Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am for E3 Announced by Epic Games

Epic Games invites you to the ultimate party ever: E3. If you’re left wondering what this Fortnite Party Royale is and what it has to do with celebrities then say no more, just read on ahead because we’re here to explain. The Fortnite Party Royale will pit the “world’s greatest athletes” and entertainers against one another in a battle of finesse, style, and skill. All in all, expect a showdown of epic proportions! It’s almost as if Drake playing Fortnite with the professional streamer Ninja started something that Epic Team couldn’t wait to cash in from.

That’s not to say its hearts aren’t in the right place. We’ve all got our favorite celebrities in mind that we hope would be just as cool as Drake and play a bit of Fortnite. And with nobody announced just yet, well that means it’s a perfect time to speculate on who these celebrities could be. Anyone hoping it might be Rihanna and Drake? Or maybe a whole cast of actors, because who wouldn’t want to see Chris Hemsworth try his luck with this game? Regardless, information on who will be part of the teams taking place in the event will be announced eventually, but until then go wild with your crazy ideas on who could be potentially going up against your favorite Fortnite pros in order to earn some serious bragging rights.

These teams will clash in the premier Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am in Los Angeles during E3. With E3 starting around June 12-14 this year, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume the event would start at the beginning of that time. While there hasn’t been anything on whether it would cost tickets to come see this event if there is any news in that area, we at Game Revolution will be quick to tell you all about it.

Epic Teams also ended its blog post with one last message: competitive play will be coming, soon…