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Fortnite Crashing on Xbox One – Why it’s Freezing and Can it Be Fixed?

Players are reporting signs of Fortnite crashing on Xbox, with the game freezing and preventing them from playing. According to reports, the game will lock up on the loading screen, rendering them unable to access the season 6 update. So what is the issue, and can it be fixed?

Fortnite Freezing on Loading Screen

The freezing issue has popped up following the Fortnite season 6 update, with Xbox One players unable to play the game. As with any update, server downtime was rolled out by Epic Games, but that doesn’t account for this specific problem.

The server downtime began at 4 AM ET, with it eventually lifting for the launch of season 6. It appears that during this downtime, the Xbox One servers, in particular, had an issue with releasing the new change, so now Xbox players have found themselves unable to play it.

Fortnite Crashing on Xbox – Can it Be Fixed?

Fans have been busily tweeting Epic in order to receive an official response. Xbox players are currently finding themselves stuck on an infinite loading screen, with it freezing and failing to progress beyond this point.

While many are understandably eager to jump into season 6 ASAP, unfortunately, there isn’t an official fix at this moment in time. As with any technical issue, a hard reset of the Xbox One and resetting its cache is the first port of call, though this appears to be an issue with the Fortnite servers for the Xbox One rather than a hardware fault.

Fortnite Crashing on Xbox – Official Response From Epic Games

Epic has now acknowledged the issues with the Xbox version of the game, noting that the studio is currently investigating the issue.

The developer tweeted:

Unfortunately, this means that there isn’t much else to do aside from waiting it out and hope that a fix is deployed sooner rather than later. We’re sure that Epic Games is on the case with figuring out the cause of this issue, and Xbox One players will be able to enjoy the game alongside PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile players sooner rather than later.