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PUBG Riot Shield: Where Is the PUBG Shield?

Remember the Microsoft Xbox E3 2018 press conference? It was the company’s biggest showing in years at the annual event and one of the games featured in that big presentation was PUBG. It revealed some new upcoming content for the battle royale game, including the arrival of a PUBG Riot Shield or PUBG Ballistic Shield later this year. Read on below to find out where the PUBG Shield could be, and when it might it be arriving.

PUBG Riot Shield: Where Is the PUBG Shield?

The PUBG Riot Shield was one of the highlights from the PUBG Xbox E3 2018 trailer, alongside the PUBG Sanhok map release date and the reveal of a new snowy map coming in winter 2018. We received our first glimpse of the PUBG Ballistic Shield, but that was over three months ago, in June. Players must be wondering where the PUBG Shield must be.

It’s set to debut in a War Mode deathmatch event later in 2018. However, we currently have no confirmation on when that could possibly be. The PUBG Event Mode, or PUBG War Mode, was removed earlier in May 2018 due to server problems and instability. Therefore, the PUBG Riot Shield will probably launch when the War Mode inevitably returns sometime this year, whenever that might be.

The PUBG Shield will be a special device that will fit into the player’s primary weapon slot, allowing them to hide behind the shield as means of deflecting enemy fire and bullets. Usable weapons that will fit in the secondary weapon slot includes pistols, submachine guns, melee weapons, and throwables like grenades. The addition of the PUBG Shield will presumably add more depth to the gameplay by giving players an opportunity to try out more complex strategies. While waiting for the eventual release of the PUBG Riot Shield, rewatch the reveal trailer below.