Fire Emblem Engage Gold Farm Anna

Fire Emblem Engage Gold Farm: Best Way To Make Money Fast

Fire Emblem Engage has been in the hands of fans for a few days now, with players already looking to min-max their Bond Rings and farm for gold, however, the latter is proving to be a bit of a slog for some. Aside from plowing through the story missions and taking part in skirmishes, there aren’t too many ways to boost the amount of gold you earn.

The best ways for farming gold in Engage currently involve using a familiar merchant face and their gold-earning passive, and a particular Emblem benefit from a past hero.

Fire Emblem Engage: Recruit Anna for bonus gold

Anna’s surely a familiar face for any Fire Emblem fan, as this recurring plucky merchant’s penchant for gold will be essential for farming. Her Make a Killing passive ability will grant 500 gold from fallen enemies. Here’s the best way to trigger it:

  1. Recruit Anna by completing the Mysterious Merchant Paralogue in Chapter 7
  2. Equip Anna with the Emblem Tiki DLC Bracelet to increase her Luck stat
  3. The higher her Luck, the easier it will be to trigger Make a Killing.

Using a Master Seal to take Anna up to the High Priest class would boost her Luck stat even higher, allowing for more opportunities to earn gold.

Equip Emblem Leif to a Covert unit

This second method involves equipping one of your Covert units like Etie or Yunaka with Emblem Leif. The reason you want to do so is due to the Quadruple Hit ability that Leif grants, as when used by a Covert unit, they have a % chance of triggering a 1,000 gold drop when defeated. You’ll want to use this as often as possible, likely on a map where it’s easier to recharge the Engage meter for multiple uses.

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