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Overwatch Overtime Glitch: Overtime Not Going Down

An Overwatch overtime glitch that was thought to be a once-off has reappeared in the popular Blizzard title yet again. This overtime bug involves the overtime wick not burning out, meaning that the overtime becomes infinite. Therefore, the defending team can only lose the point in question, as the mechanic needed to afford them victory has been compromised. Here’s a guide to the Overwatch overtime glitch, which includes all of the information on the overtime bug to date.

Overwatch Overtime Glitch: What Is The Overtime Bug?

Two Reddit users have shared their experiences with the bug. The first, r/computerimac, posted this video of them playing as Moira on Temple of Anubis back on September 13. In the video, you can clearly see that the point has no enemies on it, yet the overtime counter doesn’t begin to fizzle out.

A lot of people online called this a once-off. However, just yesterday, Reddit user ZESTZKIDZ shared a video of them playing on Blizzard World. This video, called “Um Overtime.. you drunk?” features the same issue, meaning that the bug wasn’t just a one time thing. In fact, in this case, the overtime wick even begins to move in the wrong direction, meaning that it will never come into contact with the termination point. As a result, the overtime will go on until the point has been won by the attacking team.

Overwatch Overtime Glitch: Can It Be Fixed?

It seems that the only solution to this is to conceded the point, unfortunately. There is no way to win, so continuing the fight is a waste of time for both sides. Both users above, as well as many Redditors in the comments, have since contacted Blizzard support. Although these are the only videos to have gone viral, it is possible that many more people have experienced the bug, too, but haven’t shared it.

It is likely that Blizzard will rectify the situation soon. Until then, this bug will unfortunately cost affected players the match. The same goes for the Overwatch Control glitch.