Madden 19 1.10 Update – What’s in the New October Title Update?

The Madden 19 1.10 update is here and ready to be pored over. The new October Title Update, which often functions as EA’s first real chance to take a step back, assess, and make some real improvements after launch, is filled to the brim with fixes, new features, and tiny tweaks you’d barely even know were there. There’s some new celebrations, a patch to a field goal exploit, and so much more. We’ve even got the Madden 19 1.10 update patch notes waiting for you down below.

Madden 19 1.10 Update – Key Features

EA is going all-in on its showmanship – or players’ lack thereof. New celebrations have been added to the game with the new Madden update. Ezekiel Elliott has been namechecked, with his signature “Eat the Dub” celebration making his way into the game. There is also now double the amount of team celebrations. I’m hoping for the Colts’ Fortnite celebration, personally.

Elsewhere, a number of exploits and bugs have been addressed. An as-yet-unspecified field goal exploit has now been removed, as has the Block in the Back penalty bug, which means that those playing in Simulation would never receive a flag on the play for such an offence.

It’s in MUT where the real action lies for many, however. EA has seen fit to change as much as possible: there’s a new MUT ability, Route Specialist, which gives players unique hot routes to bamboozle safeties and corner backs with. Other abilities have also been patched, with card improvements such as Under Pressure and Out of My Way previously not working. They will now do so. Finally, users can now start a MUT auction and start with a specific value, which is always handy.

Madden 19 1.10 Update – New Player Likenesses

The following list of players now have their real-life likenesses included in the game:

  • Saints HB Alvin Kamara
  • Packers CB Jaire Alexander
  • Packers QB DeShone Kizer
  • Buccaneers WR Chris Godwin
  • Buccaneers HB Peyton Barber
  • Ravens HB Alex Collins
  • Ravens CB Tavon Young
  • Saints CB Ken Crawley
  • Saints RT Ryan Ramczyk
  • Saints FS Marcus Williams
  • Falcons TE Austin Hooper
  • Cowboys P Chris Jones
  • Redskins SS Montae Nicholson
  • Steelers QB Mason Rudolph
  • Browns CB Denzel Ward

Madden 19 1.10 Update – Patch Notes

If you want to trawl through the minutiae of the Madden 19 1.10 update, be sure to check out the Madden 19 October Title Update patch notes from EA.