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Fortnite Chicken Trooper: Will There be a Chicken Trooper Skin?

Epic Games has something of a history when it comes to adding in requested features to Fortnite. One of the best examples of this has to be Epic adding in the ability to thank the bus driver. It was a trending meme, and Epic decided to add in the feature as part of the Fortnite 5.30 update. Epic also added in a monument to the greatest rescue mission in Fortnite. This is a company that keeps track of what’s trending within its community. As such, there might just be a chance to see the Fortnite Chicken Trooper or Fortnite Chicken Defender make it into the battle royale.

Fortnite Chicken Trooper: What is the Chicken Trooper Skin?

My son was thrilled to come home today from school to see how Redditors made his Chicken Trooper request a big deal! Thanks for all the support. You guys really made his year! C’mon EPIC, it is your turn. Lets add this from r/FortNiteBR

The Fortnite Chicken Trooper skin is the brainchild of Redditor tfoust10’s son. He posted that his son has made and designed a new skin for his favorite game: Fortnite. The skin is called Chicken Trooper, and is an army general/chicken costume, with accompanying Back Bling and pickaxe. You can see the image above, which shows the boy holding up his design and a note to Fortnite. Of course, the post has already been trending. It has over 850 comments as of writing; it’s clear that Fortnite Redditors are keen on making the Chicken Trooper skin a reality.

Fortnite Chicken Defender: What is the Chicken Defender Skin?

Another Reddit user, Nikothedow, has created a mock-up of the Chicken Trooper skin. He has called it the Chicken Defender skin, and to be fair, it looks egg-cellent. This design, too, has picked up some traction on Reddit. It’s now up to Epic Games whether or not to make one little boy’s dream come true.

As stated above, Epic has a good track record of listening to its fans. We’ve been able to thank the bus driver after a rise on Reddit to get it in the game. A gravestone was put on the map, dedicated to the greatest rescue mission in Fortnite history. Maybe one day we’ll see the Fortnite Chicken Trooper skin in the Item Shop.