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Fortnite Loot Lake Purple: Why Is Loot Lake Purple and Bouncy?

Fortnite‘s mysterious purple Cube, also knows as Kevin the Cube, has jumped into the Fortnite Loot Lake location. Apparently, cubes can actually jump. Kevin has been randomly teleporting around Fortnite’s map over the last few weeks, and has finally found what he was looking for—Loot Lake. Since Kevin decided to jump into Loot Lake, its appearance has changed completely. Loot Lake is now entirely purple, and its surface is now bouncy. But… why?

Fortnite Loot Lake Purple: Why Is Loot Lake Purple and Bouncy?

Fortnite players always imagined that Loot Lake would be Kevin the Cube’s final destination, but nobody really knew what he was going to do when he got there. The cubic swan dive into the shallow lake was a bit of a shocker to everybody.

Kevin was a mysterious cube, though. It is unknown at present whether or not he is still alive, but Loot Lake now features a lot of the same properties as Kevin. It’s purple, for starters, and it’s also bouncy. It’s covered in the kind of runes that used to cover the Cube, too.  Maybe this was his plan all along. First, burn seven runes into the ground; next, jump into Loot Lake and imbue it with mysterious power. Lava Lake has long been rumored, too. And this might be how it happens.

However, Loot Lake isn’t exactly like Kevin. It doesn’t seem to lash out at players who shoot it, so maybe Kevin actually is dead. Loot Lake doesn’t regenerate the player’s shields, either, which is something that Kevin used to do when players were in close proximity to him. It’s either he’s dead, or he’s reached a Bran Stark level of enlightenment. Be like water, Kevin.

With Season 6 just around the corner, it seems likely that developments on Kevin’s situation will be made available over the coming weeks. One thing is for certain: Fortnite has become super weird.