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Unlock the Dancer class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Dancers have been a staple of the Fire Emblem series almost since its inception, but since Awakening, they’ve been absent. Fortunately, this incredibly useful class is back, and you can once again be a Dancer in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. If you’re looking through the certifications list, you won’t find the Dancer listed, but rest assured, there’s a way to unlock this hidden class. However, you’ll only have one opportunity to do so.

The chance to unlock the Dancer class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses comes in Chapter 9: The Cause of Sorrow. When the chapter begins, you’ll be told of the White Heron Cup, a dance contest in which the three houses face off. The way this is calculated is that the student with the highest charm rating wins.

Usually, this would be an easy choice. No matter which house you’ve chosen, you should have someone who can win this contest no assistance required. However, the prize, which is acquiring the ability to use the Dancer class, is only bestowed on the student who enters. By this point, you’ve probably already planned out a course for your main characters and have no interest in reducing them to a base class with no progression. So, you’ll likely end up having to choose off the bench, and these students probably lack in the charm department.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Dancer Charm to Beat

Fortunately, this contest is very easy. Once you’ve picked your entrant, you can talk to Manuela in the Greenhouse, and she’ll tell you the magic number that you have to beat. In my game, I just had to enter a student with at least 14 charm to win.

After that, you get a chance to buff any student you pick by giving them one dance practice session. Once you’ve completed this, they’ll get a permanent +5 to their charm stat. This should boost at least a few of your auxiliary characters to the point where you can win the White Heron Cup dance-off. However, if the character you want to win is exceptionally low in charm, you have until the third week of the month to boost them up with some tea party sessions.

I haven’t confirmed this for myself, but accessories that provide a charm boost may also affect the outcome of the White Heron Cup. So, if you’re at the cusp of having enough charm to win, but you need a point or two, you can try using one of these.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Dancer Reclass

Once you take the cup, the winner will gain the ability to reclass into a Dancer. Don’t make the mistake of looking for the new class in Certifications. Instead, you have to open the menu, select “Inventory,” then “Reclass.” Once you select the character who won the contest, you’ll see the Dancer at the very top under “Unique Classes.”

So what’s so great about the Dancer class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses? Well, it has high Avo, and the Sword Dance ability allows you to deal damage and severely reduce the risk of a counterattack hitting you. However, the best think about the Dancer is the Dance ability. Using Dance on an allied unit that has already spent its actions for the turn will refresh it and allow it to move and attack again. Since the Dancer has a high movement stat, they can keep up with almost any class besides mounted units so you can use them to leapfrog your way through a map incredibly fast.

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