cannot attack 
further than 1 range, so you are free to place two units on the forts there.

A flier is recommended to capture the base that the Manakete spawns in. 

After all this fighting (you have to kill the rest of the stationary units
before the above is even considered), you should only have the fortress and the
boss left.

For the fortress, just overpower it with strong units. The chest in there
contains the Aum staff, which allows you to resurrect a lost unit. 

For the boss...

BOSS: Xemcel
HP: 34

Weapon: Magestone
Drop: N/A

Beginning Quote: "This land, all of it- it belonged to us! Then you humans took
it...defiled it!"

Death Quote: "Rrgh...Emperor...Medeus...Forgive your servant's weakness..."


Seize the gate after.


Enemy Soldier: Emperor! The enemy has broken through the gates!

Medeus: That impudent boy...Have the guards take their positions. The keep
must be defended.

Enemy Soldier: At once!

(Enemy Soldier leaves)

Medeus: Hmph, you'll find an earth dragon like me harder to tame than Gharnef,
brat. Come and face me. I'll tear the ground asunder and make you wish you'd
never been born!


Chosen by Fate [ENDGAME]

"The long war had been fought, Akaneia's many lands freed, and now the League
had cornered their archenemy within his castle. They broke into four groups 
and stormed the four gates of Doluna Keep- unaware that this was exactly what
Medeus was expecting. Bravely, these warriors fate had chosen steeled
themselves for one last struggle."

This battle has a lot of preparation going on. First of all, if you usually
pick only 12 or less units, you have the advantage here. The game recommends
splitting into four parties, but if you want, you can choose to only deploy
troops in three of the four regions. This gives you the advantage of not being
spread out too much. 

The three regions I would pick to have units in are every region except the
one in the northwest. 

For this battle, don't bring any unit that will drag you down. Only the best
are needed. Bring the strongest weapons: Falchion, Gravidus, Mericdus, etc.

Also, give a Door Key to Marth.

Then, when ready, begin the final chapter of the game.


Marth: We made it. Now we just have to find Medeus... 

(Enter Malledus)

Malledus: Sire! Lord Gotoh is here to see you.

(Enter Gotoh) 

Gotoh: Marth, you have foguth splendidly.

Marth: Lord Gotoh?! What are you doing here?

Gotoh: I washed my hands of humankind and their foolish ways long ago. But you
and your  companions have convinced me that was a rash decision. Perhaps there
is hope for you yet. Allow me to offer what help I can.

Marth: You mean you'll fight with us?

Gotoh: Yes. I may lack the power to stop Medeus, but his minions are another
story. Let this old man strike them down and clear a path for you.

...The gods have chosen you, Marth, prince of light. Go now, and win back a
future for us all. Your family would be proud.

Marth: ....!

(Flashback to alllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the way back in Prolouge)

Cain: His last words were as follows: "Tell my son that I leave the future of
Altea and our continent in his hands."

(Flashback to another scene is Prologue)

Malledus: Your sister knows that you are the future of Altea- nay, the whole

(Back to reality!)

Marth: Come, my friends! We have a dragon to tame! Help me confine Medeus to 
the shadows for all eternity, and bring light back into the world!

(Weird scene shows were Medeus is in dragon form)


This is it. The final battle. Give it all you got, leave no regrets. 

Gotoh is in the area next to Marth.

First turn, use the door key to open the door. Converge your units toward the
enemies situated in the middle area. There are a lot of them, and it will most
likely take the best weapons to prevail without risking a unit too much.

If done correctly, most enemy units, except one (in the extreme lower-left),
should have been wiped out from the left side. 

This map is interesting in that the doors will close in unnecessary places
after all your units move past it. Note that enemy reinforcements will still
spawn here, so you will need ranged units to take care of them. 

I recommend sending Wolf or any extremely strong unit to the north. Use Parthia
on the Manaketes and any weapon on the heroes.

Send a whole bunch of units up, and do the same as last map. The reinforcements
are endless, meaning you will need to cover the staircases near the boss. 

To the left, a ballista will continually spawn and they will harass your units
who are trying to kill Medeus. Make sure to send an archer to defeat them. 

Four units spawn in the bottom also, they are annoying, especially the Manakete
I kept some of my strongest units, the paladins, behind to take care of them.

Another reinforcement is to the west, in the room. You can ignore it if you
want, just keep in mind it has a ranged weapon and will attack.

It may take a while, but you will prevail eventually. Fortify is your best 
friend here. When this is all over, all that is left is Medeus. Bring in your
best units and get them fully healed. 

You can have three units at max crowding around him attacking: two ranged and
one physical. Watch your units HP and keep in mind that the throne will heal

I recommend sending in your units that have the regalia, Parthia, Mercurius,
and Gradivus. They plus Marth's final attack (of Falchion) should be enough
to kill him. Keep in mind that the best way to attack is to let him attack you
first, so as to avoid his counter-strike.

Also note that Medeus has a HORRIBLE attack rate, he attacked twice and missed
both times. Of course, I got lucky with a critical, cutting his HP in half.

He isn't hard compared to other bosses, his hit rate is only 50%.

Here is the boss info:

BOSS: Medeus
HP: 60

Weapon: Earthstone
Drop: [You shouldn't be worried about this! Final boss!]

Beginning Quote: "Foolish humans! You dare disturb me while I slumber? Oh, how
you will regret it as you die slowly...painfully...writhing in the fires of
the inferno!"

Death Quote: "Nngh...Defeated humans! Know this, Altean prince...
That light which surrounds you is only a temporary respite. So long as the 
darkness in your hearts continues to sustain me...I cannot be...destroyed.....
Rrraaahhh!!!!! {insert epic death animation here}




"After Medeus's demise, Doluna would relax its shadowy grip on the land and
fade into obscurity: the Empire was finished. The fires of war that had raged
across Akaneia would die, and light would come to take darkness's place. But
before any of that came to pass, there were a few final moments of Marth's tale
that need telling...


Shiida: Marth, you did it. It's finally over.

Marth: I've waiting a long time for this day. And now I'm not entirely certain
what to do with it...

Shiida:, we haven't talked much since leaving Talys. But I thought..
Do you know where you will be going?

Marth: To Altea, of course. War has left my kingdom in ruins. I cannot waste
another day; I must return to help rebuild.

Shiida: So...I suppose that means you have bid Talys farwell for good...

Marth: Don't be silly, Shiida. I need to at least go thank your father and 
tell him the fighting is done.

Shiida: My father...? Marth, I'm not asking about my- Never mind. Please 
excuse me...

(Shiida leaves and Nyna walks in)

Nyna: Marth, did something happen? I just passed Shiida, and she looked 

Marth: No... Well, we were just talking. And she asked me...

Nyna: Ha ha, oh, Marth... How can a man who faced the Shadow Dragon be so
desperate to avoid facing his own feelings?

Marth: I- my- what? I don't know what you are talking about.

Nyna: You wish to send Shiida home to Talys, then, and return to Altea alone?
That is what you want?

Marth: Well, that's where we both belong. I don't see what my wants have to do
with anything.

Nyna: Clearly not. Marth, if you have anything to say to Shiida, say it now.
Love cannot always make the leap from heart to heart by itself; sometimes you
must speak it aloud and give it wings. Surely a great leader like you can
muster the courage for that?

Marth: .....

(Marth leaves and finds Shiida)

Marth: Shiida...might I, er, have a moment?

Shiida: .....?

Marth: I did not speak with my heart before. When I said I would go to Altea,
I... Well, I had meant... I hoped you would be at my side.

Shiida: .....!

Marth.: As you said, we have not spoken much since Talys. With you, I felt I
never had to say a word. If the battle started to take its toll, you were 
always there...close by...I would see you there, so beaut- ahem, so brave...
and I would, um,....derive! Yes, derive great strength! Derive...

....Ugh, why is this so difficult?! Shiida, I'm just trying to tell you I-

Shiida: Marth... Shh. Me too... Me to. [Just in case you are an ignorant gamer,
they just confessed their interest]


"So concludes the tale of Falchion, blade of light; Marth, its wielder; and
his battle with the Shadow Dragon. Herein its events have been chronicled,
that none may ever forget."

After this, the Campaign Summary shows. It displays the turns taken to finish
each map and the time.

Then, it shows all the character biographys and what happened to them. 
It goes...too fast for me to write the whole thing, but I can summarize what
it says.

Marth - Crowned king of Altea
Shiida - Visited her father then went with Marth to Altea.
Jagen - Became Marth's advisor
Cain - [Sorry, Cain was the decoy in my game]
Abel - Made a shop
Draug - Put in charge of a garrison
Gordin - Became master of bow
Wrys - Built a monastary for children who lost their parents
Ogma - Returned to Talys to serve his people
Barst - Enlisted in army, and then became pirate
Bord - Went back to being a woodcutter
Cord - Also went back to being a woodcutter
Castor - Went home and gave medicine to mother
Darros - Went back to being a pirate
Julian - Gave up thievery and became honest
Lena - Cared for orphans
Nabarl - Disappered and had imposters try to impersonate him
Merric - Went to Khadein and studied
Matthis - Went back to a boring life, what he considered bliss.
Hardin - Married to Nyna. Crowned 24th king.
Wolf - Remained knight of Aurelis. Made a Wolfguard group.
Sedgar - Became second in charge of the Wolfguard.
Roshea - Left the army then came back as paladin
Vyland - Remained knight
Wendell - Became a senior mage
Rickard - Went home to be in "peace". Actually stole quite a bit.
Bantu - Sealed dragonstone power and lived in peace.
Caesar - He was lost track of.
Radd - Went to love instead of fighting.
Roger - Reached out to victims of war.
Jeorge - Became an archer-captain
Maria - Went to Khadein then became a cleric
Minerva - Restored Medon
Liden - Lady of court at Nyna's request
Jake - Helped rebuild a town and went back with Anna
Midia - Became captain of knights
Dolph - Short career then left army.
Macella - Settled near border and made group of watchmen
Tomas - No record of him.
Boah - Returned as royal bishop
Beck - Scared a group of rebels with his ballista
Astram - Made captain and was given Mercurius
Palla - Rebuilt Medon
Catria - Went back to rebuild and had a brief love (it was unrequited)
Samson - Continued as mercenary
Xane - Left without a word, until Marth found his true identity [not sure]
Est - Gave up lance for the heart.
Tiki - Lived with Bantu and spoke fondly with Marth.
Lorenz - [Sorry, he died in my game]
Elice - Returned to Altea and stood by brother
Arran - [I chose Samson, sorry]
Gotoh - Became arch-mage
Frey - Stayed in Altea to help rebuild.

                            ~~~~~ THE END ~~~~~

Gaiden Chapters [CHPGAID]

Foreword [CHPA]

Gaiden Chapters are optional levels in this game. They only occur a few times
after various chapters. The requirement for all but one of them is that you
need to have less than 15 characters alive. 

The last chapter (24X) requires that you have a certain character dead and to
not have a certain weapon.

Please note that it is not advised to go for gaiden chapters on your first run.

Each gaiden chapter has a recruitable unit. 

I recommend running a clean file if you want to play the gaiden chapters.
However, gaiden chapters are most useful for the players who have lost many

Between gaiden chapters, I will briefly summarize the method on how to beat
the chapter. Note that you can find this information in the main section, but
this is here because there are some differences and optional paths that you can
take. For example, instead of recruiting a useless character, you could just
kill him for experience.

At the beginning of some chapters, having too few units will make some generic
units join you. These units have relatively low stats, no portrait (meaning 
they technically aren't a real unit), no dialogue, basic weapons, and basically
are just good for luring and nothing else.

Recommended Party [CHPB]

1) Marth
2) Abel
3) Frey
4) Gordin/Norne
5) Ogma
6) Shiida
7) Nabarl/Athena (Athena is obtained in Chapter 6x)
8) Merric
9) Beck
10) Lena
11) Julian
12) Wolf/Sedgar
13) Bantu (not to actually use him, but to recruit Tiki who might pose a threat
as an enemy)

The last two are open spots for whomever you find taste for. Here are some

A) Minerva
B) Bantu (Tiki is out of the question since she must be dead for 24X to occur)
C) Nabarl/Athena (whomever you decided to not use)
D) Wolf/Sedgar (whomever you decided to not use)
E) Gordin/Norne (again^^)
F) Horace (Lorenz comes too late to be of any use)

Before Chapter 6X [CHPC]

Beat the Prologue fast, choose Marth and two other horsemen. Give them the exp

Since we need to have less than 15 units to access the Gaiden chapters, we will
need to kill some units. Starting in the third battle of Prologue, kill off any
character that you do not want.

***Make sure to keep one unit to be the decoy in the following battle***

Make sure that you have killed off all but 4 units by the end of Prologue.
If you did so, then you will get an archer by the name of Norne at the end of
Prologue IV.

Here is her dialogue (since you probably didn't get her on your first run)


Norne: Draug, sir! The enemy has crossed the border from the west! They'll be
upon us soon!

Draug: Right, we're on our way.

(Enter Marth)

Draug: Sire, this is Norne. She caught wind of our struggle and wishes to fight
for Altea.

Norne: Prince Marth, 'tis an honor. By your leave, though, I'll be savin' the
curtsy-bobbin' for later. Quickly, sire!


I don't recommend Draug, let him die next battle. As for Norne, she is a good
alternative to Gordin. I would pick one out of the two to keep. Personally,
since I like the try new units on my different runs, I chose Norne instead of

Let the enemies kill the archer you didn't choose.

Wrys is gotten in Chapter 1. He...isn't advised neither. Kill him. 

A whole bunch of units are gotten in Chapter 2. Keep Ogma and maybe Barst.
Other than that, let the units die. Recruit Castor and Darros (and then prompt-
ly let them die) or just kill them for experience.

In Chapter 3, both Lena, Nabarl, and Julian are good units to keep.

At the start of Chapter 4, you should be given 4 free units since you seem to
lack in units. No worries, just kill them off too!

You also get Merric in the village in Chapter 4, keep him.

In Chapter 5, you get quite a few units also. Wendell, Hardin, Vyland, Roshea
are all the units you DO NOT want. Keep either Wolf or Sedgar.

In Chapter 6, Rickard is useless. I wouldn't even bother recruiting him, but he
is good experience.

Before you finish Chapter 6, make sure you have less than 15 units. Time for
the first Gaiden chapter!

In War's Grip [CHPC1]

"Not long after Marth's army freed the kingdom of Aurelis, messengers arrived 
from a western village to plea for the prince's help. Pirates had struck the
war-torn village at its weakest and abducted its children. Marth could not
ignore such an injustice, and rode with his army to the rescue..."

The recruitable character for this battle is Athena. Use her if you don't like

At the beginning of the battle...


Elder: Athena! My lady, wait! Where are you going all by yourself? This is

Athena: Vy vould you vant to stop us? Your children vere taken by the pirates.
Ve are offering to go get them back.

Elder: But you're barely recovered! If you try to fight the pirates in that
state, you'll only-

Athena: Only vat? Die? If your villagers had not pulled us from the sea, ve
vould have been svallowed by the vaves anyway. That is the least ve can do.
Vat sort of selfish creature do you take us for?

Elder: But there's no way you can stop them! There's only one of you-er, yous.
Look, please, just wait a little longer. I've sent our younger folk to find
help. Give them a chance to return!

Athena: ...Very well. Ve vill vait for this "help". But if no vun comes, make
no mistake: ve vill not sit idly by.


The enemies in this battle aren't anything special, just be sure to have a
healer ready at all times. 

The first turn, just move everyone forward. You should be attacked by about
5 enemies. Wipe them out and then you can heal yourself before proceeding.

Use an archer to lure/kill the archer on the island.

Next, you can either charge the south or the north. I would go to the north
personally since there is the village there.

A mage from the south approaches the village when you do so. Use an archer
again to lure/kill the mage.

Keep luring in as many units until you feel that there is no risk in rushing
the area. I would say 3+ units is dangerous for most of our units at this point
in the game (unless of course you use a high-defence unit to rush).

Visit the village when you get a chance.


Athena: Vell, vell...You must be the help. Ve vish to fight vith you.

Marth: Ah, splendid. How many of you? Gather your men, and we'll be on our way
at once.

Athena: Men? Ve are a woman. Vun voman! Are you blind, stupid manchild?

Marth: Vat? ...Ahem, what? Oh. Right, pardon me. I, uh, I am Marth, prince of
Altea. I heard pirates took the village children, so I brought my army straight

Athena: ...If you say so. Ve are called Athena. The vee vuns have been visked
away to a castle south of here. Come. Ve have a fair bit of skill vith a sword;
hopefully the same can be said of you, Marth of Altea.


The rest is a matter of taking your time and luring in units with an archer.
The boss is easy too...

BOSS: Bathys
HP: 24

Weapon: Steel Axe
Drop: None

Beginning Quote: "Ye be makin' a grave mistake, meddlin' in the affairs o'

Death Quote: "Nngh...Avast! Spare me me life, matey...!"

Seize the gate...


Boy: *sniff* I wanna go home...

Girl: Thanks, mister.

Elder: Prince Marth, bless you, bless you...I haven't the words to express our
gratitude. We are ready to abandon all hope, but you came to our aid when no
one else would, when you did not have to.

I know today's battle means little when the entire world is at war. History 
may not remember it- but we will. Our village will speak of your feats for
generations to come.

(Screen flashes to conversation between Athena and Marth)

Athena: Marth. Ve have decided to go vith you.

Marth: You have?

Athena: It is the least ve can do. Vat sort of selfish creature do you take us
for? Ve vill join you, and you vill be greatful. Do ve make ourselves clear?

Marth: P-perfectly clear, Athena. Your swordsmanship will turn the tides in
many a battle to come. 


Save the game and note that the next gaiden chapter is 12X.

Before Chapter 12X [CHPD]

In Chapter 7, just beat it normal. Just remember that you can't recruit Minerva
yet. Also watch for the reinforcements in the south forts.

In Chapter 8, you get those weak units at the start. Do the normal, dispose of
them. Roger, the recruitable knight, isn't necessary. Watch the reinforcements
at the top. Also remember to buy some stuff from the shop. 

In Chapter 9, you get the sniper (or you could just let the thief kill the
village) . Get rid of him also...and any other useless unit you may have still.
Remember to get the treasure and watch out for the sheer number of enemies.

In Chapter 10, just play normally. Get your first Master Seal and then recruit
and keep (optional) Minerva. I personally dislike her in favor of a promoted
Shiida. Anyhow, just watch for the main army's advance. Get rid of Maria also.

In Chapter 11, remember to watch for the ballistas. Recruit Linde. Use her if 
you want, I don't like her in favor of Merric. Remember that the manakete is
unrecruitable. Also remember that Jake can be recruited, but Beck is a better
choice. Other than that, just watch the ballistas.

In Chapter 12, all the units in the jail are pretty much useless. Let them die
so you don't have to worry about accidentally leaving them alive. Note that
the next gaiden chapter is after this. Therefore, make sure you have less than
15 characters left. Also remember to use a thief to get the chests.

Time for the second gaiden!

A Traitor's Worth [CHPD1]

"After taking back the palace, the League rode across Akaneia, freeing the
greater part of the kingdom as they went- all except the west. A landed knight
there named Horace, who had betrayed Akaneia, to join Doluna, continued to 
stubbornly hold out against Marth's forces. Nyna could not fathom why such a
fiercely loyal knight would turn to treachery, but with her other knights
calling for Horace's blood, she had no choice but to give in and ask Marth to
bring the traitor to justice."

This battle is pretty linear, there are two villages to visit. When you begin
the map, Dejanira will approach Horace into dialogue.


Dejanira: Have you heard, Horace? I am told the rebels just recaptured the
palace. That accursed Akaneian wench! Never mind Camus's pleas. We should have
put her to the sword with the rest of them...

Horace: .....

Dejanira: Hm, something bothering you, now? Don't tell me you are toying with
the idea of rejoining your motherland? Because if you do, I think you know
exactly what will befall your people.

Horace: Yes, you've made it quite clear! I am an Akaneian knight no longer. I
knew this day would come when I gave me lance to Doluna. I will not flinch.

Dejanira: Good. Then gather your soldiers and kill these rebels before they
cause any more trouble.


First turn, kill the two immediete enemies then move your WHOLE army to the
right. In order to recruit Horace, you must beat the chapter without killing 
him. Don't worry...

After you finish your first turn, dialogue moves to the enemies.


Enemy soldier: Lord Horace, our soldiers are in position.

Horace: Good.

Enemy soldier: Shall we advance on the enemy?

Horace: ...No. That won't be necessary. We'll lure them in close, then strike. 
No one attacks unless the enemy makes a move first. Is that clear?


This means that the whole middle section of enemies won't attack unless you do.
Sounds good if you want to recruit Horace, just sneak up the right and beat the

Note that the easy way to see if an unit will not attack is see if they are
from Grust or Akaneia. If Akaneia, they won't attack. If Grust, they will. 

The enemies along the way aren't anything special. Three mages will rush from
the north, but they are easy enough. Check out the villages with Marth though.

First one...


Elder: Lord Horace, who rules this land, used to be a knight of Akaneia. After
the palace fell, though, he bent his knee to the Dolunian emperor and has been
servin' him ever since. For that, folks call him a traitor and say he tarnished
his knightly brethren's reputation. Well, that's a load of hogwash. He broke
his knightly oaths to protect us! Not 'cause he's some traitor.

Please, sire, you have to help clear his name. Here...Lord Horace's father,
bless him, gave me this weapon as a gift long ago. I know he'd be glad to see
it used to restore his son's honor.



Move along up, kill manakete then visit the second village...


Villager: Are you with the League? Please, sir, I'm beggin' ya...You have to
help Lord Horace. He's always looked out for us small folk, before and after
he inherited the land. He's a pillar of strength, he is. We'd be dead if he
hadn't made the tough choices he did. The least we can do is rescue him from
his plight now. Here, I've got this magic tome one of our villagers found
after the last battle on our soil. You take it, and find some way to save him.



Now, just move the units in to kill the boss...some pirate reinforcements 
should spawn in the west first though.

BOSS: Dejanira
HP: 24

Weapon: Steel Lance
Drop: None

Beginning Quote: "Vexatious rebels! I'll skewer you like rabbits!"

Death Quote: "...Nngh! You'"

Note that if done properly, the pirate reinforcements shouldn't even have 
caused a problem. Of course, you could kill them for experience or you could
just seize the gate.

Upon seizing the gate...(and without killing Horace)


Horace: What!? Dejanira's been killed?!'s over. Soldiers! Lay down
your weapons! No more Akaneian blood shall be shed! ...Mine shall be the last.

(Screen moves to castle)

Horace: Bravo, Prince Marth. I yield. Spare the lives of my soldiers and treat
my people kindly, and you may do with me as you see fit.

(Enter villager)

Villager: No! Wait, please! Lord Horace is a good man! Doluna threatened him,
said they'd raze the land corner to corner if he didn't comply. So you see-

Horace: Hush! You've said enough. 

Marth: But, Lord Horace...

Horace: I betrayed my fellow knights and besmirched their good name. I will
not dress up my sins as kindnesses! I accept my punishemnt. Allow me to die a
knight's death.

(Enter Nyna)

Nyna: I will not!

Horace: .....! Princess Nyna?

Nyna: Horace. I heard what you said. And you have it quite right. Your crimes
deserve death, or worse.

Marth: Nyna, what are you-

Nyna: But I shall give you no knight's death. I shall give you a traitor's life
You say you will not dress up your sins. I say you will not run from them

Horace: Your Highness...! Are you saying you wish me to live?

Nyna: You did all in your power to protect these people. That was honorable,
Horace. But if you die today, no one will remember you for anything but your
one act of betrayal. Your soldiers will have to bear that shame in your stead.
Do you call that justice?

Horace: .....

Nyna: Starting today, you shall prove to the world there was value in your
actions. Show us a traitor's worth. Show us what the soldiers who fought and
died for you saw to be true.

Horace: I...I do not know what to say.

Nyna: I have claimed your life, Horace. You have no say. You shall fight for
us...and you shall not die. I forbid it. 

Horace: Heh...Very well, Your Highness. As you command...


End of gaiden chapter.

Weapon List [3A]

This list contains all the possible weapons in the game. Note that some weapons
(like the Earthstone), can only be used by enemies.

This list is also in no particular order - not by strength, chronological, 
alphabetical- none.

Iron Axe
Steel Axe
Silver Axe
Devil Axe
Hand Axe

Iron Sword
Steel Sword
Silver Sword
Killing Edge
Levin's Sword
Devil Sword
Rapier [Marth only]
Falchion [Marth only]

Iron Lance
Steel Lance
Silver Lance
Killer Lance
Wing Spear [Shiida only]

Iron Bow
Steel Bow
Silver Bow
Killer Bow

Anime Magic
Excalibur [Merric is the only one who can use at E-skill level, others need B]
Aura [Same situation as above^^, just with Linde instead of Merric]

(CREDIT TO Amano_kun)


Healing/Staff Magic
Aum [Elice only]


Various weapons in here were missing originally. Credit goes to r00ts for 
contributing (easier than putting credit next to ever weapon)

Item List [3B]

Note: This list does not contain weapons in it. This list is also in no partic-
ular order.

Vulnerary - Heals exactly 10 health.

Door Key - Opens doors

Master Key - Opens anything: doors, chests, etc.

Arms Scroll - Raises character's weapon level by a letter.

Master Seal - Promotes any character over Level 10. This doesn't include Marth
and other special characters (ie. Beck)

Pure Water -  Raises Resistance to magic for a short time.

Seraph's Robe - Raises max HP by 7.

Energy Drop - Raises strength by 2.

Goddess Icon - Raises luck by 2.

Boots - Raises movement by 2.

Speedwing - Raises speed by 2.

Spirit Dust - Raises magic by 2.

Tailsman - Raises resistance by 2.

Dracoshield - Raises defence by 2.

Secret Book - Raises skill by 2.

Iote Shield - Defends flier from archers.

Bullion (S) - Can be sold for 10,000G at market.

Bullion (M) - Can be sold for 15,000G at market.

Bullion (L) - Can be sold for 20,000G at market.

Bullion (XL) - Can be sold for 30,000G at market.

Lightsphere - Used to create Starlight, necessary to defeat Gharnef

Starsphere - Used to create Starlight, necessary to defeat Gharnef

Fire Emblem - Can only be held/used by Marth. Grants him access to open every
chest. Note: This item cannot be traded to another unit, nor can it be put in
the convoy.

VIP card - Allows user to access the secret shops.

(Credit to r00ts for spotting the missing following item)

Silver card - Allows user to buy weapons/items at half price

(Credit to r00ts again)

Geosphere - Deals damage to all units evenly.

If I am missing any, please contact me. Thanks!

Character List [3C]

Note: Organized by class. It is the class you get them at. Not in any 
particular order, nothing like chronological nor by tiers.




Archers (includes horsemen, hunters, etc)

Pegasus Knights


Staff Cleric/Curate
















If I am missing any character, feel free to contact me.

  FAQ  [4A]

Q: I have to sacrifice someone in the Prologue, who should I?

A: Jagen or one of your least likeable cavaliers. Some people sacrifice Gordin,
but I say otherwise.

Q: How do I access the Gaiden chapters? Are they worth it?

A: To access the Gaiden chapters in this game, you must have less than 15 char-
acters at the time when you finish the preceding chapter. Whether they are wor-
th is a different story. You get a character from each respective chapter, so 
unless you REALLY want that character OR this is your first time playing and 
you let many characters die OR you are a perfectionist OR you just want to try
it out...then don't try to get the Gaidens.
(Thanks to Boojum1)

Q: How do I use ____ Sword/Axe/Lance/Bow? It appears in grey.

A: Either your character's class does not support that type of weapon, or 
your weapon level is too low. Fight with that type of weapon more to level it

Q: Do you have a tier list?

A: No, but there are various other people on, say the forums, that are willing
to compile one. I honestly do not know how they work and how they are determi-

Q: How can I recruit Minerva in Chapter 7?

A: You cannot, you must hide in the back until she leaves in impatience. You
can recruit her later. 

Q: How do I recruit the Manakete in Chapter 11?

A: You cannot, he is not a recruitable character.

Q: How do I recruit Camus?

A: You cannot, but you can recruit the general on the map with Shiida or Marth.

Q: I found a mistake/typo in your guide. 

A: Contact me, I will fix it and put you in the list of contributors.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: See below section.

Q: What's with all these imaginary questions? Did people actually contact you
just to ask, "How do I contact you?"

A: I have no real questions to write here. These are the ones that I think
most people would ask. Feel free to ask me one and I'll put it on here.

Contact [5A]

Here are the various methods:

- [email protected] (email)
- oboedude115 (AIM)
- OboeDude (GameSpot PM system) 

Please contact me if you have anything to contribute, if you found a problem on
here, or if you would like to suggest a section or improvment. Thanks!

Note: I usually don't have a problem with spam, keep it that way please.

Special Thanks [5B]

Thanks to:

1) GameFAQs, GameSpot, and all your affliates
2) Intelligent Systems
3) immortalbrotherhood [-iB], you guys are the best.
4) You, the reader.


serenesforest = Contributor for the Luck Stat part.

LordRasler and DemonicDratini = Contributor in the Cheats section of GameFAQs
telling me how to recruit each character.

Boojum1 = Contributor telling me how to get to the Gaiden chapters.

SuperArc = Contributor with Arran's dialogue and Lorenz's dialogue.

Amano_kun = Contributor for two things: A) Aura/Excalibur mistake, B) Camus

r00ts = Contributor for missing weapons/items (ie. Silver Card)

Legal Information [5C]

(C) OboeDude 2008

As a guide on the GameFAQs system, every time I submit a guide, it becomes 
copyrighted. This means that you cannot copy a portion of my guide.

Now, I am nice about letting sites or groups use my guide. I don't mind, that
is what my guide is for, helping others. All I request for you to do is follow
two rules:

1) Contact me for permission to host my guide. That way we avoid any legal 
2) If I am not contactable, I hereby grant you the right to use it under the
circumstances that it is not used improperly and that I am listed as the sole
writer of the guide. However, at least send me an email or an AIM message 
(even if I'm not on I'll see it when I get on). This way I can add your site
to the below list.

Thanks to all who have read this and thanks to those who will contribute.


GameFAQs (and it's affliates, such as GameSpot) 

Version History [5D]

0.10 - Started bare beginning. Drew ASCII and started. 
December 14, 2008

0.15 - Continued onward. 
December 15, 2008

0.30 - Jumped ahead, wrote Conclusion, List, more of the Beginning part, and 
December 16, 2008

0.35 - Continued. Edited previous editions making it easier to read.
December 17, 2008

0.38 - Still going on with main chapters. Finished list, fixed ToC. Added the
character section in A.
December 18, 2008

0.45 - Went ahead and finished many more chapters. Edited lists, wrote version
history, fixed notes about Gordin. Added sections like the Forge.
December 19, 2008

0.50 - More main chapters. Updated version history.
December 20, 2008.

0.60 - Kept going.
December 21, 2008

0.75 - Ever editing, and keep writing.
December 23, 2008.

0.80 - Put in a considerable amount of time, finishing 5+ chapters. Submitted
early version to GameFAQs
December 23, 2008

0.90 - Finished rest of Chapters! Yay.
December 25, 2008

1.00 - Fixed much contributor data/info. Gaiden chapters.
December 30, 2008

1.10 - More gaiden.
December 31, 2008

                        Long live Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon!