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Destiny 2 1.25 Update Patch Notes: What’s Changed in the New Destiny 2 Hotfix?

The Destiny 2 1.2.5 update is now live, which brings the game version to 2.0.2. As is the case with many a Destiny 2 hotfix, there’s going to be a bunch of weapon changes and the like that won’t outright affect you. But still, there’s plenty to be found deep within the Destiny 2 1.25 update patch notes for it to be worth your time. So, sit back and get those reading glasses out.

Destiny 2 1.25 Update: Main Changes

While one major bugbear, Saturday’s early weekly reset which caused several players to lose Engrams, hasn’t been addressed, there’s a handful of fixes that are worth nothing. Chief among them is the tweaking of explosive ammo. No longer will they do, in Bungie’s words, “less damage than intended.”

Elsewhere, those looking for a step-up with a Character Boost so they could dive into the Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC may have found their Warmind and Curse of Osiris Triumphs not popping. That’s not the case anymore as that’s all been sorted as of the hotfix going live.

Finally, a big Exotic glitch, which enabled players to get their hands on multiple Deadfall Void Anchors has now been removed.

Destiny 2 1.25 Update: Maintenance

There is no Destiny 2 1.25 update maintenance, nor is there any scheduled downtime. Of course, that may be subject to change.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the hotfix will be pushed through if players haven’t downloaded it by 2:00 p.m. Pacific/5:00 p.m. EST/10:00 p.m. BST. At that point, you will be kicked from any activity, be it Crucible, a Strike, or anything in between.

Destiny 2 1.25 Update: Download Size

The Destiny 2 hotfix only clocks in at a fairly substandard 193MB, though players on PS4 should be warned: there is currently an issue with the update downloading quickly and then taking an age for the files to copy over.

Destiny 2 1.25 Update Patch Notes

The full list of Bungie’s Destiny 2 1.25 update patch notes can be found here.