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Fortnite Spiky Stadium Locations: Where Is the Fortnite Spiky Stadium?

The Fortnite Spiky Stadiums locations can be tricky to track down, especially if you haven’t been keeping up with the recent set of 5.41 patch notes. Thankfully, once you know where exactly these impressive, instantly-spawning structures are found, you’ll be popping up 7×11 soccer pitches all over the place. Of course, these aren’t your regular soccer pitches, as they contain Bouncers and damage traps, which are sure to provide some entertaining fights to the death with you and your friends. Here are exactly where the Fortnite Spiky Stadiums locations are!

Fortnite Spiky Stadium Locations: Where Is the Fortnite Spiky Stadium?

Fortnite Spiky Stadium Locations

In order to get your hands on the Fortnite Spiky Stadium, you must first enter the Playground limited time mode. You see, unlike most of the other items in the game, the Spiky Stadium is available exclusively within the Playground game type. This means that you won’t (yet) be seeing it within any of the competitive Solos, Duos, or Squads modes, although it could certainly be added at a later date.

Once you have landed in the Playground LTM, you’ll want to hunt down a red Supply Drop. These contain the Spiky Stadium accompanied with a very generous supply of Impulse grenades. Yes, this is absolutely a recipe for disaster! Get your friends together, spawn the Spiky Stadium, and see who is the last person remaining!

Can You Get the Fortnite Spiky Stadium in PvP Solo, Duo, and Squads?

As mentioned above, you can’t yet get the Fortnite Spiky Stadium within the Solo, Duo, and Squads modes. I suppose Epic Games doesn’t believe that the Spiky Stadium is appropriate for these competitive playlists.

With all of that said, it’s possible that the developer will eventually add the Spiky Stadium into a competitive environment, perhaps in a limited time mode where things are usually a little less serious.