Destiny 2 Anti Anti Air: Mission Details and How To Accomplish It

You’ll most likely want to be prepared for Destiny 2 Anti Anti Air mission located on planet Earth’s EDZ. If you want to know more, then you’ve come to the right place.

Destiny 2 Anti Anti Air: Mission Details

The Anti-Anti-Air mission is an adventure that takes place in Firebase Hades, European Dead Zone. You’re tasked with infiltrating the Red Legion base and disabling their network of flak turrets.

  • Recommended power: + 160
  • Rewards: upgrade point

Destiny 2 Anti Anti Air: How to Accomplish It

Most of this mission is fairly linear, with map markers to guide you throughout. Start off by investigating the anti-air problem by heading to the marker on the map, taking out enemies along the way. Search the firebase. Continuing on your path you’ll take down another wave of enemies. Enter the Legion’s anchor, a restricted zone that doesn’t allow for respawns. Of the enemies you encounter, one will drop a the Firebase security code.

Continue to push into the firebase and eliminate all defenses. You’ll come across another security code from yet another enemy. Head for the outside which will involve even more enemies. Finally, destroy the seven anti-air turrets. Each turret console is marked on your radar. In order to inflict damage, you need to activate their respective consoles. Once that occurs, their shields will be lowered.

Next up, disable the enemy tanks by shooting the two generators. Be sure to keep your distance to avoid any damage to yourself. One the generators have cut power to the tanks, another group of enemies will spawn. Take them out and get yet another security code.

Sabotage the artillery cannon by heading for the marker and shooting the ceiling pipe aka the emergency generator. Lastly, disable the artillery cannon by continuing down the marked path and hack the maintenance console.

That’s everything. It’s fairly simple and your ghost will inform you of these objectives along the way.