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Fortnite Triage Trooper Skin: How to Get the New Support Squadron Skin

More skins and items have been leaked, thanks to datamined files from the Fortnite 5.40 update. One of those skins is the Fortnite Triage Trooper skin. It’s part of an upcoming Fortnite set. Read on below to find out if there’s a way to get the Fortnite Triage Trooper skin.

Fortnite Triage Trooper Skin: What is the Fortnite Triage Trooper Skin?

The Fortnite Triage Trooper skin is an upcoming Epic outfit or skin in the battle royale game, which looks like what a medic paratrooper would probably be like. It’s mostly white, with some red highlights and red cross symbols adorning the skin. If a name has the word “Triage” in it, it basically means someone whose job is assessing which injuries is the most serious and assigning the order from the least to the most in need of treatment.

The Triage Trooper skin definitely fits into the overall theme well. It is part of the Support Squadron set, which consists of medical-themed items. Combining this skin with the Fortnite Airlift glider makes for an authentic medic paratrooper in action. The description for the Triage Trooper skin reads: “No one is beyond saving,” which sounds like something a superhero would say.

Fortnite Triage Trooper Skin: How to Get the Fortnite Triage Trooper Skin

The Fortnite Triage Trooper skin is pretty simple to obtain. Fortnite players will only need to visit the Fortnite Item Shop and purchase it. It’s not cheap, which is expected for an Epic skin, costing a whopping 1500 V-bucks. That may be a lot but it would be worth it for those who want to collect the whole Support Squadron set and commit to the overall theme.

At the time of writing, we have no confirmation on when exactly the Triage Trooper skin will become available. We’ll have to wait for official confirmation from the folks at Epic Games.