Fortnite Purple Cube Low Gravity: Where is the Purple Cube Going? (Update)

Update: 8/28/18 5:10 p.m. ET: The Fortnite Purple Cube is now surrounded by an area of low gravity. When approaching the Purple Cube you’ll find that you’re able to jump further and fall slower than normal. We’re still not sure what this cube is up to, why it’s projecting an anti-grav field, or what its final destination will be, but we’ll keep you informed as events transpire.

The Fortnite lightning storms were not just a sign of bad weather or climate change. These odd weather patterns have led the odd Fortnite purple cube. What is it? Where did come from? Don’t soil yourself. We have some guesses.

Fortnite Purple Cube: Where Did the Purple Cube Come From?

The Fortnite Master Twitter account tweeted out a video with the cube in action. The sky rift disappeared, leaving the Fortnite purple cube in its wake in the place the lightning struck. Twitter user LootLakeBR captured the event.

Fortnite Purple Cube: What Does the Purple Cube Do?

Since the Fortnite purple cube is tied to the giant rift generator, it could literally do anything. The rift is tied to space and time, meaning regular physics do not apply. Fortnite is not a stranger to weird purple things after all. However, it is also bouncy and covered in symbols, as PCGamer reports.

Fortnite Purple Cube: What Does the Purple Cube Mean?

While Epic Games has not announced anything officially, this likely has something to do with the Season 5 content. These seasons usually end big in-game events and this cube seems to not be an exception. There are, as of this writing, about 10 weeks left for Season 5. So don’t worry. You still have plenty of time to rank up, do challenges, and see whatever this cube means.

The purple cube is still a mystery. It could do anything. Fortnite loves to keep us on our toes and this mysterious cube is just the right thing for that. It is slightly reminiscent of the meteorites from earlier this year although somehow a little more mysterious.