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Spider-Man PS4 1.05 Update Patch Notes: What’s Changed in the New Update?

Hello, true believers! The Spider-Man PS4 1.05 update is now live. Yes, the game has not even been out a week and there’s already been five different incremental updates. But what’s changed in the new Spider-Man PS4 update could make for a much smoother ride with Spidey. So, we’ve listed the Spider-Man PS4 1.05 update patch notes down below.

While we’re here, we’ll also check on that “New Equipment Was Added” pop-up and whether the Spider-Man PS4 proposal Easter egg is gone.

Spider-Man PS4 1.05 Update: Main Changes

Prepare to be a little disappointed as… well, there’s been no quantifiable changes. The Spider-Man PS4 1.05 update is only 179MB so we can only speculate on what may have changed from the “Bug Fixes” patch note, which offers us very little to go on.

The Reddit Spider-Man PS4 thread on bugs and glitches gives us a useful barometer, however. In it, users have complained about Spider-Man being unable to move, as well as certain tokens being locked out of the game due to random activities instantly vanishing from the map. As well as that, there’s also been a few graphical glitches cropping up and, from personal experience, certain mission-starting calls being cut off and not restarting for some minutes. Here’s hoping that can all be fixed soon enough.

Spider-Man PS4 1.05 Update: New Equipment Was Added

If you fire up the game post-Spider-Man PS4 1.05 update, you might be met with a “New Equipment Was Added” message. Just to reassure you: there are no new gadgets, suits, or skills, and this simply appears when you’ve not highlighted every upgrade in the pause menu.

Spider-Man PS4 1.05 Update: Is the Proposal Easter Egg Gone?

No! While the Spider-Man proposal Easter egg has drawn widespread attention, you can still find it in an intersection within the Financial District.

Spider-Man PS4 1.05 Update: Patch Notes

Insomniac has not released any patch notes. In fact, the only speck of info we can gather comes from the Spider-Man PS4 update history (to find it, press the pause button on the game’s tile on your home screen) which simply states: “Bug Fixes.” Not a lot to go on, then, though the new Spider-Man PS4 update could yet have buffed out any annoying issues that still persist with the game.