Inaugural Address Destiny 2: Where To Find Inaugural Address

With the new Forsaken expansion now live, a lot of players are getting back into Destiny 2. While a range of new gear items have been introduced into the expansion, you’ll need an especially good weapon going into Forsaken‘s tougher areas. One of the best all-round guns is Inaugural Address, an extremely useful legendary pulse rifle. But how do you get the Inaugural Address Destiny 2 rifle, and why’s it so good? Let us show you.

Where Do You Get the Inaugural Address Destiny 2 Rifle?

The Inaugural Address legendary pulse rifle can be found during the main game’s impressive Leviathan raid, the first raid introduced into Destiny 2 a year ago. Like the other weapons you can get on this raid the Inaugural Address can drop from completing activities, the Imperial Engram or various chests. If you need some help we’ve got a guide on how to get all the chests in Leviathan on your own, or you could check out the entire map of the raid to give you a better idea.

What Is the Inaugural Address Rifle?

“My first act as emperor was to send the Consul into the wasteland. The golden sun would burn away his corrupt form. A fitting symbol for the revolution that was to be my reign.”

That’s the rather intimidating description for the impressive Inaugural Address legendary pulse rifle. It’s got a Power level of 600, and an attack power of 10-600. It’s got several barrel choices and two trait perks: Outlaw, where precision kills greatly decrease reload time, and Ambitious Assassin, which overflows the magazine based on the number of rapid kills before reloading.

Its last trait is the extremely useful Kill Clip, which grants increased damage when you reload after a kill. Combine Kill Clip and the Outlaw trait and you’ll quickly and significantly increase your damage. It’s this powerful combination in particular that makes Inaugural Address such a sought-after gun, and one of the best weapons to take into Forsaken.