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Collegiate Rocket League: Qualifier 2 Explained

Collegiate Rocket League qualifier number 2 is about to be underway so here is everything you need to know.

Collegiate Rocket League: About

Collegiate Rocket League involves college students from the United States and Canada representing their respective schools in a competitive online Rocket League tournament. The tournament has returned this year after its debut in fall 2017.

Students must be enrolled full-time, or are set to be enrolled, come fall semester in order to participate. A single school is allowed to have multiple teams. This tournament is held in partnership with Rocket League and Twitch.

Collegiate Rocket League: Tournament Dates and Structure

Registration Schedule

Qualifier 1

  • This first qualifier has already past and occurred from September 8-9, 2018.

Qualifier 2

  • Registration August 20 – September 12, 2018
  • Tournament: September 15 – September 16, 2018
  • Teams can register here as well as get additional details.

Qualifier Results

The top four teams per region will enter into their respective region’s conference. The regions consist of the West Coast, Midwest, South, and East Coast with all of those northern regions expanding into Canadian territory.

As the size of the tournament increases, it’s unclear whether Canada would ever become a region in its own right or become split up into regions within its own country. With sign-up still being open, there’s not a finalized schedule yet regarding the upcoming games. Below is a breakdown of the prize money which is meant to be used as a sort of scholarship for the winning teams.

Collegiate Rocket League: Prize

  • Conference Championship Prizing 1st Place

    • 1st Place: $4,000 USD Scholarship Prize per team per Conference.
    • 2nd Place: $2,000 USD Scholarship Prize per team per Conference.
    •  3rd – 4th Place: $1,500 USD Scholarship Prize per team per Conference.
    • 5th – 6th Place: $1,000 USD Scholarship Prize per team per Conference.
    • 7th – 8th Place: $750 USD Scholarship Prize per team per Conference.
  •  National Championship

    •  1st Place: $12,000 USD Scholarship Prize.
    • 2nd Place: $7,000 USD Scholarship Prize.
    • 3rd – 4th Place: $3,000 USD Scholarship Prize.