Box art - Fire Emblem: Three Houses

What to do with Rusted Weapons in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

During a playthrough of Fire Emblem: Three Houses you’re going to rack up a ton of Rusted Weapons. You’ll have an inventory full of rusty swords, axes, bows, lances, and gauntlets by the time the credits roll, at least if you bother keeping them around. For starters, DON’T JUST THROW RUSTED WEAPONS AWAY. If you pay close attention, these useless items can be turned into some of the most powerful weapons in the game.

There’s not a lot of clue as to the utility of Rusted Weapons in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. You have a chance to get them from waiting on squares with the purple swirling Spirits of the Fallen during battles (online connectivity must been enabled for these to appear). For the first half of the game or so, whenever “Acquired a Rusted Sword” or a similar message would pop up I’d sigh and throw them from my character’s inventory into the convoy at the first opportunity. They weren’t worth selling since you only get around 10G for each one, and the ones I looked at in the Blacksmith’s forge could only be turned into Iron variants, which are basically worthless once you’re a quarter into the game. So, they just sat there collecting…. rust.

Fire Emblem Three Houses Rusted Weapon Description

It wasn’t until I was looking through my convoy and checking to see if I missed any new weapon acquisitions that I noticed what you can use rusted weapons for in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. If you press “X” when you have one selected, you get a description that tells you what a particular rusty weapon can be forged into. The majority of them can only be forged into iron weapons, but some are immensely more useful.

Some rusted weapons can be forged into their Silver equivalent if you have hit B+ professor rating. More than likely, by the time you hit B+ during your first playthrough you’ll already be able to buy silver weapons from the Armory, but being able to turn a rusty weapon into anything useful is cool. The real attraction here is that very rarely you’ll get a rusted sword, rusted ax, rusted bow, rusted lance, or rusted gauntlet that can be forged into a named weapon. These are among the most potent and useful arms in the game and are definitely worth crafting.