Box art - Fifa 19

FIFA 19 Icons: Every New FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Icon

With each passing year, EA sees fit to add more and more of soccer’s greatest players, transferring them from the pantheon of our memories to, uhh, virtual cards. Still, the FIFA 19 Icons lineup is as stellar as it’s ever been, with the current crop of FIFA 19 Legends ranging from some modern-day magicians all the way back to some of the game’s most ingenious innovators in the 20th Century. Below, we’ve listed every new FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Icon, and when you can expect to get to grips with them.

FIFA 19 Icons: Every New FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Icon

As of September 5, EA is reeling off new FIFA 19 Icons on its Twitter page. Every. Single. Hour. For those of us who want everything now it’s not great fun. Below, there’s all of the new FIFA 19 Icons revealed thus far. There’s some real doozies and deep cuts in there, folks:

  • Socrates (Brazil)
  • Genaro Gattuso (Italy)
  • Luis Figo (Portugal)
  • Michael Ballack (Germany)
  • Jens Lehmann (Germany)
  • George Best (Northern Ireland)
  • Christian Vieri (Italy)
  • Hristo Stoichkov (Bulgaria)

By my count, there’s still a whopping 16 FIFA 19 Icons yet to be announced. EA is announcing them one-by-one, so expect this page to be updated to reflect that when all is said and done. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Zinedine Zidane. Pretty please?

FIFA 19 Icons Release Date:

If we’re going by FIFA 18 Icons, the FIFA 19 Icons Release Date will be spread across the entire year, with the first few months of the game  only including a very minimal amount of Icons. From there, new Icons are introduced via Squad Building Challenges and by having an obscene amount of pack luck. Also, as there are three versions of each Icon, there will be multiple release dates throughout the year with, traditionally, the lowest-rated card out of the three being released first.