Fortnite Dominates Twitch, Knocks League of Legends off its Pedestal

If someone had told us that League of Legends might not be the most popular game on Twitch anymore, we would never have believed you. But maybe not so surprisingly, Fortnite has managed to usurp the MOBA on Twitch. League of Legends has been out for nearly nine years, debuting on October 27, 2009, and it’s still as popular and active as it was back then, if not more so with more champions appearing nearly every few months. However, it’s now trailing behind Fortnite with stream time on Twitch, with Epic’s battle royale game shooting up the ranks.

This reveal comes from Sergey Galyonkin, who posted TEO audience insights for Twitch in his tweet below:


It’s hard to say what really was the dominating factor that made Fortnite‘s popularity explode, though we do have some ideas. Its free-to-play nature is, of course, a very attractive quality for players, and the fact it is on both console, PC, and mobile isn’t something to sniff at either. With Riot’s League of Legends, the game is only out on PC, with a mobile app being made for friend lists and such. So what Fortnite might lack in a community (at least for now) it at least makes up for in terms of interactivity between all gamers, no matter which platform they play on.

There is also the fact that there has been a surge of celebrities who have been revealed to play Fortnite, such as Drake who played with the popular, well-loved streamer Ninja.  There is even talk of more celebrities joining in to take on Epic Games’ battle royale game at E3, no doubt intriguing many others to watch Twitch and check the game out.

Whatever the reason we’re excited to see how far Fortnite can go — and if the popularity will last.