How to Update PUBG Mobile: When Will PUBG Mobile Update?

The PUBG Mobile update is ready and raring to be downloaded. The PUBG patch 0.8.0 is upon us, and it brings with it several key changes, including a new map. Sanhok has finally made its way to PUBG Mobile. A new gun has joined the fray, too, alongside several improvements to the game. The full rundown of the 0.8.0 patch notes can be read here. How do we update PUBG Mobile? When does the PUBG Mobile update go live? Read on for all the information you could ever need, PUBG fans.

PUBG Mobile Update: How to Update PUBG Mobile

Updating your copy of PUBG Mobile is a little complicated, believe it or not. To get the PUBG Mobile update, head on to the App Store or Play Store, and find PUBG. Choose to update the game. Easy enough. Unfortunately, getting your hands on Sanhok isn’t quite so simple. To make things easier in terms of file sizes, Sanhok is a separate download. Miramar is, too. This is to help reduce the size of PUBG and will help us out in the long-term. To download the two maps, simply head into the Matchmaking Menu (after the 0.8.0 update has installed) and download the two maps. Easy enough.

PUBG Mobile Update: When Does the 0.8.0 Patch Go Live?

If you’re reading all of this and wondering, that’s great and all, but when does the new PUBG update go live? Don’t fret, we have your answer. Thankfully, the new PUBG Mobile 0.8.0 update is now live and should be ready to install whenever you please. If you’re having any trouble with the servers going down, this will likely be because of an increase in traffic on the game. It all should be in perfect working order as of this morning, worldwide.

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