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Fortnite Cube Map: What Is the Cube Route?

Ever since August 24, a big ol’ purple cube has been causing some kind of havoc in Fortnite. Originally, people had no idea what the cube was for. It fuelled plenty of speculation, but it eventually turned out the Fortnite purple cube was moving, leaving scorched runes on the floor. The Fortnite cube also kills those in its way and awards shields to those of us who stay far away enough from its path of low gravity. Where will the Fortnite cube runes be found? What is the Fortnite cube map? Find out below, Fortnite fans.

Fortnite Cube Map: What is the Cube Route?

Thanks to dataminers, we know where the big purple cube is heading. According to several leaks, the cube is heading towards Loot Lake, occasionally stopping to imprint a rune into the ground. Supposedly, after a set number of runes are scorched into the ground, and when the cube reaches the lake, it will activate. We already know where it’s been, and where it’s headed next. The third, and most recent, rune has been found printed near Dusty Divot for example.

The expected locations for the next batch of runes were discovered in a clever way. According to Twitter user lucas7yoshi, it “was made possible by Reddit users playing Fortnite on minimum settings on mobile and finding grass patches.” For the unaware, the grass is disabled on Fortnite Mobile’s lowest settings. Lucas7yoshi even went as far as providing us with a map detailing the expected locations of the Fortnite cube map. You can see this below:

The Fortnite cube map does suggest that the mysterious cube is headed towards Loot Lake. Supposedly, the cube is meant to activate around the end of Fortnite Season 5, which is due to finish on September 25. We think the cube is leading to some sort of big event, just as the cracks in the sky did during Season 4. Time will tell exactly what kind of event may come about, but we should know soon enough.

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