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6.01.1 Patch Notes Update (Fortnite 1.83 Patch Notes PS4)

The Fortnite 1.83 update is now live. Otherwise referred to as the Fortnite 6.01.1 update, not much has changed but, nevertheless, we’re going to bring you the Fortnite 1.83 patch notes PS4 update to help clear the fog ahead of what promises to be a big October for the battle royale. That includes a major crash fix, and stability fixes. However, those hoping for a Playground Custom Options return or the Disco Domination LTM are flat out of luck.

What’s Included in the Fortnite 1.83 Update?

Taking to Twitter, Epic has taken the unusual step of releasing a minor incremental update for the game, hence the elongated version number of the Fortnite 6.01.1 update. The developer has made pointed reference to “fixes for a major crash and general stability.”

Apart from that, details are thin on the ground. The launch of Fortnite seasons six, as other big updates are wont to do, came with a bevvy of breakdowns and crashes that tormented users throughout the opening week. That included the Fortnite Xbox One crashing upon season six’s release in September. Hopefully, those types of issues will become a thing of the past thanks to the Fortnite 1.83 update.

This is an update that can be characterized by what isn’t there. The Fortnite 1.83/Fortnite 6.01.1 update does not include a return for the missing Playground Custom Options feature, nor is there the touted Disco Domination LTM.

Fortnite 1.83 Patch Notes on PS4

The Fortnite 1.83 patch notes for the PS4 update are very brief. To check them for yourself, simply press the Options button on the Fortnite tile in the PS4 menu and scroll down to Update History. They are as follows:

“Version 1.83

6.01.1 Release – Stability fixes to improve Fortnite.

This could cover anything (and hopefully everything) from frame rate bugs; input lag; performance issues, and much, much more. Still, it’s a sensible step in the right direction for Epic to potentially prime the game for one of its biggest releases yet as the Fortnite Halloween event is only around the corner.