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PUBG Event Mode Gone: Where is PUBG War Mode

If you were hoping to team up with your friends for some well-deserved chicken dinners on the limited-time PUBG Event Mode this weekend – then you’re flat out of luck. The game has undergone some server issues which forced the closure of the PUBG War Mode.

PUBG Event Mode Gone: Where is PUBG Event Mode?

Normally lasting for a brief period of 3-4 days across a weekend, PUBG Event Mode traditionally sees two teams of five face off in a Team Deathmatch-style event across a small area of PUBG’s Miramar map.

However, if you’re looking for it this week, you’re going to come up empty-handed. PUBG’s Help Twitter account confirmed that the game required emergency maintenance, and the mode was abruptly taken offline.

From there, PUBG Event Mode was scrapped completely, with PUBG Corp. stating, “Unfortunately, we’ve had to prematurely end this week’s event mode, as it was found to be the cause of recent server instability. Our engineers are working hard to ensure this problem doesn’t occur in the future.”

PUBG Event Mode Gone: When is PUBG Event Mode coming back?

PUBG Event Mode, also referred to as PUBG War Mode, typically makes an appearance once or twice a month. Previous modes included April’s Metal Rain game mode and March’s Tequila Sunrise. It is often the point where seasoned PUBG players drop back in for a session that doesn’t involve battle royale gameplay.

PUBG Event Mode Gone: What Else Can I Play?

As is the wont of battle royale modes, there’s very little in the way of depth when it comes to gameplay, for better or worse. With the PUBG Event Mode gone, it’s back to the vanilla 100-player battle royale, though there are now two maps for PC and Xbox One players to go to town on: Erangel and Miramar.