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Fortnite Week 9 Loading Screen: What Is the Secret Location?

We’re coming to the tail-end of Fortnite Season 5. The ninth week is upon us and with it a bunch of new challenges to tackle. The most interesting thing about the end of Season 5, however, is the big purple cube. Where is the Fortnite cube heading? What will happen once it reaches its destination? Everyone has their own theories. Making things more interesting still, is the Fortnite Week 9 Loading Screen. Typically, every week in a season comes with a secret loading screen that’s only available to those who complete every challenge. Normally, these act as hints regarding the whereabouts of secret battle stars. This time, however, it’s something entirely different. It’s showing us the location of the purple cube, where an unlock of some kind will be. Intriguing.

Fortnite Week 9 Loading Screen: What is the Week 9 Loading Screen?

As you can see in the tweet above, the newest Fortnite week 9 loading screen has been leaked ahead of release. It shows four characters around what appears to be a pool, or garden, with construction work in the background. With the characters, is the giant, mysterious purple cube. It’s rather vague, unfortunately.

Fortnite Week 9 Loading Screen: What is the Week 9 Loading Screen Location?

Unlike previous loading screens, the Week 9 edition is very vague. Normally, the locations of the Loading Screens are quite simple to figure out. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case here. Thankfully, however, some clever folks over on Twitter might just have figured it all out. It seems as though the unlock in question could very well be a new secret banner. The secret banner in question looks as though it is a rune banner based on the mark the cube has been leaving everywhere. We’d speculate that you should find the secret banner and the unlock on the mountain in the background of the loading screen.

Unfortunately, we aren’t too sure where that mountain is exactly. We do have some indication as to the route of the cube, however, so perhaps this guide might just help. As you can see, it looks to be eventually heading towards Loot Lake.

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