Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trials

Fire Emblem Engage Tempest Trials: How to Unlock

Fire Emblem Engage includes plenty of ways to gather gold, train your units, and get them the experience they need to level up quickly, and the Tempest Trials are one of the best ways to achieve the latter. Here’s how to unlock them.

Fire Emblem Engage: What chapter do Tempest Trials unlock?

To gain access to the Tempest Trials, players will need to first complete the ‘Retreat’ escape mission in Chapter 11. Once unlocked, the player will have access to the Tempest, Relay, and Outrealm trials via the Tower of Trials on the very southern end of the Somniel – the other two modes are online only, and require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

Tempest Trials involve taking part in a series of three consecutive battles in order to earn experience and crystals for upgrading your weapons. The amount of experience and rewards earned increases incrementally depending on the level of difficulty chosen.

The Tempest Trials themselves will act as the perfect way to continue leveling full squads of units if a player has already exhausted the Arena or the World Map’s skirmishes and paralogues for that chapter. For more Fire Emblem Engage guides, be sure to check out the best gifts to give each character and where to get the Silver Card for discounts.

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