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Fortnite Purple Cube: From Low Gravity to Anti-Gravity Glitch

The Fortnite purple cube is the most recent peculiarity to appear in the game; but it’s not just a bunch of fan theory. The purple cube already affects gameplay but even as we learn about it more questions continue to pop up. Below is everything we know about the purple cube as of today.

Fortnite Purple Cube: A Brief History

The purple cube first appeared from a purple rift in the sky. Attacking the cube causes it to emit lighting strikes that hurt nearby players but simply standing by the cube can improve your shield. It wasn’t long before players realized that the cube is  slowly moving, whether or not that has a specific purpose is yet to be seen.

Players have glitched themselves into the cube to find nothing but the cube itself is currently surrounded by a dome of low gravity. As a result, players can jump higher in its presence but their descent is slower than normal. And in a game where you’re either camping or constantly on the move this certainly switches things up.

Fortnite Purple Cube: Anti-Gravity

While the standard low gravity we’ve come to associate with the cube’s dome causes players to jump higher/fall slower, this anti-gravity effect continuously pushes players up: so each time they descend they’re merely boosted back into the air. We saw this happen in a very public way during the Fortnite Summer Skirmish grand final.

Announcers and players alike were confused by this circumstance. While this has been seen online before, we still don’t know what causes it and if this rarity will become the new standard for the purple cube’s effect or if this is merely a bug to look out for: [UPDATE: this was confirmed as a glitch by Epic Games, resulting in an extra match to make up for it]

Fortnite Purple Cube: Where is it moving?

As mentioned earlier, the purple cube is moving. Currently it is heading towards Tilted Towers and Shifty Shafts. With Season 5 coming to a close it’s only a matter of time before we see whether or not this cube plays a role is Season 6.