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No Man’s Sky 1.60 Update: What’s Changed in the New Development Update?

Woo-hoo! There’s a new No Man’s Sky 1.60 update and it’s crash-landed right into our laps. There’s a Community Research update to pore over, brand-new appearance customization options, more Traveller Base items, and even *checks changelog* more predators looking to rip you to shreds. Yay? It’s all in the No Man’s Sky 1.60 update patch notes down below.

No Man’s Sky 1.60 Update: Main Changes

Despite being a more conservative update, there’s still plenty to appreciate in No Man’s Sky 1.60. For one thing, your Traveller Bases can be spruced up a little more. New items include statues, portraits, and even your own little drone. Let’s hope it’s less Wheatley and more HAL. Wait a second. Are all drones and robots evil?

On the more silly side of things, you can now customize your body shape. Want to look like a potato? Go for it. Fancy a gangly but wide Traveller? Sure, why not. Since the NEXT update, No Man’s Sky as prided itself on being a little different, and this continues things in that vein.

Finally, quick menu keybinding has been enabled for all PC players, while no longer will you have to worry about losing all your items if you die while falling into space. Yay for science!

No Man’s Sky 1.60 Update: Community Research

It’s time to help Specialist Polo again. The second of eight planned Community Research missions designed to help make sense of what’s going on beyond the stars sees you tasked with gathering data on the sentinels found dotted around certain planets as well as killing off “anomalous entities.” Are we… the baddies?

No Man’s Sky 1.60 Update: Patch Notes

No Man’s Sky players are all about the minutae, analyzing every tiny morsel and scrap they come across. If that sounds like something you want to do, then feel free to go over the entirety of the No Man’s Sky 1.60 update patch notes right here.