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FIFA 19 Ultimate Team PS4 Kit – How to Unlock

That FIFA 19 Ultimate Team PS4 kit is a bit of a beaut, isn’t it? Adorned with the iconic PlayStation symbols, the blue jersey may already be taking pride of place in many a virtual club’s dressing room. But what if you haven’t got it? Instead of casting envious glances at the opposition, here’s how to get the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team PS4 kit.

How to Get the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team PS4 Kit

To unlock the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team PS4 kit, you’re going to have to complete three time-sensitive Squad Building Challenges. The description for the Kick Off Squad Building Challenges even mention that you should “Finish these before they expire!” Having gone live on September 28, though, the SBC is still around and no end date has been referred to by EA.

Here are the Squad Building Challenges you have to complete:

  • First Touch
  • Half Time
  • Final Whistle

While each specific SBC comes with its own rewards, you must complete all three to get your hands on the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team PS4 kit. You can also do this challenge on Xbox One should you want the corresponding FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Xbox One kit.

How to Complete the FIFA 19 Ultimate Team PS4 Kit SBCs

While there is a myriad of combinations for each SBC, there are slightly cheaper alternatives if you know where to look. First Touch sees you only needing to grab a handful of bronze players for minimal chemistry. Irish and Scottish bronze players are a dime-a-dozen in FIFA 19 so you should be looking to snap them up for around 200 coins each.

Half Time, meanwhile, is slightly tougher. I opted for Argentinian silver players as there are a great deal of them within the game and, for the most part, are very cheap. Even rare silver players, which you need to finish up the task, won’t set you back more than a few 100.

For Final Whistle, there’s a specific lineup you should utilize, focusing on cheap gold Premier League players. This is as follows:

  • Alex McCarthy (GK)
  • Tommy Smith (RB)
  • Schelotto (LB)
  • Cook (CB)
  • Kelly (CB)
  • Stephens (CM)
  • Hendrick (CM)
  • Lerma (CM)
  • Ward-Prowse (LW)
  • Wilson (ST)
  • Mitrovic (RW)

All in all, that shouldn’t set you back anymore than 4,000 coins, and you’ll net not only the PS4 kit but packs worth over 25,000 coins.