Box art - Fifa 19

FIFA 19 New Features: Every Gameplay Change, House Rules, and UEFA Champion’s League

The FIFA 19 new features give players a reason to get this upcoming entry over staying with the last one. Below are some of the most notable changes coming to FIFA 19 from new modes to gameplay adjustments.

FIFA 19 New Features: House Rules

House Rules is a new game mode that adds a layer for informality to the pitch. As the name implies, House Rules consist of various stipulations added to the game. It can be broken down into the following:

  • Survival Mode: for each goal you score a *random player from your team is ejected from the game (*goalie excluded).
  • Long Range: goals count for double when they’re shot outside the box.
  • Headers and Volleys: only headers and volleys count for your goal. This means you have to score the goal with your head or by shooting the ball before it touches the ground, respectively.
  • First To: set a goal limit on your game and the first to reach it wins.
  • No Rules: throw the rules out the window. Fouls don’t exist and offsides is acceptable.

House Rules mode can only be accessed offline.

FIFA 19 New Features: UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League offers a standalone mode in which players get to experience this epic tournament. Consisting of 32 European teams many consider this to be what determines the best team in the world. In the eyes of some, it’s even more important than the World Cup.

Needless to say, this is a mode fans have been asking about for a while and now it’s finally here:

FIFA 19 New Features: Active Touch System

Here’s where gameplay tweaks come in. Get ready for new traps, flicks, skills, and generally more control over the ball. Additional animations are meant to give players more autonomy when it comes to dribbling. The result? More creative fake outs on the pitch, leading to more effective shots.

FIFA 19 New Features: Dynamic Tactics

FIFA 19 reimagines what formations and tactics players have at their disposal, drawing inspiration from some of the best coaches in the (real-life) game including Manchester City’s own Pep Guardiola.

All gameplans will be customizable but generally they read as follows:

  • Ultra Defensive
    • Formatio: 5-3-2
    • Offensive Style: Possession
    • Defenisve style: Drop Back
  • Defensive
    • Formation: 4-5-1
    • Offensive Style: Balanced
    • Defensive Style: Pressure on Heavy Touch
  • Attacking
    • Formation: 4-3-1-2
    • Offensive Style: Long Ball
    • Defensive style: Balanced
  • Ultra Attacking
    • Formation: 3-5-1-1
    • Offensive Style: Fast Build Up
    • Defensive Style: Constant Pressure

Each include formations, instructions, and roles that can be adjusted. But generally speaking the tactics will play out in a very obvious way, for instance, according to EA Sports:

[I]f you choose a possession-based tactic, your players will support their teammate in possession and provide safe passing options. If you adjust for faster build-up play, your players will move quickly up the field and make riskier runs to try and create immediate chances.

Each tactic has a counter but since they’re all customizable you can trip up your opponent by making subtle changes.

FIFA 19: Timed Finishing

Rather than have the player hold and release the shot button in order to execute a shot, the game will now have a timed finish. When trainer mode is turned on, players will have a bar above their heads indicating the power of their kick. Your goal is to get things in the green so that your shot is executed with “Great Timing!”

Timed finishes apply to every form of shooting including “headers, volleys,” and “even bicycle kicks.”

FIFA 19: 50/50 Battles

For this installment of FIFA, EA wants to make wrestling over the ball more even. This means your teammates will have “increased teammate intelligence and spatial awareness, every challenge matters in the fight for possession.”

FIFA 19: Real Player Motion Technology

Still powered by the Frostbite engine, FIFA 19 will have an improved animation system to bring realistic player movement and personality to the field.